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3 1833 01781 4580 


Digitized by the4frtemet Archive 
in 2012 



1920 - 21 








Alexanders of Maryland 37 

American Genealogies 

Badgett, Mamie 4 

Crenshaw, Margaret A 13 

Draper, Martha S 30 

Foster, Clarence G 4 

Gordon, Douglas 20 

Martin, Robert D 12 

Miller, Stella 20 

Nicklin, John C. B 12 

Norris, William 21 

Ostrom, Rose A 21 

Roe, Dudley G 21 

Rust, Albert L 46 

Anderson Marriages 14 

Ballard Marriages 59 

Barton, Samuel's Family 54 

Bell Marriages 22 

Buffington Family 31 

Burial Records 3-14 

Burrell Marriages 9 

Bush Marriages 23 

Collier Marriages , 4 

Cumberland Co., Penn., Marriages.. 49-61-69 

Darby of South Carolina 28 

Edsall Family 32 

Frey Marriages 19 

Harris Marriages 23 

Lincoln Genealogy 33 

McDonald of South Carolina 60 

McMaster Family 55 

Maryland Marriages 2 

Mercer, Family of Hugh 25 

New Hampshire, Early Justices 1 

Newly Discovered Records 65-73-81-89 

Noell Family of Virginia 9 

Raines Marriages 24 

Sabin Family 29 

Varner Marriages 15 

Virginia Wills 17-36-39-40-41-57 

Virginians, Famous 6 

Weaver of New Jersey 18 










Subject Index to Volume Ten 


Bramble Family 49 

Britt Family Marriages 61 

Burials, Charlottesville, Va 74 

Burials, North Carolina 43 

Burials, Tennessee 41-90 


Carter Family of Georgia 66 

Carter of Virginia 107 

Chambers Family 104 

Church, Richard 53 

Clemens Family 92 


Deaths in 1803 101 

Depew Family 86 

Dunlap Family 88 


Eaton Family Marriages 63 


Gamble of Virginia 60 

Georgia Marriages 56-105 


Hall, Nathan of Virginia 33 

Hoover Ancestry 72 

Hotchkiss Family 59 


Keats Family 80 

Kingsland Family 57 


Lampton Family 95 


Mark Twain, Genesis of 92 

Marriages, Britt Family 61 

Marriages, Eaton Family 63 

Marriages, Georgia 56-105 

Marriages, Halifax, Va 44-77 

Marriages, Hillsboro, N. Car 42 

Marriages, Sandgate, Vt 38 

Marriages, Snell Family 58 

Marriages, Payne of Va 53 

Marriages, Stuart of Va 51 


New Hampshire Letter Lists 91 

Newly Discovered Records 1-9-17-25-47 

North Carolina Burials 43 

North Carolina, Hillsboro, Marriages 42 


Olin Family 80 


Payne Family Marriages 53 

Pennsylvania Taxables 82 

Poage Family 50 


Roscoe Family 60 


Scotch Names 46 

Smith of Ipswich, Mas^s 87 

Snell Family Marriages ...„ 58 

Stuart Marriages in Virginia 51 


Tennessee Burials 41-90 

Thomas Family Wills 61 


Upson Family 52 


Vermont, Sandgate Marriages 38 

Virginia Carter Family 107 

Virginia, Charlottesville Burials 74 

Virginia, Early Records 34 

Virginia, Halifax Marriages 44-47 

Virginia, Payne Marriages 53 

Virginia, Stuart Marriages 51 

Virginia, Thomas Family Wills 61 

Virginia Wills 46-62-68-89-102 


Woodberry Family 57 


Young of Massachusetts 40 

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VoTlX JANUARYT 1920 No.l 


A list of Civil Commissions, with their respective 
dates, remaining in the Secretary's Office, Concord, N. 
II., April 20, 1815. 

County of Rockingham. 

Justices of Peace. 

Daniel Hill, Jun. Northfield, Sept. 20, 1810 

Kbenezer Osgood, Loudon, Sept. 23, 1811 

Nathaniel Emerson, Candia, Sept. 23, 1811 

Nathaniel Cavis, Bow, Feb. 3, 1812 

Timothy Tilton, Sandown, June 15, 1812 

Joseph Merrill, South-Hampton, Sept. 23, 1811 

Benjamin Barnard, S. Hampton, June 15, 1812 

Thomas D. Merrill, Epsom, Coroner, Dec. 8, 1812 
Justices of Peace and Quorum. 

David Page, Conway, June 15, 1811 

Thomas Simpson, New-Hampton, May 20, 1811 

Justices of Peace. 

Benjamin Young, Tuftonboro', June 19, 1810 

Avery Hall, Wakefield, Sept. 23, 1811 

Nathan Holt, Moultonboro, Sept. 23, 1811 

Isaac Waldron, Barrington, June 15, 1812 

Ezra Green, Dover, Feb. 3, 1812 

Justices of Peace. 

Francis Cragin, Temple, Jan. 7, 1811 

Zaccheus Lovewell, Dunstable, Sept. 22, 1811 

Samuel Smith, Peterborough, June 15, 1812 

.Parker Noyes, Salisbury, Dec. 8, 1812 

James Parker, Bedford, Dec. 8, 1812 
Samuel M'Conihe 2d, Merrimac, Coroner, May 20, 1811 

Justices of Peace. 

Elisha Whitcomb, Swanzey, Jus. .P & Q. Sept. 23, 1811 


Samuel Powers, Croydofi, June. 18, 1810 

David Blish, (Jiisum, Sept, 20, 1810 

Jonathan Robinson, Surry, Jan. 7, 1811 

Caleb Aldrich, Westmoreland, June 15, 1812 

Oliver Allen, Walpole, Coroner, Sept. 24, 1810 
Justices of Peace. 
Peter Carlton, Lyman, Jus. Peace & Quorum, 

June 15, 1811 

Jonathan Moulton, Lyman, Sept. 20, 1810 

Nathan Wheeler, Jun. Betlehem, Sept. 15, 1811 

William W. Sargent, Newchester, June 15, 1812 

James Wheeloek, Hanover, Dee. 8, 1 812 

Daniel Morse, Bridgewater, Dec. 12, 1812 


David Atwood, Jun. Alexandria, Sept. 23, 1811 

Philip Paddleford, Jun. Lyman, Dec. 8, 1812 


Justices of Peace. 

John Pendexter, Bartlett, June 19, 1810 

Francis Wilson, Northumberland, June 19, 1810 

S. Sparhawk, Sec'. 


(From the records of All Saints' Parish, Frederick Co.) 

Benj. Barnhart m. Rachael Wood, dau. of Joseph and 

Catharine Wood, 3 Apl., 1773. 
Benj. Briggs m. Hennaretta Prudence Deborah Margar- 

etta Munday, dau. of Henry Munday, 26 Sept., 1745. 
John Burroughs m. Priscilla Rue, 17 Mch., 1760. 
John Byer m. Ann Arnold, 3 Apl., 1743. 
Joseph Chapline m. Ruhannah, dau. of Rev. William 

Williams, 22 Oct., 1741. 
Arthur Charlton m. Eleanor Harrison, 14 July, 1742. 
Christopher Edelin m. Rebecca Johnson, dau. of George 

Johnson, 24 July, 1757. 
George Fryer m. Mary Merrill, 22 May, 1743. 
Jacob Harlan m. Mary Ann Carter, dau. of Richard 

Carter, of Queen Anne Co., 16 Feb., 1749/50. 
Israel Johnston m. Jane Dorsey, 7 Apl., 1743. 
Isaac, son of Stephen Julien m. Susannah Hedges, dau. 

of Charles Hedges, 3 June, 1770. 

Jacob Julien m. Catharine Hedges, 2 Feb., 174:! L 

Stephen Julian m. Ann Hedges, 14 July, 1743. 

John, son of Stephen Julien, in. Elizabeth, dau. of Peter 

I hitler, 14 June, 1770. 
John Kimble m. Agnes Beatty, 19 May, 1743. 
Tydings Lane m. Hester Bobby, 9 May, 1743. 
Robert Mark m. Catharine Scharlott, dau. of Thos. 

Scharlott, 7 Nov., 1743. 
Thos. Reynolds, son of Thos., m. Catharine Wood, dau. 

of Joseph and Catharine Wood, 26 June, 1766. 
Renj. Ridole m. Jane McMurray, 7 Apl, 1742. 
Caspar Schaaf m. Alice Charlton, dau. of Arthur and 

Elenor Charlton, 12 Nov., 1759. 
Thos. Story m. Patience Richards, 13 Jan., 1743/4. 
Samuel Swearingen m. Anne Wickham, 28 May, 1752. 
Mark Whittiker in. Abigail Johnston, 6 Feb., 1743/4. 
Nathanael Wickham the 3rd m. Sarah Wood, dau. of 

Joseph and Sarah Wood, 1 Sept., 1755. 
John Wilson m. Mary Hedges, widow of Joseph Hedges, 

17 Sept., 1753. 
Thos. Wilson, son of Wm. Wilson, m. Elizabeth Wood, 

dau. of Joseph and Catharine Wood, 6 Aug., 1769. 
James Winders m. Elizabeth Sherwood, 9 May, 1743. 
Joseph Wood, son of Joseph and Sarah Wood, m. Anne 

Reed, dau. of James and Mary Reed, 9 Apl., 1769. 
Robt. Wood m. Catharine Dorsey, dau. of Nicholas 

Dorsey, 13 Oct., 1763. 


Nichols Family at Holliston, Mass. 

Samuel, died 23 Oct. 1808, aged 38 years. 

Infant daughter of Samuel and Polly Nicholas, 

died 24 Dec. 1805. 
Stafford Family at Pownal, Vermont. 

Job Stafford, born Oct. 16, 1811; died Sept. 19, 


Chloe Stafford, born Oct 5, 1814; died April 15, 


M. Ellen Stafford, daughter of Job and Chloe, died 

March 19, 1844, aged eight months. 

John C. Stafford, son of Job and Chloe, died March 

19, 1848, aged one year, four months. 


(In this department Genealogy Magazine will print 
authenticated ancestral records, free of charge to sub- 
scribers only. Extra copies containing pedigrees can be 
supplied at 25 cents each). 

1. CLARENCE GUY FOSTER, of Otsego, Mich., born 

Otsego, 31 March, 1879. 

2. Son of Edgar D. Foster, born Otsego, 22 Oct., 1855, 

married 21 April, 1878, Kate Snyder. 

3. Son of Dr. Albert Randolph Foster, born Otsego, 30 

Jan., 1834, married 27 Aug., 1854 Sarah Randall, 
d. of John Randall and Parmela Smith. 

4. Son of Dr. Samuel Foster, born Bangor, Maine, 9 

Aug., 1788; died Otsego, Mich., 16 May, 1844; 
married 7 April, 1811, Parmela Camp. 

5. Son of Nathan Foster, born Maine, 26 Jan., 1744; 

died Orange Green, Vt., 26 March, 1812; mar- 
ried 14 March, 1765, Hannah Haskell. 

1. MAMIE BADGETT, of Charlotte, N. Car., born 17 

March, 1882 ; married 9 Oct., 1904, E. L. Mason 

2. Daughter of Burwell Freeman Badgett ,born 1829, 

Knox Co., Tenn. ; married 1877, Josephine M. 
Cottrell; died 1902. 

3. Son of Burwell Freeman Badgett, born in Virginia, 

1779; died Knox Co., Tenn., 1861; married 1800, 
Lucy Fortner. 

4. Son of Thomas Badgett, born in Virginia, 1752 ; mar- 

ried 22 April, 1777, Sarah Miller. 


Callier, Elizabeth & Henry Alden, 15 Aug. 1719, Wes- 
ton, Mass. Town Records. 

Collier, Elizabeth & Constant Southworth, 2 Nov. 1637, 
Duxbury, Mass. 

Collier, John & Jemima Dewing, 14 Mav 1732, Boston, 
Mass. N. E. Gen. Reg. V. 57. 

Collier, John & Elizabeth Humphries, 5 July 1 705, Sims- 
bury, Conn. Town Records. 

Coller, John & Sarah Mors, 13 Jan. 1720, Weston, Mass. 
Town Records. 


Coller, Joseph & Hannah llorton, widow, 10 Nov. 1732, 
Needham, Mass. Town Records. 

Collyer, Mary & Daniel Foot, 1718, Simsbury, Conn. 
Town Records. 

Collier, Mary & Nathaniel Dewing, 13 Oct. 1764, Natick, 
Mass. Town Records. 

Collier, Mary & Walter C. Davids, 4 Jan. 1781, Philadel- 
phia, Penn. Rev. Win. Roger: Pa. Hist. Mag. Vol. 19. 

Collier, Mary & Jacob Wiltsie, 4 April 1757, New York. 
From State Archives. 

Collar, Nathaniel & May Barrett, 10 Oct. 1693, Chelms- 
ford, Mass. 

Coller, Phinehas & Sarah Richardson, 22 May 1766, 
Needham, Mass. Town Records. 

('oilier, Sarah & Love Brewster, 15 May 1634, Plymouth, 

Coller, Susanna & Edward Beverstock, 9 April 1736, 
Needham, Mass . Town Records. 

(■oiler, Thomas & Alis Alden, 9 April 1719, Weston, 
Mass. Town Records. 

('oiler, Uriah & Abigail Ockenton, 17 July 1730, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Town Records. 


Ezekial Shearman born in Rhode Island, 1768, mar- 
ried Mary Suplee in 1790. She was the widow of John 
Bartleson, of Yates Co., N. Y. 

Isaac b. 1792, m. Susan Prentiss. 

John b. 1794, died young. 

Bartleson b. 1797, m. Hannah Potter. 


John McMaster born 1770, married 1795 Jane Barnes, 
of Lancaster Co., Penn. 

Children born in Seneca, N. Y. : 

James W. m. Jemima Haight. 

David J. m. Martha Black. 

Mary m. Moses Black. 

Sarah m. Fletcher C. Bateman. 


(Continued from Page 96. Vol. VIII.) 

Smith, Arthur, b. Nov. 15, 1785, Isle of Wight Co., Va. ; 

d. Virginia, March 30, 1853. 
Smith, Daniel, b. Oct. 28, 1748, Stafford Co., Va. ; d. 

Tennessee, June 6, 1818. 
Smith, fm, b. Sept. 6, 1796, King George Co., Va. ; cl. 

Virginia. Mav 18, 1887. 
Stuart, Archibald, b. Dec. 2, 1795, Campbell Co., Va. ; 

d. Virginia, Sept. 20, 1855. 
Tait, Charles, b. Feb. 1, 1768, Louisa Co., Va. ; d. Ala- 
bama, Oct. 17, 1835. 
Tavlor, Robert, b. April 29, 1763, Orange Co., Va. ; d 

July 3, 1845. 
Tazewell, Littleton W., b. Dec. 17, 1774, Frederick Co. 

Va. ; d. Virginia, March 6, 1860. 
Thomas, Philemon, b. Feb. 9, 1763, Orange Co., Va. ; d 

Louisiana, Nov. 18, 1847. 
Thompson, Philip R., b. March 26, 1766, Culpeper Co. 

Va. ; d. Virginia, July 27, 1837. 
Thompson, Wiley, b. Sept. 23, 1781, Amelia Co., Va. ; d 

Florida, Dec. 28, 1835. 
Thmston, Buckner, b. Feb. 9, 1764, Gloucester Co., Va. 

d. August 30, 1845. 
Trimble, David, b. June, 1782, Frederick Co., Va.; d 

Kentucky, Oct. 26, 1842. 
Trotter, James F., b. Nov. 5, 1802, Brunswick Co., Va. 

d. March 9, 1866. 
Tucker, Henry St. G., b. Dec. 29, 1780, Frederick Co. 

d. Virginia, Aug. 28, 1848. 
Turner, James, b. Dec. 20, 1766, Southampton Co., Va. 

d. 1824. 
Tyler, John, b. March 29, 1790, Charles City Co., Va. 

d. Virginia, Jan. 18, 1862. 
Walker, Freeman, b. Oct. 25, 1780, Charles City, Co. 

Va. ; d. Sept. 23, 1827. 
Walker, John, b. Feb. 13, 1744, Albemarle Co., Va. ; d 

Virginia, Dec. 2, 1809. 
Walker, John W., b. Aug. 12, 1783, Amelia Co., Va. 

d. Alabama, April 23, 1823. 
Weakley, Robt,, b. July 2, 1764, Halifax Co., Va. ; d 

Tennessee, Feb. 4, 1845. 

Williams, John, b. March 14,^1731, Hanover Co., Va.; d. 

North Carolina, Oct. 10, 1799. 
Willis, Francis, b. Jan. 5, 1725, Frederick Co., Va. ; d. 

Tennessee, Jan. 25, 182!). 
Wilson, Thomas, b. Sept. 11, 1765, Rockbridge Co., Va. ; 

d. Virginia, Jan. 24, 1826. 
Winston, Joseph, b. June 17, 1746, Louisa Co., Va. ; d. 

North Carolina, April 21, 1815. 
Worthington, Thos., b. Julv 16, 1773, Jefferson Co., 

Va. : d. New York, June 20, 1827. 


(Only regular subscribers to GENEALOGY MAGAZINE are entitled 
to send contributions to tbis department. Write your items carefully 
en one side of paper only.) 

Maury — David T. Maury resided in Essex County, Va., 
1858. Information of his family and descendants wanted. 
R. II. Crockett, Franklin, Tennessee. 

Th aver— Stephen Thayer born in Mass., 1732. His 
record in the Revolution is wanted by Mrs. C. B. Upde- 
graft, Caldwell, Idaho. 

Hanscom — Did a Hanscom of Maine fight in the 
Revolution. Address Elizabeth Hanscom, 2001 West 
Cleveland Avenue, Spokane, Wash. 

Palmer — Wanted names of descendants of the Job 
Palmer who lived in Philadelphia in 1816. Mrs. T. J. 
McCary, 1700 Johnstone Street, Newbery, S. Carolina. 

Alexander — Who was the wife of John Alexander, 
Windsor, Conn. 1643. W. V. Alexander, 120 Commercial 
Trust Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lewis — Daniel Lewis of North Carolina married Han- 
nah What was her name? Mrs. George J. Doerzbach, 
1208 Central Avenue., Sandusky, Ohio. 

Barnard-Pinney. Wanted marriage record of Francis 
Barnard and Lucretia Pinney, in Connecticut. Mrs. 
Thomas M. Cory, 1428 Schiller Avenue, Little Rock, Ark. 

Black-Dickson — Marriage record wanted of Joseph 
Black and Esther Dickson in Virginia, about 1790. W. 
H. Black, Plymouth, 111. 

Crook-Raines — Record of marriage of John Crook 
and Lydia Raines in Virginia. Mrs. C. C. Holt, Macon, 


George Pitzwater born 1759, Montgomery Co., Penn., 
married Hannah Davis born 1758. 
Children : 

John born 1782, m. Peace Botsford. 

Sarah born 1786, died unmarried. 

George born 1789, died unmarried. 

Hannah born 1794, died unmarried. 

Thomas 1795, m. Hannah Owen. 

Rachel born 1796, m. Seth Jones. 


(Now ready.) The Kendall Family in America. The 
Kendalls of England and the original Kendall settlers 
in America, with notes and genealogical data of the 
descendants of Francis Kendall of Woburn, Mass., 1640 ; 
Thomas Kendall of Reading, Mass., 1644; Oliver, Josiah, 
Samuel and others of New England ; William Kendall of 
Virginia, 1657 ; Richard of Virginia, Kendals of Mary- 
land, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc. pp. 24, 6x9. Edi- 
tion limited to 300 copies. Price $1.50. Address Win, 
M. Clemens, Publisher, Hackensack, N. J. 


(Nearly Ready). Pollards in the Revolution, an al- 
most complete register of the soldiers and sailors of the 
war of 1776 from all the states of the name of Pollard ; 
together with historical notes and genealogical data of 
the Pollards. 16 pp. 9x6. Edition limited to 300 
copies. Price $1.50. Address William M. Clemens, pub- 
lisher, Hackensack, N. J. 


(In Press). Rev. John Linn's record of marriages 
performed in Sherman's Valley District, Cumberland, 
now Perry Co., Penn. From the year 1778 to 1793. 
This is No. 7 of the Clemens American Marriage Records 
12 pp. 6x9. Edition limited to 300 copies. Price $2.00. 
Address Win. M. Clemens, Publisher, Hackensack, N. J. 


(getualogg jffitaga?me 

Vol. IX FEBRUARY, 1920 No. 2 


Cornelius Noell, Sr., died in Bedford County, Va., 
in 1821 ; he left a will, dated 14 Oct. 1820, which was 
probated in Bedford County 27 March 1821. In it he 
mentions his 

Wife Sally Noell 

dau. Ann Cobbs 

dau. Sally Millner 

dau. Elizabeth Ronald 

dau. Peggy Estes 

dau. Polly Millner 

dau. Susan Merritt 

dau. Cornelius Noell 

son. Jesse Noell 

son. Simon M. Noell 

son. James Noell 

son. John Noell 

son. Caleb Noell. 
Simon M. Noell, Cornelius Noell and Jesse Noell 
qualified as executors of the will. 

Jesse Noell died in Bedford County, Va., 25 Oct. 
1821 ; he left a nuncupative will, which was proved 
and probated in Bedford County 27 Nov. 1821. His 
wife was Miss Judith Shelton Price, daughter of Charles 
Price, to whom he was married 17 Jan. 1808; he left 
his estate to his wife and children. Names of his chil- 
dren : 

Livingston P. Noell 

Lameria A. Noell 

Eliza S. Noell — married Ashford Dove. 

Addison A. Noell 

Susan A. Noell 

Catherine J. Noell — married Wiillam D. Street 

and Jesse M. Noell 
Subsequently, on 23 December 1824, Mrs. Judith S. 
Noell, the widow of Jesse Noell, deceased, united in mar- 


riage with John L. Cobbs. Th following are the names 
of the children of that marriage, to wit : 

Virgina L. Cobbs — married Charles W. Price. 
Amanda Cobbs 

and Thomas N. Cobbs — married Miss Margaret 
L. Buford. 
Mrs. Judith Shelton Cobbs died in 1848, and in 
1849, the two sets of children united in a friendly suit 
in the County Court of Bedford and had the two es- 
tates of the late Jesse Noell and Mrs. Judith S. Cobbs 
equally divided between them. 

Thomas Noell died in Bedford County, Va., in 1831 ; 
he left a will dated 9 Sept. 1331, which was probated 
in Bedford County 26 Sept. 1831. His wife is not 
mentioned in his will; it is presumed she had departed 
life. He mentions his 

dau. Polly P. Noell 

dau. Catherine Falls 

Son. John C. Noell 

son. Zachary Noell 

dau. Permelia Douglass 

son-in-law Uriah Hatcher, who married daughter 

Nancy Noell. 
son. Richard Noell's two daughters, Mary and 

dau. Theodosia Baughn 's nine children, to wit : 
Adeline Johnson 
Sarah Gilliam 
Samuel H. Boughn 
Richard C. Baughn 
Elizabeth Baughn 
Frances Baughn 
Millard Baughn 
Millard Baughn 
and Zachary Baughn 
John C. Noell, qualified as executor of the will 
Charles Noell died in Bedford County, Va., in 1839 ; 
he left a will dated 20 Aug. 1833, which was probated 
in Bedford County Court, 28 Jan. 1839. In it he men- 
tions his 

wife Susan Noell 
dau. Mary L. Noell 


dau. Nancy D. Noell 

dau. Avery G. Noell 

dau. Martha H. Noell 

son. William E. Noell 

dau. Elizabeth H. Gaines, wife of Robert F. 

grand-son Charles I. Fox, son of daughter Cath- 
arine N. Fox 

grand-dau. Sally Ann Fox, daughter of daughter 
Catharine N. Fox. 
William E. Noell qualified as executor of will, 22 
April 1839. 


Burrill, Benj. & Ann Welsh, 28 Dec. 1786, Wilmington, 

Berell, Benj. & Eliz. Atkisson, 21 March 1711, New 
Kent Co., Va. 

Burell, David & Mary Dyar, 25 June 1761, S. Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 

Burell, George & Elizabeth Lince, 22 July 1780, Freder- 
ick Co., Md. 

Burrill, Humphrey & Hannah Thayer, 16 May 1745, 
Braintree, Mass. 

Burill, John & Mercy Alden, June 1688, Taunton, Mass. 

Burle, Josiah & Hannah Lewis, 25 Feb. 1725, Green- 
land, N. H. 

Burrill, Lydia & Thomas Hunt, 29 Dec. 1743, Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 

Burrill, Sarah & David Hunt, 11 July 1805, Abington, 

Burle, William & Elinor Johnson, 19 Jan. 1721, Green- 
land, N. H. 


1. John Isett of Penn. a soldier in the Revolution, died 

Phila., 1799 His son 

2. James Isett, b. 1799 married at Swedes' Church 

Phila,, Pa. 31 May 1795, Prudence Cook. Their 

3. John Isett born 1796 m. 1829, Harriet Harris. 



(In this department Genealogy Magazine will print 
authenticated ancestral records, free of charge to sub- 
scribers only. Extra copies containing pedigrees can be 
supplied at 25 cents each.) 

1. ROBERT D. MARTIN, of Charlotte, N. Car., born 

Gaston Co., N. Car. 24 Aug. 1874, son of 

2. Robert M. Martin, born Mecklenburg Co., N. Car., 

8 Sept. 1838, died 25 June 1883; married Katie 
H. Bell, Aug. 1870, son of 

3. James W. Martin, born Mecklenburg Co., N. Car., 

Aug. 1809 ; died June 1892 ; married 1837, Har- 
riet Rau, son of 

4. Robert Martin, born Mecklenburg Co., N. Car. 1768, 

died 1851 ; married 1806, Hannah Carr, son -of 

5. Samuel Martin, born Hunterdon Co., N. J., 1732, 

married 1767. Margaret Mc Reader, son of 

6. Hugh Martin, born Ireland 1700, married Jane 

Hunter, 1731, in Ireland. 


tanooga, Tennessee, 17 Dec. 1891, son of 

2. John Bailey Nicklin, born Allegheny City, Pa., 5 

Aug. 1845; died Chattanooga, Tennessee, May 6, 
1919; married, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 6 Sept. 
1871, Elizabeth Kaylor, eldest daughter of Daniel 
Pringle and Sarah Whitfield (McBryde) Kaylor 
of New York and Chattanooga, son of 

3. John Bailey Nicklin, born Washington, Culpeper 

Co., Va., 23 Feb. 1803; died Franklin, Pa., 23 
Oct. 1891; married, " Locust Grove," Jefferson 
Co., Va., Catharine Thornton Pendleton, only 
daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Strother) 
Pendleton, son of 

4. Joseph Nicklin, b. Chester Co., Pa., 29, Sept. 1776 ; 

died Washington, Culpeper Co., Va., Nov. 5, 1853 
married, Culpeper Co., Va., 7 Jan. 1802, Eliza- 
beth Calvert, third daughter of John and Helen 
(Bailey) Calvert, of Md., son of 

5. Joseph Nicklin, born Chester Co., Pa., 1743; died 

Frederick Co., Va., 7 July 1801 ; married, Ches- 


ter Co., Pa., 1764, Martha Richards, youngest 

daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Richards, son 

Joseph Nicklin, born Chester Co., Pa., circa 1715; 

died Chester Co., Pa., 1752; married Chester Co., 

Pa., circa 1740, Mary Hopton, daughter of John 

and Rachel Hopton, son of 
Joseph Nicklin, born in England circa, 1685; died 

in Chester Co., Pa., 1765; married, Susannah 

Marshall circa 1713, son of 
Joseph Nicklin of England, presumably of Cheshire. 

1. MARGARET A. CRENSHAW, born 30 Aug. 1858, 

Harrison Co., Ky., married 3 Dec. 1879, Rev. 
George Baxter Sergeant, daughter of 

2. Robert Madison Crenshaw, born Harrison Co., Ky., 

6 Aug. 1813; died Lone Elm, Mo., 2 Oct. 1875; 
married 1 May 1855, Nancy Smith Major, son of 

3. John Crenshaw, born near Richmond Va., 4 Oct 

1767; died Ky., 1855; married 1781, Hannah 
Madison, son of 

4. David Crenshaw, born 1740; married Susan Valen- 

tine, son of 

5. Thomas Crenshaw, born 1710; married Susan An- 



Anderson, John & Mary McKinzie, Nov. 6, 1809, Rock- 
bridge Co., Va. 

Anderson, John & Elizabeth Bechtel, Sept. 12, 1802, 
Shenandoah Co., Va. 

Anderson, John & Dolly Martin, 22 July, 1830, Camp- 
bell Co., Virginia. 

Anderson, Sally & James Wood, March, 1814, Amelia 
Co., Va. 

Anderson, Sally & Nathaniel Miller, May 4, 1797, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Anderson, Thomas & Sally Moore, April 4, 1819, Rock- 
bridge Co., Va. 

Anderson, Thomas & Elizabeth Dawson, 22 Dec. 1813, 
Caroline Co., Md. 



CHAMBERLAIN family at New Ipswich, N. H. 
Miss Lydia Chamberlain, dan. of Mr. Aaron Cham- 
berlain and Mrs. Sibbel, his wife, Dee. 7, 1810, 19 
yrs., 3 mos., 12dys. 
Sally Chamberlain, dau. of Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Sib- 
bel Chamberlain, March 31, 1798, lyr., 9 mos., 7 
Mr. Aaron Chamberlain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sibbel 

Chamberlain, Aug. 29, 1803, 25 yrs. 
Mr. Aaron Chamberlain, Nov. 1, 1797, 50 years. 
GATES family at St. Albans, Vermont. 
Capt. John Gates, 21 July 1838, 73 yrs. 
Mrs. Abigail wife of Capt. John Gates, 15 June 1832, 

Silas Gates, 9 Nov., 1813, aged 19 yrs., 8ms., 2 dys. 
' ' Cut down in Bloom and in a Bridal state. When 
Man pronounced his Bliss complete." 
Eliza, dau. of John and Abigail Gates> died 29 

March, 1825, aged 26 yrs. 
Deacon John Gates, 20 March, 1866, aged 74 yrs. 
HOLBROOK family at South Sherborn, Mass. 
James, died 4 April 1829, aged 66. 
Mrs. Millie, his wife, died 26 July 1837,' aged 72. 
James, Jr., of James and Millie, 26 Feb. 1808, 21st, 
Lowell, died 14 Oct. 1839, aged 18-3-4. 
Capt. Clark, died 24 Feb. 1841, aged 47-8-20. 
Benjamin F., died 4 Sept. 1850, aged 49 yrs. 
Louisa, his wife, died 16 March 1882, in 77th year. 
Amos, their son, died 18 Nov. 1855, aged 16-11-13. 
Jonathan, died 10 Sept. 1848, aged 72 yrs. 
Mrs. Betsy, his wife, died 25 July 1820, aged 40 yrs. 
Mrs. Sally, his 2nd wife, died 19 Oct. 1826, aged 37 
TUBBS family at Essex Junction, Vermont. 

John S. Tubbs born 10 January, 1813, died 28 

January, 1871. 

Lucia E. Stevens, wife of J. S. Tubbs, born 30 

April, 1817, d. 28 January, 1894. 

Laban D., son of J. S. & L. E. Tubbs, d. 23 Nov. 

1861. Ae 8 yrs. and 2 mos. 


TALMAGE family of North Stonington, Conn. 

In memory of Elizabeth, wife of Elisha Talmage 

who departed this life Aug. 19, 1836, aged 77 years. 

In memory of Elisha Talmage, who died July 27, 

1834 aged 78 years. 
TREAD WELL family at Portsmouth, N. H. 

Jacob Treadwell died April 17, 1770, aged 71. 

Sarah Treadwell, his wife, died March 16, 1770, 

aged 68. 
John Treadwell, their son, died June 1759, aged 13 



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Bowen — David Bowen, born in Wales. I want date 
of his marriage to Sarah Williams in Pennsylvania. Mrs. 
Gale K. Riley, Eatonton, Ga. 

Boyce — Peter Boyce of Albany Co., N. Y. married 
between 1770 and 1780, wife's name wanted. H. H. 
Howard, 224 Spring Street, Brockton, Mass. 

Bunker — Wanted the parents of Suannah Bunker 
wife of Paul (5) Coffin, son of Zephaniah. Mrs. K. H. 
Fogarty, 509 W. Park St., Butte, Montana. 

Caldwell — I want wife and marriage of David Cald- 
well, b. 1726, son of John of Virginia. Mrs. J .M. 
Gliessner, Abilene, Kansas. 

Dunn — Marriage wanted of John Dunn and Ann. 

in Virginia prior to 1750. Mrs. A. C. Ford, Clifton 

Forge, Va. 


Varner, Barbara & Ulrick Peidler, March 24, 1801, 
Shenandoah Co., Va. 

Varner, Charles & Sally Wallace, Dec. 6, 1820, Rock- 
bridge Co., Va. 

Verner, Christian & Barbary Ruff, April 21, 1796 Rock- 
bridge Co., Va. 

Verner, David & Barbary Harshberger, March 13, 1808, 
Shenandoah Co., Va. 

Varner, William & Elizabeth Edmiston, Jan. 28, 1817, 
Rockbridge Co., Va. 



(Zion German Lutheran Church, Balimore, Md.) 
Catherine Sapp m. Joseph S. Crane, Oct. 24, 1808. 
Fredrich Sapp m. Mary Fifer. Dec. 26, 1801. 
Henry Sapp m. Mary Gordon, May 2, 1830. 
Jacob Sapp m. Isabella R. Henderson, March 12, 1822. 
Maria Sapp m. Francis Pease, Oct. 11, 1827. 
Jacob Sapp m. Justina Flowers, May 1, 1827. 
Oliver Sapp m. Mary Avery, March 11, 1813 
William Sapp m. Sarah Harrison Sept. 25, 1813. 


(Now ready.) The Kendall Family in America. The 
Kendalls of England and the original Kendall settlers 
in Amercia, with notes and genealogical data of the 
descendants of Francis Kendall of Woburn, Mass., 1640 ; 
Thomas Kendall of Reading, Mass., 1644 ; Oliver, Josiah, 
Samuel and others of New England ; William Kendall of 
Virginia, 1657; Richard of Virginia, Kendals of Mary- 
land, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc. pp. 24, 6x9. Edi- 
tion limited to 300 copies. Price $1.50. Address Wm. 
M. Clemens, Publisher, Hackensack, N. J. 


(Nearly ready). Pollards in the Revolution, an al- 
most complete register of the soldiers and sailors of the 
war of 1776 from all the states of the name of Pollard; 
together with historical notes and genealogical data of 
the Pollards. 16 pp. 9x6. Edition limited to 300 
copies. Price $1.50. Address William M. Clemens, Pub- 
lisher, Hackensack, N. J. 


(In Press). Rev. John Linn's record of marriages 
performed in Sherman's Valley District, Cumberland, 
now Perry Co., Penn. From the year 1778 to 1793. 
This is No. 7 of the Clemens American Marriage Records 
12 pp. 6x9. Edition limited to 300 copies. Price $2.00. 
Address Wm. M. Clemens, Publisher, Hackensack, N. J. 


(Senealogg jWaga?ttu 

Vol. IX MARCH, 1920 Na3 


(Now first published.) 


Prince William Co., Va. Will filed Aug. 2, 1779. 

wife Jane 

s. William Reeve 

s. James Reeve 

s. Jonathan Reeve 

s. Jesse Reeve 

s. William Reeve 

d. Susanna Reeve 

d. Jemima Mooney 

s.-in-l Nicholas Mooney 

Prince William Co., V. Will filed April 2, 1781. 

s. George Adams 

niece Margaret Chapman 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed Aug. 5, 1782. 

s. George Reeves 

d. Ann Reeves 

d. Jemima Williams 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed Oct. 7, 1765. 

d. Martha Reid 

d. Agnes Reid 

d. Florence Reid 

d. Sarah Reid 

s. Esher Reid 

s. Andrew Reid 
James and John Reid, Attest. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Feb. 3, 1789. 

wife Barbara 

s. William Reid 

s. Daniel Reid 


g.s. Adam Reid 
d. Ketran Wilson 
wife Mary 

s. James Rent fro 
S. Joseph Rentfro 
s. John Rentfro 
s. William Rentfro 
s. Joshua Rentfro 
s. Mark Rentfro 
d. Susanna Rentfro 
d. Hannah Rentfro 
d. Mary Jones 


William Weaver was born in 1743. Died in 1831, 
aged 88 years. Married Anna Davenport. Had two 
sons, Henry Weaver and John Weaver. 

Henry Weaver married Margaret Kimble and had 13 
children. His sons and daughters were: 
William Weaver went to Iowa. 
Harmon Weaver went to Rockaway, N-. J. 
Abraham Weaver went to Iowa. 
John Weaver, born 1802, 5 Sept., died 5 June 

Thomas Weaver went to Iowa. 
Jacob Weaver, born 1806, 31 Aug., died 2 April 

1900, aged 96. 
Charles Weaver 7 son, went to Iowa, 
Adam Weaver at Newfoundland. 
Moses Weaver went to Iowa. 
Eliza Weaver went to West Mil ford. Married 

Harace Laroe, N. J. 
Anna Weaver went to Dover, N. J. Married 

Caroline Weaver went to Dover, N. J. Married 
Lewis Gregory. 
John Weaver, married Mary E. Brown. His 3 sons 
were : 

William Weaver went to Trenton, N. J. 
Henry Weaver went to Paterson, N. J. 
John Weaver went to Macopin, N. J. 

John Weaver, married Sarah Jennings. TTis children 


Mahlon Weaver. 

James Weaver 

Ella Weaver. 

Newton Weaver 
Mahlon Weaver married Lydia Davenport, in 1858. 

His sons were: 

John M. Weaver 

Theodore Weaver. 

Laura Weaver, dead. 


1. Charles Ridgely took up lands in Baltimore 1740. 

He was third in descent from Robert Ridgely 
who came from Reading, England. His son 

2. William Ridgely born in 1743 in Anne Arundell 

Co., died 1822, served as officer in the Maryland 
Militia. In 1763 he married Elizabeth Dorsey 
born 1742. His brother Richard Ridgely served 
as a delegate to the Continental Congress 1785. 
Another brother Col. Henry Ridgely of Annapo- 
lis, married Elizabeth Howard. Their sister 
Achsah m. Halliday, became a widow and mar- 
ried John Carman of Baltimore. William's son 

3. Charles Ridgeley b. Baltimore, Md. 6 Dec. 1760, died 

17 July 1829 ; changed his name from Carman to 
Ridgely in order to inherit his uncle's estate. 
(Col. Charles Ridgely). Charles Carman Ridge- 
ly m. 17 Oct. 1782 Priscilla Dorsey. 


Fry, George & Elizabeth Waggoner, 12 July 1794, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Pry, Jacob & Margaret Springer, 3 Feb. 1789, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa. 

Prey, John & Turecia Lucas, 24 Nov. 1799, Montgomerv 
Co, Md. 

Frey, Mary & David Shannon, 20 July 1778, New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

Frey, Nancy & Wlliam Bonner, 29 Nov. 1795, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 


Fry, Polly & Charles Porter, 10 April 1803, Montgom- 
ery Co., Md. 

Frey, Sarah & Henry Sauder, 7 Nov. 1755, Wilmington, 

Fry, Thomas & Welthian. Greene, 1 Feb. 1688, E 
Green wich, R. I. 

Fry, Thomas & Mary Greene, 31 Dec. 1719, Warwick, 
R. I. 

Frv, Thomas & Ellena Greene, 16 Nov. 1740, Warwick, 
R. I. 

Fry, Thomas & Elizabeth Greenwood, 28 Dec. 1763, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


(In this department Genealogy Magazine will print 
authenticated ancestral records, free of charge to sub- 
scribers only. Extra copies containing pedigrees can be 
supplied at 25 cents each.) 

1. STELLA MILLER, born 7 April 1873, Madison Co., 

Ohio, daughter of 

2. Charles Henry Miller, born Ohio 14 Sept 1846 ; 

married 1 Sept. 1870; Sarah Bostwick, son of 

3. John Henry Miller, born Rockingham Co., Va., 27 

June 1814 ■ died 14 June 1873 ; married 10 Nov. 
1840, Jermina Davis Clark, son of 

4. Daniel Miller, born Va., 1783; died 4 Nov. 1825; 

married 3 Aug. 1808, Elizabeth Deshler. 


1879, Richmond, Va., son of 
John Newton Gordon, born 10 Oct. 1840, married 

18 Dec. 1873, Florine Staples of New York, son of 
John Newton Gordon, born Richmond, Va., 15 Feb. 

1793; died 3 Oct. 1870, married 13 Mch. 1823, 

Louisiana Coleman, son of 
Nathaniel Gordon, born Orange Co., Va., 20 Aug. 

1763; died 28 Feb. 1820; married 20 Oct. 1785, 

Mary Gordon, son of 
Col. James Gordon, born Ireland, 1714, died Lan- 
caster Co., Va., 2 Jan 1768, married 12 Nov. 

1748, Mary Harrison. 

1. DUDLEY 0. ROE, of Sudlersville, Md., born 23 

March 1881, son of 

2. William Dudley Roe, born 14 April 1855, d. 8 

Nov. 1912. Married 14 April 1880, Mattie Neal 
George, son of 

3. James Baynard Roe, born 1 Jan. 1822; died Bar- 

clay, Md., 22 Dec. 1867. Married 18 Nov. 1844, 
* Eliza A. Dudley, son of 

4. James Roe, born 12 Aug. 1784, died Roesville, Md., 

23 Sept. 1850; married 23 Aug. 1804 Margaret 
Price, son of 

5. William Clayton Roe and his wife, Mary Wright 

1. ROSE A. OSTROM, of Walla Walla, Wash., born 

Yuba Co., Cal. 1869; married William McCoy 
Van Patten, daughter of 

2. Daniel A. Ostrom, born Zanesville, Ohio, 1836, died 

San Francisco, Cal., 1906; married 1860, Polly 
Ann Kirkpatrick, son of 

3. Daniel Y. Ostrom, born Montgomery Co., N. Y., 

1S02; died California 1852; Married 1824, Mary 
Davidson, son of 

4. Henry A. Ostrom born New York, 1760 ; died 1837 ; 

married 1788, Sarah Hageman, son of 

5. Roelof Ostrom, earlv New York settler. 

1. WILLIAM NORRIS, born 3 June 1853, married 15 

Oct. 1879, Mary Emery Murray, son of 

2. Robert Wesley Norris. born Harford Co., Md., 12 

April 1822, died 30 Dec. 1903, married 7 May 
1844, Catherine Ann Young, son of 

3. Rhesa Norris, born Harford Co., Md., 23 Aug. 1781 ; 

died 1851 ; married 30 Oct. 1804, Susannah Sut- 
ton, son of 

4. A<|iiilJa Norris, born Maryland 13 June 1754; died 

1823; married 2.1 Nov. 1778. Sarah Norris, son 

5. Edward Norris, born 4 Feb. 1702; die! 1761; mar- 

ried 1724, Hannah Lotto, son of 

6. John Norris, of Maryland, died 1740, married 1685. 

Elizabeth Capell. 



(Only regular subscribers to GENEALOGY MAGAZINE are entitled 
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GLASS^-Information desired of George and Robert 
Glass, in Penn. 1740 to 1760. Mrs. K. W. Gann, Du- 
Bois, Penn. 

Griggs — Parents wanted of William Henry Griggs, 
who was married in N. Car. before 1800. Mrs. Julia A. 
Surrency, Gardi, Ga. 

Neal — I would like the birth, marriage and death of 
Adam Neale, who married Jennetfe Andrew in Pennsyl- 
vania. Mrs. Mary K. Brown, Cadiz, Ohio. 

Claypool — Parents wanted of Jane Clay pool, who m. 
John Osborne, S. Car. in 1790. Mrs. Julia A. Surrency, 
Gardi, Ga. 

Ramsey — Information wanted of Robert Ramsey who 
lived in Penn. before 1769. Mrs. Gale K. Riley. Eaton- 
ton, Ga. 

Scurlock — Nial. Scurlock moved from Va., to N. 
Car., 1756. His marriage wanted, also children of his 
son Thomas of N. Car. Mrs. C. Somerfield 814N-2d St., 
Arkansas City, Kansas. 

Todd — Wanted the marriage of William Todd and 
Mary Richards in S. Car., after 1770. Mrs. J. B. Gar- 
rard, La Grange, Texas. 


Bell, Cyrus & Sarah Dawson, 2 Aug. 1798, Caroline Co., 

Bell, Daniel & Ann Coulbourn, 9 Oct. 1789, Caroline 

Co., Md. 
Bell, Ester & Richard Marshall, 11 Feb. 1676, Taunton, 

Bell, James & Isabella Jump, 20 Aug. 1795, Caroline 

Co, Md. 
Bell, Joseph & Margaret Sewell, 29 Dec. 1782, Caroline 

Co, Md. 
Bell, Margaret & Noah Mason, 15 Mav 1798, Caroline 

Co, Md. 
Boll, Margaret & George Townsend, 20 May 1786, Car- 

olino Co., Md. 


Bell, Mercy & Isaac Bassett, 11 April 1731, Boston, Mass 
Bell, Rebecca & Thomas Cooper, 6 Feb. 1806, Caroline 

Co., Md. 
Bell, Robert & Mary Fountain, 9 April 1782, Caroline 

Co,. Md. 
Bell, Sarah & Warner Busteed, 14 Oct. 1805, Caroline, 

Co., Md. 
Bell, Sullivan & Rachel Jump, 27 Sept. 1806, Caroline 

Co., Md. 
Bell, William, Jr., & Margaret Talbott, 10 Oct. 1783, 

Caroline Co., Md. 


1 . Henry Harris, came from Glamorgan, Wales in 1690 

and settled on the James River, near Richmond, 
Va. His son 

2. Edward Harris, had 8 sons and 5 daughters. His 


3. Nathan Harris, b. 1716 m. 1737 Catherine Walton 

of Brunswick Co. Va. 
Children : 

1. Walton 

2. Nathan 
:>. Isaac 

4, David and ten others 

4. Walton Harris, b. 1739 d. 1800 Green Co., G., mar- 

ried Rebecca Lanier. (He served in the Rev. 


Children : 

1 . Buckner 

2. Sampson 

3. Joel 

4. Edwin and others 


Bush, Aaron & Mary Meddows, 11 Nov. 1804 Albermarle 

Co., Va. 
Bush, Ann & Simon Meyer, 22 April 1782, Staten Island 

X. Y. 
Bush, George & Ann James, 12 Dec. 1793, Wilmington, 




Raines, Amy G. & Robert Stewart, 6 April 1790, Peters- 
burg, Va. 

Raines,, Catherine & James Chisholm, Dee. 1, 1789, 
Orange Co., Va. 

Rains, Elizabeth & John Nichols, 25 Sept. 1822, Camp- 
bell Co., Va. 

Raines, Fred & Frances Wyche, d. of James, 3 May 
1756, Sussex Co., Va. 

Rains, Giles & Dorothy Austin, Jan. 10, 1799, Caroline 
Co., Va. 

Raines, John & Amy G. Mitchell, widow, 5 Oct. 1762, 
Sussex Co., Va. 

Raines, John & Juria Davis, Sept. 30, 1802, Rockingham 
Co., Va. 

Raines, John & Amy Mitchell, 5 Oct. 1762, Sussex Co., 

Raines, Martha & Francis Pugh, Feb. 12, 1759, Effing- 
ham Co., Ga. 

Raines, Nancy & James Harris, Sept, 20, 1798, Caroline 
Co., Va. 

Raine, Samuel & Hagar Davis, d. of John, 21 Dec. 1723, 
Lancaster Co., Va, 


(Nearly ready). Pollards in the Revolution, an al- 
most complete register of the soldiers and sailors of the 
war of 1776 from all the states of the name of Pollard ; 
together with historical notes and genealogical data of 
the Pollards. 16 pp. 9x6. Edition limited to 300 
copies. Price $1.50. Address William M. Clemens, Pub- 
lisher, Hackensack, N. J. , 


(In Press). Rev. John Linn's record of marriages 
performed in Sherman's Valley District, Cumberland, 
now Perry Co., Penn. From the year 1778 to 1793. 
This is No. 7 of the Clemens American Marriage Records 
12 pp. 6x9. Edition limited to 300 copies. Price $2.00. 
Address Win. M. Clemens, Publisher, Hackensack, N. J. 


(Setualogg JWaga?uu 

Vol. IX AUGUST, 1920 N0T4 


General Hugh Mercer was the son of Rev. William 
Mercer, and grandson of Thomas Mercer. He was born 
in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1725, graduated in the class 
of 1744 from Mareschal College in Aberdeen. In 1746 
he fought on the side of the Pretender at the Battle of 
Culloden. He then fled to America and settled in what 
is now Mercersburg, Penn. He served as a captain in the 
Indian War 1755. After Braddock's defeat, he re- 
moved to Fredericksburg, Va. He was killed at the 
battle of Princeton, Jan. 1777. He rose from Colonel 
to Brigadier General in the Revolution. 

Gen. Mercer married in 1767 Isabella Gordon 
Their children were: 

1. Anna Gordon, m. Robert Patton. 

2. George Weedon. 

3- William Robert, d. 20 Aug., 1839. 

4. John died 1817. 

5. Hugh, m. Mary Louisa Griffin. 

1. Anna G (or Mary) Mercer, married Robert Patton > 

their son, John Mercer Patton, married Peggy P. 

3. William Robert Mercer, third child of Gen. Hugh, 

born 1769, Fredericksburg, Va., 20 Aug, 1839. 

His children (wife's name unknown) were: 

6. Robert b. 1 Jan., 1800, m. Rebecca Smith. 

7. William b. 1802. 

5. Hugh Mercer, fifth child of Gen. Hugh, married 
Mary Louisa Griffin, daughter of Cyrus Griffin of 
Virginia. He died 1853, aged 77. Their children 

8. Julia Weedon m. Robert Page Waller 

9. Mary Stewart, 

10. Isabella Stewart, died aged 9 years. 


11. Hugh Weedon m. 1 Mary Stiles Anderson; 
m. 2 Mrs. Cuyler- 

12. John Cyrus m. Mary C. Waller. 
13 George Weedon. 

14. Mary Louisa m. Rev. John Leyburn. 

6. Robert Mercer, son of Wm. Robert (3), born 1 Jan, 
1800, married Rebecca, daughter of Jesse Smith. 
Children : 

15. James. 

16. Carl Alexander, b- 5 July, 1833. 

17. Elizabeth, b. 3 June, 1834 m. Smith. 

18. Louisa b 5 June, 1836 m. Chute. 

19. Peter. .] 

20. George, b. 2 Jan., 1840 

21. William, b. 2 Jan., 1840 


22. Mary Jane m. Samuel White 

23. AndreW. 

24. Alice. 
25- Charles. 

11. Hugh Weedon Mercer, son of Hugh (5) m. 1 Mary 
Stiles Anderson; m. 2 Mrs Cuyler. Children by 
first wife: 

26. George Anderson b. Savannah, Ga., 9 Feb. 

27 Mary S. m. Gen. H. H. Walker. 

28. Robert Lee. 

29. Georgia A. m. Robt. A- Boit. 

12. John Cyrus Mercer, son of Hugh (5) married 
Mary C Waller. Children: 

30- Robert died young. 

31. Mary L. m. Rev. Daniel Blain. 

32. Eliza C m. Dr. B. St. Geo. Tucker 

33. Thomas Hugh, b. 1843 ; d. 1895. 

34. Corbin W m. Fannie Nelson. 

35. Catherine S. m. William Wall. 

36. John Leyburn m. Jean S. Bright. 

37. Robert Page m. Sallie Tauman. 

38. Blakeley C d young. 

39 Isabelle S. m. Charles McGary. 
40. George W m. Bessie Butterworth. 

16. Carl Alexander Mercer, son of Robert (6) born 
5 July, 1833, married 17 Dec., 1853, Ellen Spring- 
steen. Children 1 

41. Elley P. b 31 Mch., 1856, d. y. 

42. Walter F. m. 6 Oct., 1884, Mary Danhoff 

43. Angus Ross, b. 11 Apl, 1858. 

44. Robert L. b. 6 Jan., 1868, d- 1868. 
19. Peter Mercer, son of Robert (6), had son: 

45. Arvey 

23. Andrew Mercer, son of Hugh (6). Children: 

46. Ellen. 

47. May 

48. Son. 

49. Son. 

26. George Anderson Mercer, son of Hugh W- (11) 
b. Savannah, Ga., 9 Feb., 1835. Children 

50. Anne 

34. Corbin Waller Mercer, son of John C. (12) mar- 
ried Fannie Nelson. Children: 

51. William Nelson. 
52 Walter Nelson. 

36. John Leyburn Mercer, son of John C. (12), mar- 
ried Jean S. Bright. Children: 

53. Jean C 

54 Mary Waller. 

55. Thomas Hugh. 

37. Robert Page Mercer, son of John C. (12), mar- 
ried Sallie Tauman. Child: 

56. Hugh- 

40. George Weedon Mercer, son of John C. (12), mar- 
ried Bessie Butterworth. Child: 

57. Linden Waller. 

43. Angus Ross Mercer, son of Carl A. (16) b. 11 
April, 1858, married Pauline Felz. Children: 

58. Rossie Mary b. 5 Oct., 1883. 

59. Alex V. b. 4 May, 1886. 

60. Robert H. b. 27 Nov., 1900. 

Our columns are open free to all subscribers to 
Genealogy. Communications will be printed as soon 
as possible after receipt, Names and da'es must be 
clearly written, so as to be easily and correctly read. 



The Darby family in South Carolina apparently 
had its origin with Captain Michael Darby who was in 
St. Thomas Parish as early as 1710. From him de- 
scended Jacob Darby, who was a private in Capt. Moses 
Pearson's Company, 1780 to 1782, and is mentioned in 
the South Carolina records- He was the father of Asa 
Darby and the grandfather of Asa Darby, born 1802. 
Asa (2) Darby died in Newbury Co., S. C, in 1859. 
In 1860 his cousin, Asa L. Darby, in a sworn statement 
said: "I was born 28 Feb-, 1808, and removed to Clay 
Co., Ky., in 1830." 

Among the grandchildren of Asa Darby born 1802, 
was Mary Ellen Darby, born 23 Sept., 1859, who mar- 
ried John R. Marchand. 

Among the Darby marriages on record in South 
Carolina are the following : 

Michael Darby and Mary Warnock, 21 May, 1717, 
St- Thomas Parish. 

Mary Darby and Elias Bonneau, 30 Oct., 1746, St. 
Thomas Parish. 

James Darby and Margaret Elliott, 4 May, 1773, 

William Darby and Margaret Evans, 18 Aug., 1797, 

Robert Darby and Rebecca Sinkler, 23 Oct-, 1800, 

The children of Captain Michael Darby and Mary 
Warnock born in St. Thomas Parish, were : 

Hannah b. 21 Sept., 1718. 

Joseph b. 8 Dec , 1722. 

Mary b. 15 Nov., 1725. 

It is quite evident that Michael married three times, 
as the following records from St. Thomas Parish will 

Michael Darby and wife Judith: had Judith b. 
1 Nov, 1734. 

In the death records we find the following: 

3 Mch. 1732, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Michael Darby. 

5 Nov., 1734, Judith, wife of Capt, Michael Darby. 

Feb- 1739, Captain Michael Darby. 

In the Laurens papers, in the Historical Society 
of South Carolina, in the register of Revolutionary sol- 
diers, appears the name of Jacob Darby, private in Cap- 
tain Pearson's company. 


William (1) Sabin, the Huguenot, went from England to 
France and later to Wales Died 1687. Lived Re- 
hoboth, Mass. First wife's name unknown. 

Elizabeth (2) Sabin of Rehoboth, Mass. Died March 
16, 1699, aged 67. Married Nov. 24, 1662, Robert 
(2) Millerd, son of John (1) and Elizabeth. 

Robert (3) Millerd, born June 12, 1666, Rehoboth, Mass. 
Married Feb. 14, 1689:90, Charity Thurber. 

John (4) Miller (or Millerd), born Feb. 14, 1691-2. 
Married Sarah Gansey of Rehoboth, Mass. Pub. 
Dec- 1, 1711. 

Kezia (5) Miller, born Aug. 3, 1715, Rehoboth, Mass. 
Married Sept. 17, 1731, Charles Mason, son of Ben- 
jamin and Ruth (Rounds) Mason. 

Patience (6) Mason, born 1737. Died 1821. Married 
1755 Jonathan Mason (Captain), son of Peletiah 
and Hannah (Hale) Mason- 

Lydia (7) Mason, born 1762, died 1824. Married 1782 
Johnson Streeter, born Cumberland, R. I., 1762 
son of Lieut. Joseph (4) and Mary (Barton) Inman 

Nancy (8) Streeter, born 1784, died 1853. Married 
1801 Capt- Luke Parsons, born 1774, Northamp- 
ton, Mass., son of Lieut. Samuel (4) and Lucy (Pom- 
eroy) Parsons. 

Lucy Mason (9) Parsons, born 1803, died 1884. Mar- 
ried 1831 Lewis Darling, M D., born March 5, 1804, 
Woodstock, Vt., son of Seth (4) and Chloe (Marsh) 

Lewis (10) Darling, Jr., M.D.,.born 1840, died 1916. 
Married 1867 Julia La villa Day, born West Avon, 
Conn-, Aug. 5, 1843, dau. of Carlos C. and Lavilla 
(Woodruff) Day. 

Carlos Parsons (11) Darling, born May 8, 1876, Law- 
renceville, Pa. Lives at Lawrenceville, Pa. 


(In this department Genealogy Magazine will print 
authenticated ancestral records, free of charge to sub- 
scribers only. Extra copies containing pedigrees can be 
supplied at 25 cents each.) 

1. MARTHA STARK DRAPER, wife of Dr. Charles 

A. Draper, Palo Alto, Cal. Daughter of 

2. Washington Stark, born 10 March, 1834, Pike Co., 

Mo., married Martha Whitledge, (born 18 Oct-, 
1836) in Pike Co., 28 Oct., 1856. Daughter of 

3. Thomas Benson Whitledge, born 23 Dec, 1810, Bour- 

bon Co., Ky Died 1844; married 12 Nov., 1833, 
in Pike Co., Mo., Christian Jacoby, born 1 June, 
1817, died 30 Oct., 1896. Son of 

4. Lyna Whitledge, born 1790, in Va., died 1849, Pike 

Co., Mo. Married Mehitable Mabry 1810 in Ken- 
tucky, born 1790 in Va. or Ky., died 1849 in Pike 
Co., Mo. Daughter of 

5. Lewis Mabry, born 1753, in Va., died after 1790. 

Married 16 Feb., 1773, Susanna Hamilton, born 
1756 in Va., dide after 1790. Daughter of 

6. John Hamilton, of Virginia, whose mother was Su- 

san Hull: married Ann Everard. 


(Only regular subscribers to GENEALOGY MAGAZINE are entitled 
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on one side of paper only.) 

PERKINS— SCOTT. Lois Scott married a Perkins, 
probably in Vermont. Their daughter Abigail, born 
1790, married Zebulon Swift. Who was the father 
of Abigail ?— Mary E. Hanaford, 514 N. Winne- 
bago St-, Rockford, 111. 

SMITH. Who was Lucinda, wife of Wilcox Smith, born 
in Burlington, Vt. Their third son, James Riley 
Smith, was born 18 July, 1817, Livingston Co., N. 
Y. Whose son was Wilcox Smith? Did the Smiths 
come from Barnstable, Mass.? — Mary E. Hanaford, 
514 N Winnebago St., Rockford, 111. 



The first Buffington in America was Thomas, son 
of William, who came to New England 1639 and settled 
in Salem, Mass He married Sarah Southwick and died 
in 1729. His children were : 

Thomas, b. 1672, m. Hannah Ross. 

Benjamin, b. 1675, m Hannah . 

Abigail, m. Samuel King, 1714. 

William, b. 1679. 

The family scattered through New York, Pennsyl- 
vania and Delaware. John Buffington married 1720, in 
Chester Co, Penn., Sarah Eaverson. Abram of Mary- 
land married Anna Puss . Their son, Dr. John T. Buf- 
fington, was born in Taneytown, Md., 11 Nov., 1828. 


Jacob Albert, born 1745, died 4 May, 1830. 

Michael Attigh, born 1748, died 12 July, 1826. 

John Barnheiser, born 1740- 

Anthony Blazer, born 1738. 

George Bradshaw, born 1738, died 15 Jan., 1826. 

Conrad Cline, born 1759, died Dec, 1826. 

Mark Coyle, born 1739. 

John Eickelberger, born 1739, died 27 Apl, 1823. 

John W. Helmer, born 1728. 

Michael House, born 1741, died 1 Feb., 1827. 

James McKissick, born 1752, died 23 Dec, 1826. 

Barney Oldwine, born 1753, died 7 May, 1823. 

Charles Oldwine, born 1742, died 19 Nov., 1830. 

Adam Ott, born 1743, died 10 Aug., 1827. 

Casper Shirtzer, born 1743. 

William Stewart, born 1748. 

Henry Young, born 1717, died 1832, aged 112 

William Armstrong, born 1758- 

Benjamin Chambers, born 1757. 

John Chilcoat, born 1759. 

John Cunningham, born 1754. 

Francis Hickman, born 1753. 

Joseph Hughes, born 1753. 


George Miller, born 1749, died 15 June, 1830. 
William Nicholson, born 1759. 
George Reading, born 1761. 
Hartley Sappington, born 1737. 
William Ward, born 1756. 

Richard Westbrook, born 1759, died 30 Aug , 1833. 
Thomas Wyatt, born 1739. 
Note. — Service records of the above can be furnished 
by the Editor upon request. 


The first Edsall in America was Samuel, born 1633 
in Reading, England, Berks Co. He died in 1703. He 
came to Boston in 1648, and New Amsterdam in 1655. 
He married for a third time Ruth Woodhull. He was 
president of Bergen, N. J., in 1682, and was a large 
holder in Penn., N- J. and N. Y. His son, Richard, 
born in Bergen Co., N. J., in 1683, married 1720, Hil- 
degarde De Key, of New York. He was one of the early 
settlers of Orange Co., N- Y. 


(Now ready.) The Kendall Family in America. 
The Kendalls of England and the original Kendall set- 
tlers in America, with notes and genealogical data of the 
descendants of Francis Kendall of Woburn, Mass., 1640; 
Thomas Kendall of Reading, Mass., 1644 ; Oliver, Josiah, 
Samuel and others of New England ; William Kendall of 
Virginia, 1657 ; Richard of Virginia, Kendals of Mary- 
land, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc., pp. 24, 6x9. 
Edition limited to 300 copies. Price $1.50. Address 
Wm. M. Clemens, Publisher, Pompton Lakes, N. J. 


William Wall born in Virginia 1758, died 1835, 
served in the Revolution from Albemarle Co., in Col. 
Francis Taylor's Regiment. He was married twice. 
By his second wife, Nancy Elkins, he had a daughter, 
Martha Ellen Wall, wh omarried Zimri Moon, and af- 
terward Samuel Hartford. 


(gntealogg JWaga?ttu 

Vol. IX SEPTEMBER, 1920 No. 5 



In the quaint village of Hingham, in County Nor- 
folk, England, the Lincolns were tradespeople as early 
as the 15th century. 

Samuel Lincoln, of Norfolk Co., came to New Eng- 
land in 1637 at the age of 18. He settled in Hingham, 
Mass., one of the early and most picturesque towns in 
the colony. 

Mordecai Lincoln, the fourth son of Samuel, was 
born in Hingham, 15 June, 1657. He married Sarah 
Jones, in Hull, Mass., and removed to Scituate, another 
quaint old town in 1704. 

The first son, Mordecai Lincoln, Jr., born 24 Apl., 
1686, with his younger brother Abraham, removed to 
Freehold, Monmouth Co., N. J. Abraham was the vil- 
lage blacksmith. 

In Freehold, N. J., Mordecai married in 1710 Han- 
nah Salter, daughter of Richard Salter, one of the lead- 
Berks Co., Pa. 
Berks Co., Pa., 1736. 

John Lincoln, eldest son of Mordecai, Jr., in 1758 
removed to Augusta Co., Va. Here in the wilderness 
he built one of the first log cabins. He had five sons, 
among them Abraham. 

Abraham, the second of the name, son of John, mar- 
ried Mary Shipley w who came from North Carolina; and 
they went to live on a farm in Tennessee in the Wau- 
tauga Valley. 



There is no more historic spot in America than the 
Wautauga Valley. Here the Wautauga Association set 
up the first free and independent government upon 'he 
continent. Here the King's Mountain boys gathered 
from the valleys and hills to go and fight one of the de- 
cisive battles of the American Revolution. 


At Wautauga, Thomas Lincoln, the father of Abra- 
ham, was born. He grew to be a tall and stalwart pio- 
neer and an expert hunter. While a lad he hired him- 
self to his uncle, Isaac Lincoln, living on Wautauga 


In 1782 Abraham and his son Thomas, grandfather 
and father of the President, moved in covered wagons 
to Kentucky. 


They entered a tract of 400 acres of land on Lick- 
ing creek, under a government land-warrant, and built 
a log cabin near Fort Beargrass, on the site now occu- 
pied by the city of Louisville. In the second year of 
this settlement Abraham Lincoln, while at work in his 
field, was slain by an Indian from an ambush. 


Thomas Lincoln married Nancy Hanks, 23 Septem- 
ber, 1806, and settled near Springfield, Ky. They had 
three children: Sarah, Abraham and Thomas. Sarah 
married Aaron Grigsby and died in middle life. Thom- 
as, who was two years younger than Abraham, died in 


In 1816 the Lincoln family moved to Spencer Coun- 
ty, Ind., where they built and lived in a log cabin, where 
Mrs. Lincoln died October 5, 1818, at the age of thir'y- 


After the death of Nancy Hanks, the father of 
Abraham Lincoln sought ou^ an early love, Sarah Bush 
Johnstone, who was still living in Kentucky, a widow, 
with three children, and for that time and region in 
very good circumstances. 




Thomas Lincoln began his courtship in this char- 
acteristic fashion: 

"Well, Mis' Johnstone, I have no wife, and you 
have no husband. I came on purpose to marry you. I 
knowed you from a gal, and you knowed me from a boy. 
I have no time to lose, and if you are willing, let it be 
done straight off. ' ' 


The following day they were married, and started 
for his home in Indiana, with a four-horse wagon con- 
taining her property. This wedding journey to his dis- 
tant cabin occupied several days. 


Sarah Bush, the stepmother of Abraham Lincoln, 
was born in Kentucky about 1785. Little is known of 
her early life. Though entirely without education, she 
was a woman of strong character, and intelligence. She 
was blessed with sterling good sense in an uncommon 


At once a strong friendship sprang up between her 
and the little Abe, who was ignorant, but loving and 
sweet-tempered. Years only deepened their regard. In 
after years Abe called her his "angel of a mother" and 
said she was the first person to make him feel like a 
human being. She died 10 April, 1869. 


The family moved once more in 1830, this time to 
Illinois, where they built another log cabin, near Decatur, 
Macon Co. After assisting his father to build the cabin, 
split rails and fence and plough fifteen acres of land, 
Abraham Lincoln struck out for himself, hiring himself 
to any who needed manual labor. His father died in 


In the spring of 1833, Lincoln was appointed Post- 
master at New Salem, 111., and held the office for three 
years. Its emoluments were slender and its duties light. 
The mails were so scanty that he was said to carry them 
in his hat, and he is also reported to have read every 
newspaper that arrived. 



Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of the President, was? 
born in Lexington, Ky., 12 Dec., 1818. Her father, 
Robert S. Todd, was a Kentucky pioneer. 


When Mary Todd was twenty-one she visited a mar- 
ried sister in Springfield, 111, and there met Abraham 
Lincoln, a rising young lawyer. They were married 
4 Nov., 1842. 


The lean, lank figure of Mr. Lincoln is familiar to 
everyone. When he was elected President he was smooth 
shaven and had never grown a beard. 


WTien the President-elect passed through Roches- 
ter, N. Y., in February, 1861, en route to Washing- 
ton, a little girl remarked to him: "Mr. Lincoln, 
your face would not seem so long, and you would look 
better if you wore whiskers.'' The President laughed, 
thanked the young miss, and went his way. Thereafter 
he let his beard grow. 



Campbell Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 5, 1782. 

s. James Stovall. 

s Thomas S'ovall. 

s. Joseph W. Stovall. 

s. Brett Stovall. 

d. Elizabeth Stovall. 

d. Milly Stovall. 

James Alexander's will, County of Cecil, Md 

Wife Elizabeth. 

s. Batholomew Stovall. 

s. James Stovall. 

s. George Stovall. 

d. Martha Stovall. 

d. Anne Stovall. 

d. Dorothy Stovall. 

d. Rachel Turner. 



James Alexander's will, County of Cecil, Md. 

In the name of God, Amen. June 17,1772. 

I, James Alexander of Cecil Co., in Maryland being 
of sound mind and memory, do hereby give & bequeath 
to my beloved wife Abigail. 

I give and bequeath to my grandson George Alex- 

To Amos Alexander 

To my beloved son Ezekiel Alexander 

To my beloved son Hezekiah Alexander 

To my beloved son Josiah Alexander 

I give and bequeath to my beloved son Jno. McNitt 

To my beloved daughter Jemima 

To my beloved daughter Elizabeth Sample 

To my beloved daughter Abigail Bradley 

To my beloved daughter Margaret McCay 

James Alexander (Seal) 


The name of Bonython is now extinct in New Eng- 
land. Capt. Richard Bonython settled in Saco, Maine, 
in 1629. His son, John, a man of ill-temper and bad 
habits, was known as the Sagamore of Saco and on his 
tomb was written the couplet, which represents John 
going to the evil spirit of the Indians. 

"Here lies Bonython, the Sagamore of Saco: 
He lived a rogue, and died a knave and went to 
Hobomocko. ' ' 


Many of the early settlers who were registered oti 
J h* early colonial records as weavers, blacksmiths, tailors 
and similar trades, in reali+v were of much higher de- 
scent than some of those who simply wrote the word 
"Gentleman" after their names. The old artisans' 
builds of Europe and England were of anything but 
plebeian origin and had the closest relations wi'h the 
Irghest orders of chivalry. 



(Only regular subscribers to GENEALOGY MAGAZINE are entitled 
to send contributions to this department. Write your items carefully 
on one side of paper only.) 

Bourn-Chandler — Wanted parents names of De- 
borah Bourn and Asahel Chandler, married about 1784, 
resided many years at Sandwich, Mass. B. M. Newcomb, 
2309 Vine Street, Berkeley, Cal. 

Bowen — David Bowen, born in Wales. I want date 
of his marriage to Sarah Williams in Pennsylvania. 
Mrs. Gale K. Riley, Eatonton, Ga. 

Boyce — Peter Boyce of Albany Co., N. Y., married 
between 1770 and 1780, wife's name wanted. H. IL 
Howard, 224 Spring Street, Brockton, Mass. 

Brown — Names of children wanted of Asa Brown 
(1740-1818) a Revolutionary soldier of Conn. Mrs. H. 
S. Fry, Box 247, Rochester, Pa. 

Bunker — Wanted the parents of Susannah Bunker 
wife of Paul (5) Coffin, son of Zephaniah. Mrs. K. H. 
Fogarty, 509 W. Park St., Butte, Montana. 

Caldwell — I want wife and marriage of David 
Caldwell, b. 1726, son of John of Virginia. Mrs. J. M. 
Gliessner, Abilene, Kansas. 

Claypool — Parents wanted of Jane Claypool, who 
m. John Osborne, S. Car. in 1790. Mrs. Julia A. Sur- 
rency, Gardi, Ga. 

Dunn — Marriage wanted of John Dunn and Ann. 

in Virginia prior to 1750. Mrs. A. C. Ford, Clif on 

Forge, Va. 

Gatchell — John and Samuel Gatchell came to Sa- 
lem, Mass., from Taunton, Eng., 1636. 1 wish marriage 
of John, children and grandchildren. M. H. York, New- 
ark, New York. 

Glass — Information desired of George and Robert 
Glass, in Penn. 1740 to 1760. Mrs. K. W. Gann, Du- 
Bois, Penn. 

Griggs — Parents wanted of William Henry Griggs, 
who was married in N. Car. before 1800. Mrs. Julia A. 
Surrency, Gardi, Ga. 

Neal — T would like the birth, marriage and death of 
Adam Neale, who married Jennette Andrew in Pennsyl- 
vania. Mrs. Mary K. Brown, Cadiz, Ohio. 


Ramsey — Information wan f ed of Robert Ramsey 
who lived in Penn. before 1769. Mrs. Gale K. Riley, 
Eatonton, Ga. 

Scurlock — Nial. Scurlock moved from Va. to N. 
Car. 1756. His marriage wanted, also children of his 
son Thomas of N. Car. Mrs. C. Somerfield, 814 N-2d 
St., Arkansas City, Kansas. 

Swope — I desire Revolutionary service of Bene- 
dict Swope of Baltimore, Md. Mrs. H. S. Fry, Box 217, 
Rochester, Pa. 

Tilton — Wish to get in touch wi^h descendants of 
John and Merriam (Thompson) Tilton. Parents of 
John and Merriam (Rolfe) Tilton. Parents of Johna- 
than, Edward, Elisha, Thompson, Lewis, McKenzie. Hen- 
ry and Peter. The above all born Monmouth Co., N. J. 
Wilfred R. Tilton Prairie Depot, Ohio. 

Todd — Wanted the marriage of William Todd and 
Mary Richards in S. Car., after 1770. Mrs. J. B. Gar- 
rard, La Grange, Texas. 

Yeiser — Colonial or Revolutionary service of Philip 
Yeiser wanted. Mrs. H. S. Fry, Box 247, Rochester, Pa. 



Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Feb. 5, 1793. 

Wife Sarah. 

s. George Tedford. 

s. James Tedford. 

s. Robert Tedford. 

d. Mary Tedford. 

g.d. Sarah Tedford. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Feb. 5, 1793. 

Wife Mary. 

s. James Tedford . 

s. Robert Tedford. 

s. William Tedford. 

s. David Tedford. 

s. Alexander Tedford. 

d. Jean McKee. 



The man who wrote ''Old Folks at Home" was 
buried at Allegheny, Penn., in the family burial-ground, 
Allegheny Cemetery, a lot in which also repose the re- 
mains of his father, mother, three brothers and two 
sisters. The grave of the composer is marked by a mar- 
ble tombstone on which is inscribed these words: 
of Pittsburgh, 
Born July 4, 1826 
Died in New York 
January 13, 1864. 
The lot is a large one, well fenced by a stone curb, 
and is carefully kept in order by the affectionate hamis 
of surviving kindred. 



Prince William Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 27, 1742. 
Wife Ann. 


Bedford Co., Va. Will filed Aug. 23, 1763. 
s. John Wright. 
s. Joseph Wright, 
d. Elizabeth Wright, 
d. Mary Wright, 
d. Sarah Wright, 
d. Dorcas Wright, 
d. Abigale Wright, 
d. Catherine Wright. 


One of the ancestors of Henry Cabot Lodge was 
George Cabot, who was born in Salem, Mass., in 1752. 
Tn early life he was a ship master. He was a United 
States Senator and was a master of the science of poli- 
tical economy. The name Cabot was originally spelled 


(geiuatogg |Haga?ttu 

VoLIX OCTOBER, 1920 Na~6 


Abstracts from Newly Discovered Records. 


Amherst Co., Va. Will filed June 6, 1772. 
Wife Eve. 
s. John Lackey. 
Executors James Lackey. 
Andrew Lackey. 
Samuel Lackey. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed May 28, 1744. 
Wife Jane. 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed June 3, 1776. 
Bro. Abraham Lamaster. 
Bro. Ralph Lamaster. 
Mother Ann Lamaster. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Dec 10, 1770. 
Wife Anne, 
s. Prool Lane. 
s. Carr Lane, 
d. Sally Lane. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed April 1, 1788. 
Wife Sarah. 
s. Joseph Lapesley. 
s. John Lapesley. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Feb. 2, 1792. 
Mother Sarah. 
Bro. John Lapesley. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 7, 1784. 
Wife Rebecca. 


Only d. Mary Law. 

Reputed d. Jenny Law. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed April 25, 1743 

Elizabeth Cole. 

g.d. Mary Gregg. 

Bedford Co.. V*. Will filed Sept. 24, 1771. 

s. David Lawson. 

g.s. David Lawson. 

g.s. John Lawson. 

g.s. William Lawson. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Oct. 4, 1791. 

Wife Elizabeth. 

s. John Logan. 

s. William Logan. 

s. Thomas Logan. 

s. David Logan. 

d. Mary Lawrence. 

d. Ann Houston. 

son John's son Hugh. 

son Thomas' son Hugh. 

d. Marv's son Hugh Lawrence. 

Rockbridge Co,, Va. Will filed Sept. 1, 1795. 

s. William Logan. 

sister Ann Houston. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed March 11, 1765. 

Esteemed friend James Long. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed June 5, 1792. 

s. Thomas Love. 

g.d. Margaret Love. 

g.d. Susannah Love. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed An*. 8, 1771 

Wife Elizabeth. 

s. John Lovell. 

s. Thomas Lovell. 


d. Frances Moss. 

s. in 1. Wm. Moss. 

d. Hannah Stevens. 

s. in 1. Robert Stevens. 

d. Martha Lovell. 

g.s. Thomas N. Watson. 
LOVING, William. 

Bedford Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 22, 1767. 

s. Henry Loving. 

s. John Loving. 

d. Patty Loving. 

d. Catty Loving. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed March 13, 1778. 

Cousin Robert Williams. 

David McKee. 

John McKee 's sons. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed April 6, 1779. 

Wife Jean 

s. Robert Luttrell. 

s. Simon Luttrell. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Aug. 3, 1784. 

s. James Lyle. 

s. Robert Lyle. 

s. David Lyle. 

s. John Lyle. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Sept, 6, 1791. 

Wife Hannah. 

s. Joseph Lyle. 

s. Archibald Lyle. 

s. James Lyle. 

s. John Lyle. 

s. Matthew Lyle. 

d. Elizabeth Lyle. 

d. Peggy Lyle. 

d. Esther Lyle. 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed July 1, 1765. 

Wife Rachel. 

Richard Tanulty Lyons. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed June 1, 1790. 

Wife Ann. 

s. William McCalpin. 

s. John McCalpin. 

d. Nancy McCalpin. 

d. Lizzie Keith. 

s. in 1. Michael Woolf. 

s. in 1. David Little. 

s. in 1. John Robertson. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 6, 1791. 

Wife Elizabeth. 

s. Robert McCalpin. 

s. Joseph McCalpin. 

s. James McCalpin. 

s. John McCalpin. 

wife 's bro. Joseph. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Jan. 3, 1786. 

s. John McCampbell. 

s. James McCampbell. 

s. William McCampbell. 

s. Robert McCampbell. 

Four daughters. 


The last survivor of the battle of Concord, April 
19, 1775, was Amos Lincoln Baker, who died July 16, 
1850, in Boston. At a Concord celebration the same 
year, he signed a statement that he participated in the 
battle seventy-five years before. 


Shearjashub Bourne died 7 March, 1719, at Sand- 
wich, Mass. His grandson Shearjashub was a graduate 
of Harvard in 1743, and his great grandson Shearjashub 
a chief justice of Suffolk, Mass., died in 1806. 


WAR OF 1912 

Return of killed and wounded on board the U. 
States frigate Constitution, Isaac Hull, Esq., Captain, 
in the action with H. M. S. Guerriere, Jas. R. Dacres. 
Esq., Captain ; on the 20th of August, 1812. 


Wm. S. Bush, 1st Lt. of Marines. 

Jacob Sage, Seaman. 

Rabert Brice, do. 

John Brown, do. 

James Read, do. 

Caleb Smith, do. 

James Ashford, do. 


Chas. Morris, 1st Lieut., dangerously. 

John C. Aylwin, Master, slightly. 

Richard Duun, Seaman, dangerously. 

Geo. Reynolds, Ord. Seaman, dangerously. 

Daniel Lewis, do. do. 

Owen Taylor, do. do. 

Francis Mullen, Marine, slightly. 

U. States Frigate Constitution, August 21, 1812. 

ISAAC HULL, Captain. 

T. J. CHEW, Purser. 
(The loss on board the Guerriere is stated to be 15 
killed ; 62 wounded ; and 24 missing. ) 


Col. John Bu'ler, a tory, was the chief figure in the 
Massacre of Wyoming in 1778, for which Brant, the 
Indian, has been unjustly branded with infamy. Butler 
ordered a woman and child to be killed, but Brant pro- 
tested and saved their lives, and thus the Indian was 
the man of humanity and the white man was the savage. 


Mistress Katherine Roundell in her will dated 1522, 
wrote in a humorous vein. "I give to my son Thomas, 
half a mare, half a saddle and half a cart wheel.' ' Which 
would be slow going for Thomas. 



(In this department Genealogy Magazine will print 
authenticated ancestral records, free of charge to sub- 
scribers only. Extra copies containing pedigrees can be 
supplied at 25 cents each.) 

ALBERT LEE RUST, born at Bridgewater, Burke 
Jounty, North Carolina, July 21, 1892. 

Father, David Lee Rust was born at Bridgewater, 
Burke County, North Carolina, November 21, 1865. 

Mother, Ellen V. Rust, a daughter of Philip and 
Lucinda Anthony, born at Bridgewater, North Caro- 
lina, Burke County, August 21, 1865, and was married 
October 24, 1889. 

Grandfather, Joseph Rutherford Rust was born at 
Bridgewater, Burke County, North Carolina, August 25, 
1817, and died January 21, 1899. He was a son of Wil- 
liam B. Rust, who was a descendant of Henry Rus', who 
came from Hingham, Norfolk County, England, in 1633 
and settled in Hingham, Mass., and was the first of the 
name to settle in America. His mother was Rachael 
Tate Alexander, granddaughter of Rock Tate, who came 
from England. 

Grandmother Sarah Ann McCall, was born at Mor- 
sjantown, Burke County, North Carolina, February ?0 
1821, and died August k.8, 19i^. Sue was a daughter of 
John and Phoebe Smith McCall, and granddaughter of 
Robert McCall, who came from Ireland in 1777. She 
was married to Joseph Rutherford Rust, September 12, 

Grandfather Philip Anthony, born in Catawba 
County, North Carolina, October 21, 1832, died Feb- 
ruary 20, 1895. He served through the Civil War and 
was wounded twice. He was a son of Paul Anthony, 
born February 9, 1785, and died March 3, 1873. He 
married Magdalena Rhodes, born in 1803 and died 
February 6, 1877. She was a German. Paul Anthony 
was a son of Philip Anthony and Maria Kistler and 
his father was Paul Anthony, born in Germany. 

Grandmother, Lucinda Elizabeth Anthony was born 


nt Bridgewater, Burke County, North Carolina, April 
17, 1839, died February 20, 1010. She married Philip 
An'hony May 6, 1857. She was a daughter of George 
Corpening, who was born November 16, 1785, and died 
October 20, 1856. He was a son of Albert Corpening, 
whose ancestors came from the Netherlands of Europe. 
Tier mother was Polly Estes, born November 6, 1796, 
and died February 20, 1867. She was a daughter of 
Dr. Lin Estes and her mother was Fannie Brown. 


On January 23, 1764, Miss Mary Eldrington, "an 
old virgin," died in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, in the 
109th year of her age. She was of an ancient family in 
Northumberland, England. The account further states : 
''Notwithstanding her great age, she was very desirous 
of getting a husband before she died, and when she had 
reached her 107th year, nothing could offend her so 
highly as to tell her she was too old to be married." 


A New Jersey man says he knew Shakespeare when 
he lived in Pennsylvania, that his name was not Shake- 
speare, but William Spear, and that after he moved to 
Michigan he caught the fever and ague, and was after- 
ward named Shake-spear. 


Humnhrey Atherton of Dorchester, Mass., who wrn 
a Major-General in 1654, and who died in consequence 
of a fall from his horse 17 Sept., 1661, had numerous 
children whom he named Rest, Increase, Hope, Thank- 
ful, Consider, Wa'ching and Patience. 


Ebenezer Cobb died Dec. 8, 1801, aged 107 ypar^. 
8 mon'hs, 6 days. 

Mrs. Lydia, his wife, died Sept. 10, 1745, aged 47- 
Mrs. Joana Cobb, died Jan. 15, 1791, aged 87. 





JOHN WASHINGTON m. Cath. Whiting of Glou- 

cester Co, Va. 

Children : 

1. Warner. 

2. Henry. 

3. Elizabeth. 

4. Mildred. 

5. Catherine. 



Children : 


2. Thomas. 

3. James. 

4. Elizabeth. 

5. Sampson. 


SAMPSON LANIER m. Eliz. Chamberlain. 

Children : 

1. Lewis. 

2. Burwell. 

3. Budener. 

4. Winifred. 

5. Nancy. 

6. Rebecca m. Walton Harris. 


Allen Breed came to America in 1630 and from his 

descendants was derived the name of Breed's Hill in 

Charlestown, Mass. This is celebrated for the battle o r 

1775, called by mistake the battle of Bunker's Hill, for 

he battle was fought on Breed 's, and not Bunker 's Hill. 


In his will dated December 6, 1773, Rev. Noah 
Hobart of Fairfield, Conn., made this provision: "Sec- 
ond, I give to my loving wife all she brought with her, 
also ye use of my house as long as she has a mind to 
stay there. ' ' 


Vol. IX™ 1*OVEMBER,T920 No7 7 


(An Exact Copy: — Of the marriage record kept by the 
Rev. John Linn of the Center Presbyterian Church of 
then Cumberland County, now Perry County, Penn- 
sylvania, from 1778 to 1793. This congregation then 
covered the territory known in that day as Shermans or 
Sherman's Valley.) 

The three brothers, Adam, John and Robert Linn 
came from Scotland about 1739 and settled in Cumber- 
land Countv, Penn. Adam and John were naturalized 
in 1749. 

Rev. John Linn, son of John, was born in Cumber- 
land Co., in 1749 

He was ordained a minister of the Presbyterian 
Church, in 1771 and in 1776 married, Mary, daughter 
of James and Mary Gettys. James Gettys was a mer- 
chant, and the founder of Gettysburg. Rev. John Linn 
died 15 March 1790 

His son Rev. James Linn was born in Sherman's 
Valley, Cumberland County, 4 Sept. 1783. 

July 29th, 1778 — James to Catherine Adams, 
daughter of Robert Adams of LTpper Shermans. 

August 4th, 1778 — John Davidson to Agnes Robert- 
son both of Upper Shermans. 

August nth, 1778— John Thomas Maekentire to 
Margaret Macabe. 

September 17th, 1778 — William Shields to Florence 
Morrow both of Upper Shermans. 

September 30th, 1778— Matthew Merritt to Sarah 
Jnmeson, both of Lower Sherman. 

October 26, 1778 — John Hilton to Margaret Maurca, 

October 26th 1778— John Christie of Tuscarora 
to Agness Herron. 


Nov. 17th, 1778— Thomas Purdie to Elizabeth 
Hunter . 

Jan. 5th, 1779— Samuel Nisbit to Elsey Watt 

March 11th, 1779— Alexander Smith of Big Spring 
Congregation to Jean Miller. 

Mch. 16th, 1779— Moses Littrem to Margt. Elliot. 

April 1st, 1779— Robt. Purdie to Ann Hunter. 

April 5th, 1779 — William Foster to Sarah Lowrey. 

June 1st, 1779 — Hugh Hardy to — Hurrel 

both of Milford Township. 

August 2nd, 1779 — Samuel Macguire to Mary 
Purdy . 

Aug. 5th, 1779 — David Logan to Susanna Cord. 

Aug. 9th, 1779 — John Holt on Juniatta, to Sarah 
Milligan, in Kish Valley. 

Aug. 12th, 1779— James Little of Carlisle to Mary 
Delaney of Shermans Valley. 

Aug. 19th, 1779 — John Miller to Ann Maeciintock. 

Aug. 20th, 1779 — James Black to Eleanor Long, 
both Lack Township, Tuscarora. 

Sept. 2nd, 1779— William White to Gazel Rusel. 

Sept . 2nd, 1779 — Andrew Mackashlin to Christiana 
Brown . 

Sept. 9th, 1779 — James Macklin to Jean Germon. 

Sept. 16th, 1779— Samuel Logan to Margaret 

Sept. 16th, 1779 — James Fisher to Agness Robert- 

Oct. 8th, 1779— Hugh Mackutchin to Mary Mae- 

Nov. 2nd, 1779— Thomas Elliot to Jean Holliday. 

Nov. 4th, 1779 — Andrew Kinkead to Elizabeth 
Maxwell . 

Nov. 8th, 1779 — Alex. Rogers to Jerusia Dunnem. 

Nov. 30th, 1779— James Waugh of Carlisle to 
Elizabeth Powers. 

Dec. 21st, 1779 — Benjamin Junkin to Margaret 

Feb. 17th, 1780— James Matteer of East Penns- 
boro to Elizabeth Nelson. 

Feb. 29th, 1780— Joseph Horn to Margaret Or. 

Mch. 9th, 1780 — Robert Clark to Mary Alexander. 

Mch. 23rd, 1780— William Mitchel to Elizabeth 
Hamilton . 

Apr. 3rd, 1780 — Benj. Perkison to Elizabeth 
Dickey, both of East Pennsboro. 

Apr. 24th, 1780 — John Alexander to Margt. Clark. 

Apr. 27, 1780 — William Cree to Jean Marshal. 

May 8th, 1780— John Ardery to Mary Watt. 

May 9th, 1780— Ross Mitchell to Isabella Blaine. 

June 6th, 1780 — John Mahon to Elizabeth Stewart, 
both Shermans Creek. 

June 7th, 1780 — Glbert McCoy to Agnes Martin, 
of Dicks Gap . 

June 27th, 1780 — Jas. Sanderson to Jean Little of 

June 27th, 1780 — Wm. Rogers, to Margaret Mc 
Coson of Dicks Gap. 

July 25th, 1780 — Daniel Hart to Jean Hutchison. 

Sept. 12th, 1780— Robert Little of Tuscarora to 
Margt. Elliot. 

Sept. 26th, 1780 — John Davies to Jemima Barn- 

Nov. 21st, 1780 — Ambrose Quillen to Sidney Evans. 

Nov. 23rd, 1780 — Allen Nisbet to Margaret Murray. 

Nov. 23rd, 1780— David McClure to Elizabeth (last 
name torn off page . ) 

Dec. 7th, 1780— Robert Holliday to Isabel! Camp- 

Dec. 21st, 1780 — James Eakine to Eleanor Pollock, 
daughter of James Pollock. 

Jan. 4th, 1781— Matthew McCleran to Mary Kin- 

Feb. 1st, 1781— John Berry to Elizabeth Minit. 

Feb. 27th, 1781— Thos. McConnell to Elizabeth Mc 
Cutchin, of Upper Tuscarora. 

Mch. 1st, 1781— Wm. Lamb of Deny Tp. to 
Susanna Watson of Tyrone Township. 

Mch. 1st, 1781 — Alex. Armstrong to Mary Murray, 
both Toboine Township. 

Mch. 15th, 1781— Saml. Graham to Christiana 
McLead . 


Mch. 20th, 1781— Richard Nickleson to Margaret 

Apr. 17th, 1781— George Black to Margt. Morris- 

May 23rd, 1781— Richard Smith to Mary Welsh, 
both of Rye Township. 

May 23rd, 1781— Hngh Rodman to Elizabeth Hearst. 

June 26th, 1781— John Marshall to Elizabeth 
Graham, of Rye Township . 

June 26th, 1781— Robert Miles to Catherine Watt 
of Rye Township. 

June 26th, 1781 — John Gillespie to Jean Hart of 
Juniatta . 

June 26th, 1781 — George Evans to Frances Leonard 
of Tyrone Township . 

June 27th, 1781— Charles Macoy to Mary Cahy of 
Tyrone Township. 

June 28th, 1781 — David Buchannan to Jean Mc 
Clintock of Tobine Township. 

July 5th, 1781— James Goudy of Rye Tp. to 
Catherine Pollock of Tyrone Tp. 

Aug. 15th, 1781— Wm. Walker to Prudence Walker. 

Aug. 28th, 1781— Thomas Coleman to Phoebe Gray 
of Hartslog Settlement. 

Sept. 27th, 1781— Richard Taylor to Margt. Buch- 
annan . 

Nov. 1st, 1781— John Machlin to Margt. McCrackin 
both Tobine Township. 

Nov. 15th, 1781 — John Erwin to Elizabeth Gardner. 

Nov. 15th, 1781 — James Nelson to Rachael Russel. 

Nov. 26th, 1781— John McCutchin to Esther Mc 
Connell of Upper Tuscarora. 

Nov. 29th, 1781— Jas. Holliday of Upper Conno- 
guige to Janet Herron. 

Dec. 6th, 1781— Hugh McCracken to Elizabeth 
Townsby . 

Jan. 10th, 1782— John Divin to Margt. Baskin of 

Jan. 10th, 1782 — James Garvin to Mary Sharp. 

Jan. 15th, 1782— Rbt. Wilson to Martha Ewin. 

Jan. 17th, 1782— Thos. Townsley to Sarah Pat 
terson . 

Feb. 4th, 1782 — John Byers to Margery Dunnan. 

Feb. 5th, 1782— Wra. Longwell to Rachael Walker. 

Mch. 14th, 1782— James Blain e of Teboine to Mar- 
gery Watts of Rye Tp. 

April 15th, 1782— John Coulter to Elizabeth White 
of Rye Township. 

Apr. 16th, 1782 — Jolin Lemmon to Dianna Patter- 
son . 

Apr. 18th, 1782— John Morrow to Elizabeth Pollock. 

May 2nd, 1782 — Joseph Watts of Upper Paxtang 
to Isabel Murray. 

July 1st, 1782 — Robt. Kirkpatrick to Bridget Jacobs 
of Derry on Juaniatta. 

July 25th, 1782— Samuel Hutchison of Rye to 
Agnes Ogden of Tyrone Tp. 

July 25th, 1782— John McEntire to Sarah Lowe 
of Toboine. 

July 26th, 1782— David Mc Clintock to Frances 
Clark of Toboine. 

Sept. 26th, 1782— John Robison to Margt. Logan. 

October 31st, 1782— John Kinkead to Margaret Mil- 

October 31st, 1782— Win. Wiley of Rye to Ale^ 
Nobel of Tyron . 

Oct. 31st. 1782— Alex. Ogden of Fermanagh to 
Mary McCalliister of Tyrone. 

Nov. 18th, 1782— Robert Goodion to Rachael Miller. 

Dec. 3rd, 1782 — Josiah Roddy to Sarah Leonard. 

Jan. 2nd, 1783— John McClure to Janet Officer. 

Jan. 30th, 1783— Robt. Cummins to Rachael Kil- 

Mch. 17th, 1783 — Angney Montgomery to Silans 
Montgniery of Tobine Tp. 

Apr. 14th, 1783— John Cord to Rebecca Byers. 

May 12th, 1783— Christopher Grimes of Tuscarora 
to Sarah Sanderson. 



Samuel (1) Barton was in Water-town, Mass., first 
known of him, and warned out June 16, 1693. Later 
in Framingham, Mass. Children all recorded in Fram- 
ingham altho the two eldest were born elsewhere. He 
bought land and o fourth right of corn-mill in Oxford, 
Mass., of Jonahan Provender. Dismissed from Fram- 
ingham Church to Oxford, Dec. 17, 1716. He died 
Sept. 12, 1732. Will proved September 23, 1716. Wiffe 
Hannah Bridges. (From Vol. 4, N. E. Gen. and Per- 
sonal Memoirs, B. B. Crane, Worcester, Mass. Editor) 
Samuel Barton first recorded of him, in court at Salem, 
Mass., as witness in witchcraft trial. Wife Hannah 
Bridges, perhaps daughter of Edmund Bridges, Jr., 
of Salem. Samuel Barton was warned against settle- 
ment in Watertown, June 1693 (Bond.) Framingham 
1699 and perhaps earlier (Temple.) Bought 1716 the 
Elliott grist mill, Oxford, Mass. Dismissed from Fram- 
ingham Church to Oxford Jan. 15, 1724. Died 1732. 
Wife died 1727. In his will he gave all his lands and 
movable estate to son Caleb (2) Barton. (History of 
Oxford, Mass.) Children of Samuel (1) and Hannah 
(Bridges) Barton were as follows: — 

1. Samuel (2) Barton born Oct. 8, 1691. Married 

May 13, 1715 Elizabeth Bellows. 

2. Mercy (2) Barton born May 22, 1694. Marriage 
intentions Dec. 17, 1716 to David Towne. 

3. Joshua (2) Barton born December 24, 1697. Set- 
tled in Leicester, Mass. Married Anne , 

born 1699, died 1757. Had children. 

4. Elisha (2) Barton, born April 22, 1701. Settled 
at Sutton, South Hadley and Granby, Mass. Mar- 
ried 1731 Betty Waite. Had children. 

5. Caleb (2) Barton born Feb. 9, 1705. Resided at 
Farmingham and Charlton, Mass. Married 1725 
Mary, daughter of Peter Shumway of Topsfield. 
He married second in 1748 Susanna March of 
Sutton, who died in Plainfield. Had children, 
among who was Bathsheba (3) Barton born 1754, 
married 1779 Samuel Streeter of Sturbridge, Mass. 


6. Jedediah (2) Barton bom Sept. 18, 1707. Settled 
in North Oxford, Mass. Married 1731, Lydia 
Pratt, and second in 1778 Mrs. Sarah Miller. 

7. Mehitable (2) Barton born Aug. 22, 1710. Married 
Nov. 12, 1730 Samuel Duncan of Worcester, Mass., 
and died there 1742. 

8. Edmund (2) Barton born Aug. 5, 1714. Married 
April 9, 1739 Anna Flint of Salem, Mass. They 
were parents of Judge Ira (3) Barton of Worcester, 
and were also parents of Stephen (3) Barton, whose 
son Stephen (4) Barton was the father of Clara 
(5) Barton of Red Cross fame. Edmund (2) 
Barton and wife are buried in the old cemetery at 
Millbury, Mass., he having died Dec. 13, 1799 and 
she March 20, 1795. His wife was baptized Nov. 
15, 1719, daughter of Thomas Flint (or Flynt.) 

Note — Hannah Bridges, wife of Samuel (1) Barton, 
was born June 9th, 1669, daughter of Edmund (2) 
Jr., and Sarah (Towne) Bridges, and granddaughter of 
Edmund (1) Bridges and his first wife Alice, or his 
second wife Elizabeth, and also granddaughter of 
William (1) and Joanna (Blessing) Towne, the latter 
of whom were parents of the famous Rebecca (Towne) 
Nourse and Mary (Towne) Estey, both of whom were 
executed at Salem as witches, the first July 19th, and 
the second Sept. 22, 1692. 

Samuel (2) Barton, Jr., born Oct. 8, 1691 son of 
Samuel (1) and Hannah (Bridges) Barton, married 
May 13, (also given May 23,) 1715 Elizabeth Bellows of 
Marlboro, Mass., born 1694-5, daughter of Isaac (2) and 
Elizabeth ( ) Bellows, and granddaughter of 

John (1) and Mary Wood Bellows of Marlboro, Mass., 
Samuel (2) Barton, Jr., lived in Framingham when a 
child and may have been born in Salem or Watertown. 
Later lived in Sutton, Mass., where his children are re- 
corded. He removed to Dudley, Mass., in 1748. He 
was one of the thirty original settlers of Sutton. Was 
Town Treasurer 1725-1727, and selectman in 1730, 1733 
and 1740. Moderator 1734. Perhaps became a resi- 
dent of Grafton, Mass. (Wanted full record of his 


death and that of his wife.) Children of Samuel (2) 
and Elizabeth (Bellows) Barton, born in Sutton, Mass., 
are as follows : 

1. Amariah (3) Barton, born Aug. 13, 1716. Died 
Dee. 8, 1730. 

2. Mary (3) Barton born Sept. 14, 1718. Probably 
first married 1735-1743 to Stephen Inman and 
second in Cumberland R.I. March 4, 1752, Joseph 

3. Barzaleel (3) Barton born July 26, 1722. Married 
April 30, 1747 Phebe Carlton. 

4. Samuel (3) Barton born Aug. 12, 1724. Married 
March 11, Mary Stockwell. Married second, May 
May 5, 1748, Hannah Lilley. Several children bap . 
in Sutton. 

5. Ebenezer (3) Barton born Dec. 10, 1726. 

6. Betty (3) Barton born Feb. 10, 1728-9. (Elizabeth 
Bap. Oct. 26, 1729.) 

7. Amariah (3) Barton born Nov. 18, 1731. 

(Can anyone help me to determine whether or not 
Mary (3) Barton above was married as indicated.) 

C. P. D. 


Samuel Miller of Princeton, N. J., was married 
24 Oct. 1801, to Sarah Sergeant, d. of Jonathan D. 
Sergeant, of Phila. She was born 1 Jan. 1778. 

Morris S . Miller, of Utica, N . Y . m . Maria Bleek- 
er, b. 18 Sept. 1770, d. of Rutger Bleeker of Albany, 
N. Y. 

Col. John B. Miller of South Carolina, m. 16 July 
1808, Mary E. Murrell, b. 6 Oct. 1788, d. of W. 
Murrell of Statesburg, Sumter District, S. Car. 

Rev. William Miller, m. Julia Phillip, b. 22 Jun. 
1811, d. of William Phillip of Orange Co., N. Y. 

D'r . William E . Miller of New York, m . 21 March 
1849, Josephine C. Hvslop, d. of R. Hyslop of New 

Thomas Miller, m. 15 March 1860, Marion D. Hart, 
d. of R. H. Hart of New York City. 


(Senealogp JWagajtne 

Vol. IX DECEMBER7192CT No. 8 


Abstracts from Newly Discovered Records 


Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed 12 March 1770. 

Wife Molly 

s. Joseph Morin 

s. David Morin 

d. Peggy Morin 

Her Uncle John Metcalf 

d. Katy Morin 

d. Nancy Morin 

d. Prudence Morin 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed 25 July 1743. 

s. William Murphy 

s. David Maccoll 

s. James Leatherland 

Bedford Co., Va. Will filed 24 Nov. 1767. 

s. Ezekial Morris 

s. Joseph Morris 

s. Daniel Morris 

s. John Morris 

d. Elizabeth Morris 

d. Mary Morris 

d. Jane Morris 

d. Sarah Morris 

Campbell Co., Va. Will filed 12 Jan. 1801. 

s . John Morris 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed 7 Nov. 1763. 

Wife Rebecca 

Brother Thomas Morrison 

Brother John Morrison 


Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed 12 April 1768. 

Wife Frances. 

s. William Moss 

s. Thomas Moss. 

d. Frances Moss. 

d. Elizabeh Moss. 

d. Hannah Moss. 

d. Ann Talbut. 

d. Mary Lewis. 

Prince William Co. , Va. Will filed 3 March 1783. 

Wife Elizabeth. 

Bro. Hugh Murrey v 

Bro. William Murrey. 

Bro. Robert Murrey. 

Sister Elizabeth Murrey. 

Sister Nancy Murrey. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed April 3, 1787. 

Wife Mary. 

s. John Paxton. 

s. Joseph Paxton 

s. William Paxton. , i 

s. James Paxton. 

d. Mary Paxton. 

d. Hannah Paxton. 

s. in 1. Samuel Houston. 

g . s . James Houston . 

g. s. John Houston. 

g. s. Robert Houston. 

g. s. John Paxton. 

g. s. John Lyle. 

g. d. Esther Lyle. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Dec. 2, 1788, 

Wife Mary. 

s. Samuel Paxton. 

s. John Paxton. 

s. William Paxton. 

s. James Paxton. 

s. Thomas Paxton. 

s. Joseph Paxton. 

s. Hugh Paxton. 

s. David Paxton. 

s. Isaac Paxton. 

d. Sarah Paxton. 

d. Mary Paxton. 

d. Jean Paxton. 

d. Hannah Paxton. 

d. Elizabeth Paxton 


William Ballard and Rachel Moorman, 8-25-1768. South 
River Meeting-House. 

Barclay Ballard, son of William, and Judith Johnson, 
daughter of John, of Amelia County, 2-27-1776. 

William Ballard and Elizabeth Anthony, 4-24-1788. 
South River Meeting-House. 

Moses Cadwalader and Mary Ballard of Bedford County, 
5-23-1792. South River Meeting-Houae. 

Byrum Ballard and Sarah Hutton, 9-20-1792. South 
River Meeting-House. 

Joseph Morlan and Mourning Ballard, of Bedford 
Countty, 8-20-1794. Upper Goose Creek Meeting. 

Timothy Johnson and Lydia Ballard, of Bedford County, 
8-14-1799. Ivy Creek Meeting-House. 

Josiah Bailey of Campbell County and Susanna Ballard, 
daughter of Barclay and Judith Ballard, of Bedford 
County, 7-15-1804. Ivy Creek Meeting-House. 

William Ballard, son of Barclay and Judith Ballard, 
and Nancy Butterworth, daughter of Benjamin and 
Rachel Butterworth of Campbell County, 11-14-1805. 
South River Meeting-House. 

James Ballard, son of Barclay and Judith Ballard of 
Bedford County, and Betsey Butterworth of Camp- 
bell County, 2-13-1806. South River Meeting. 

Joseph Johnson, son of James and Penelope Johnson of 

Bedford County, and Betsey Ballard, daughter of 

Benjamin and Rachel Butterworth of Campbell 

County, 28-12-1808. South River Meeting-House. 


the McDonalds of south Carolina 

The McDonalds of South Carolina, like those of 
Virginia and North Carolina, come from the Highlands 
of Scotland, and descend from Hugh McDonald, brother 
of Ivan 1, King of the Isles. The present family in 
South Carolina came from County Inverness. Two 
families settled in Cher aw prior to the Revolutionary 

The earliest settler of whom there is a record was 
Daniel McDonald born in Scotland 1723, and who died 
in Lancaster, S. Carolina in 1797. In 1745, he married 
Rebecca Middleton, and had numerous children among 
them John and Mary. Mary married George Wade, 
who was a brave soldier and was wounded at the Battle 
of Savannah. Daniel McDonald, although an old man, 
served two years in the Sonth Carolina militia, in the 
defense of his state. 

John McDonald was a private serving from 1777 to 
1782 and is mentioned in Bishop Gregg's "History of 
Old Cheraw. " He married Elizabeth, daughter of 
George Inglis or English, who on 30 April, 1759, married 
Claudia Elliott at Stone, S. Carolina. His son John 
is buried in St. Luke's Churchyard, Lee Co., S. Caro- 
lina . 

Alexander McDonald, also served in the Revolution 
and was taken as a prisoner of war, to Salisbury, North 
Carolina. His son Alexander McDonald married 5 Sept. 
1818, Mary M. Oliver and removed to Georgia. 

Another member of the family, Charles James Mc 
Donald born in Charlestown, S. Carolina, 9 July 1793, 
removed with his parents to Hancock Co., Ga., graduat- 
ed at the S. Carolina College at Columbia in 1816, 
studied law under Noel Crawford, and was elected Gov- 
ernor of Georgia and served his full term of four years. 

Another noted McDonald who died in South Caro- 
lina in 1796 was William who was a Lieut. Colonel in 
Gen. Francis Marion's brigade in 1782. He was born 
in Scotland in 1720. He married in 1761 Martha 
Richardson, whose father Richard Richardson, born in 
1705, although an old man in 1776, was at the battle of 


Fort Moultrie and was takeu prisoner at Charleston. 
William McDonald Jr., born in 1773, died 1818, married 
Martha Conturier; their daughter Martha married John 
(iambic Davis. 


[Continued from page 53] 

June 23rd, 1783— Robert Gree to Mary Roddy. 

June 24th, 1783 — Anthony Logan to Jane McClure. 

June 26th, 1783— Robt. Hunter to Elizabeth 
Thompson . 

July 24th, 1783 — James Fergus to Sarah Robison. 

Aug. 7th, 1783 — Joseph Ross to Elizabeth Evans 
of Tyrone Tp. 

Aug. 14th, 1783 — Joseph Hoge to Ann McConnell of 
Upper Tuscarora. 

Sept. 16th, 1783 — Wm. Furguson to Ann Ross. 

Sept. 16th, 1783 — Alex. Roddy to Agnes Jameson. 

Sept. 18th, 1783— Joseph Patton to Margt. Me 

Sept. 18th, 1783 — Joseph McClintoek to Rebecca 

Sept. 30th, 1783 — James Wilson to Mary McCrery. 

Sept. 30th, 1783— William Morrow to Agnes 
Christie . 

Nov. 11th, 1783 — John Brown to Sarah Stone. 

Nov. 11th, 1783— Wm. Campbell to Margaret 
Carson . 

Nov. 24th, 1783 — Mathias Bird to Katherine 

Dec. 4th, 1783— Alex. Barr to Sarah Mills of 
Donegal . 

Mch. 2nd, 1784— Wm. McClure, to Martha Parker 
of Carlisle. 

Apr. 12th, 1784— Alex. McKinzey to Nancy Bell. 

Apr. 5th, 1784 — Wm: Graham of Kischocoquillis 
to Jean White of Rye Tp. 

June 29th, 1784— James Elliot to Elizabeth Erwin. 

July 29th, 1784— John Erwin to Rachael DeLong. 

Aug 16th, 1784 — Joshua Bushey to Mary Evans of 

Aug. 26th, 1784 — James Power to Mary Marshall. 

Aug. 31st, 1784— William Bull of Eye Tp. to Sarah 
Darlington of Tyrone. 

Sept. 2nd, 1784 — James Logan to Esther Robison, 

Nov. 2nd, 1784— William McCord to Rachael 

Nov. 4th, 1784 — John Thompson to Elizabeth 
Gibson . . 

Nov. 9th, 1784— William Perkins to Elizabeth 
Fathy, Horse Valley. 

Nov. 16th, 1784 — Laurence Laughran to Mary Mc 
Kee of Rye Tp. 

Dec. 23rd, 1784 — George Sharpe to Catherine Mc 

Jan. 4th, 1785 — Rev. Wm. Jas. Johnson to Betty 
Brown of Kishacoquillas. 

Jan. 13th, 1785 — Alex. Meyers of Hanover to 
Eleanor Morrison. 

Feb. 3rd, 1785— William Mathers to Esther Thorn 
of Tyrone Tp. 

Feb. 3rd, 1785 — Hugh Glenn to Susanna Scadden, 
both late New York . 

Feb. 17th, 1785 — Jas. Hiddleson, Tuscarora to 
Elizabeth Miller. 

Mch. 15th, 1785 — Hugh Strain, Shermans to Agnes 
Hastings of Big Spring. 

Apr. 21st, 1785 — James Morrow to Isabell Watts. 

Apr. 26th, 1785 — John Beaty to Eleanor McCowan 
of Dicks Gap . 

July 5th, 1785 — Enos Graham to Agness McDonald 
of Tyrone Tp . 

Aug. 15th, 1785 — Samuel Woods to Sarah Hamil- 
ton of Tyrone Tp . 

Aug. 18th, 1785 — James Stone to Jane Kennedy of 
Tyrone Tp. 

Sept. 27th, 1785— Hugh Laughlin to Elizabeth 
McKee of Rye Tp. 

Jan. 17, 1786 — Philip Delancy to Margaret Starr. 

Feb. 7th, 1786— William Blaine to Mary Ann 

Apr. 5th, 1786 — Thomas Neely to Margaret Carson. 

April 6th, 1786 — James Blaine to Elizabeth Scadden 
( Cascadden . ) 

Apr. 6th, 1786— Matthew Erwin to Mary Erwin. 

Apr. 27th, 1786— Thos. Caskadden to Elizabeth 

May 2nd, 1786 — James Officer to Jean Baxter. 

May 4th, 1786— John Townley to Elizabeth Martin. 

May 8th, 1786 — Issac Purdy to Isabella Smith. 

June 6th, 1786 — Archibald Watt to Janet Rindman. 

July 4th, 1786 — William Baxter to Margaret Richey. 

August 29th, 1786 — Evan Mincher to Mary Robison 
of Rye Tp. 

Oct. 13th, 1786— William Henry to Anne Fleming 
of Rye Tp. 

Oct. 24th, 1786— John Hanna to Anne McCrery of 
York County. 

Nov. 21st. 1786— James McClure to Jane Miles of 
Limestone Ridge. 

.-Dec. 19th, 1786— William Officer to Elizabeth 

Jan. 30th, 1787 — William Douglass to Mary Scott. 

Feb. 15th, 1787— Hugh Alexander to Jemima Pat- 
terson . 

Feb. 27th, 1787— Thomas McClur e to Margaret 
Byers . 

Mch. 8th. 1787— James Hess to Mary Campbell. 

April 6th, 1787 — John Patterson to Anne Hender- 

Apr. 17th, 1787 — Thomas Winthrop to Elizabeth 
Bell both of Tyrone- 
Apr. 17th. 1787— Alex. McClur e to Sarah Douglass 

May 10th. 1787— Hugh McClintock to Jean Coard. 

June 7th, 1787 — Joseph Ewing to Agnes Huston of 

Sept. 27th, 1787— Abrm. Grove of Tobine to Mar- 
tha $up ford of Tyrone. 

Oct. 9th. 1787— Thos. Stevenson to Rachel Black. 

Nov. 13th, 1787— Mathias Flam to Elizabeth Shil- 
ling of Tyrone. 

Jan. 7th, 1788— Daniel Smith to Elizabeth Scad- 

Mch. 24th, 1788 — George Fosset to Mary Morrison 
of this place. 

May 5th, 1788 — William Shields to Agnes Linsey. 

May 20th, 1788— Hugh Gray of Tuscarora to Mary 
Gray of thi s place . 

June 17th, 1788— Peter Pence of Stony Creek, Bed- 
ford Co., to Elizabeth Sullenberger . 

June 26th, 1788— Abrm. Gormly of Rye to Eliza- 
beth McCallister. 

June 30th, 1788— John Hamilton of Bald Eagle to 
Debora Perkins. 

July 7th, 1788— Henry Goodhart of Rye to Kathrn. 
Delancy of Tobine. 

Sept. 2nd, 1788— George Sharpe to Mary Officer. 

Sept. 10th, 1788— David Hunnells to Mary Brown. 

Sept. 19th, 1788 — John Small to Agness Erwin. 
(By Mr. Cooper.) 

Oct. 1st, 1788— John Beatty to Mary Cowin of 
Toboine . 

Dec. 23rd, 1788 — Samuel Warden, East Pennsboro 
to Agnes Byers. 

Jan. 8th, 1789 — Francis Walker to Elizabeth Camp- 

Jan. 13th, 1789 — Thos. Robison to Agness Mc 

Jan. 13th, 1789 — Samuel Marshall to Katharine 
Marshal . 

Jan. 15th, 1789— William Wallace to Martha Brown 
of Rye Township. 

Mch. 3rd, 1789 — Joseph Nelson to Jean Armstrong, 
both of Tj^rone. 

Apr. — 1788 — Francis McCown to Mary Irwin of 
Dicks Gap. 

Apr. 6th, 1789 — Richard Reed to Nancy Irwin. 

Apr. 23rd, 1789— Michl. Marshal to' Elizabeth 
Beaty, of Dicks Gap. 

(To be continued.) 



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Arnolds in America 
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Baer Family of Penn. 
Bassett Family 
Bates Family 
Belknap of New Jersey 
Benson Family 
Bird Family of Conn. 
Bishop Family of N. J. 
Boone Family Records 
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Clemence Family Records 
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Cooper Marriages in Penn. 
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Cosby Marriages 
Crane N. J. Wills 
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Dabney Marriages in Va. 
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Dorchester Family 
Dorsey of Maryland 

















































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Evans of Va. Wills 
Eveleth Family- 
Fisher of Mass. 
Fitch Family 
Florida, Duval Co. Marriages 

Garbutt Family 

Gassaway Family 

Gay Family, Va. Wills 

Geddes Marriages 

Georgia, Bullock Co., Marriages 

Georgia, Montg. Co. Marriarges 

Gibsons in the Rev. 

Gibson Family 

Goggin Family of Va. 

Greene Marriages in R. I. 

Grinnell Family 

Griswold of Conn. 

Guthrie Family 

Gwatkin of Va. 

Harris Marriages in Va. 
Harrison Family Records 
Hawkins Family 
Heacock Family 
Hempstead Family 
Hollister Family 
Hood Family 
Hopkins of Va. 
Horton of Mass. 
Hostetter Wills 
Hunt Family 

Johnson Family, Va. Wills 

Kendals in the Rev. 
Knight of R. I. 

Lee Marriages in Conn. 
Logan Family Records 

McBurney Family 

McCobb of Maine 

Manderson Family 

Mann Family 

Marcy Family 

Marsh Family 

Martin Family, Va. Wills 

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Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. 

(genealogg jfflaga?ine 

Vol. IX JANUARY, 1921 No. 9 


ABBOTT:— Marriages at New Lebanon, N. Y., by 
Rev. Silas Churchill: Seth Abbott to Rene Abbott, 
June 29, 1796; Abel Abbott to Miss Lane, Sept., 
1797; Abel Abbott, Jr., to Phebe Bentley, March 2, 
1779 ; William Abbott to Polly Daily, Aug. 9, 1799. 

AIKEN : — Jesse Aiken, son of John Aiken, of Mer- 
rimack, N. H., was born Aug. 1, 1792; married Sept. 
28, 1828, Mary Ann, daughter of Edward Fuller, of 
Readfield, born July 6, 1805. Their children were: 
Eliza Jane, born June 15, 1826 ; Edward Fuller, born 
Aug. 21, 1827; Augusta P., born Oct. 31, 1830. 

ALDERMAN:— Marriages at Turkey Hills, Conn. 
James Alderman and Sally Loomis, June 25, 1800 
Oliver Alderman and Patty Alderman, Nov. 23, 1807 
Pliney Alderman and Theda Miller, Nov. 18, 1811 
Lydia Alderman and Charles Grandison Holcomb, 
Oct. 3, 1811, both of Granby; Sally Alderman and 
Stephen Fox, April 23, 1812. 

ALEXANDER: — James Alexander married Mar- 
tha Tedford in Rockbridge County, Va., in 1794; 
moved to Shelby County, Ky., and in 1831 to Mis- 
souri. Their children were: Tedford, born 1795; 
Tinny, born 1796; Samuel, born 1798; Archibald, 
born 1801; James, born 1808, and Elizabeth, born 

AMICK : — Marriage records from Rockbridge 
County, Va.: Andrew Amick and Elizabeth Taylor, 
April 30, 1810; Elizabeth Amick and John Kohler, 
Dec. 4, 1810; Sally Amick and Chesley Woodard, 
Sept. 19, 1822. 

ANSON: — Marriage records from Pike County, 
Mo.: Peter Anson and Lorinda Groomes, Sept. 1, 
1831; Thomas Anson and Polly Burbridge, Oct. 4, 
1832; Catherine Anson and Isaac Rigsby, Dec. 20, 
1833; Franklin Anson and Polly Robbins, May 5, 


ASHTON:— John Ashton, of Upper Freehold, N. 
J., son of James, who died 1743, married Catherine 
Taylor, daughter of William. Children: Hannah m. 
Job Throckmorton, 1740; Martha m. David Taylor. 

BAKER : — Cemetery inscriptions in the Old Grave- 
yard at Greeneville, Tenn. : Henry Baker, born Dec. 
4, 1811, died Aug. 14, 1883 ; Eliza Baker, born March 
7, 1816, died Nov. 13, 1888; David E. Baker, born 
April 20, 1836, died Feb. 12, 1863. 

BARNETT:— Inscriptions from the Sugar Creek 
Burial Ground, Mecklenburg, N. C. : John Barnett, 
Nov. 24, 1786, aged 53 years ; Catherine Barnett, Dec. 
14, 1775, aged 41 years; Margaret Barnett, Oct. 20, 
1776, aged 16 months; Janet Barnett, March 25, 
1781, aged 7 months; John Barnett, son of Robert 
and Jinny, July, 1805, aged 5 months ; Margret Bar- 
nett, Oct. 1, 1800, aged 30 years. 

BLEDSOE :— Marriages in Clark County, Ky.: 
Moses Bledsoe and Lucy Jamison, 1797; Thomas 
Bledsoe and Jane Jones, 1809. 

BOLLING: — Marriage record from Goochland 
County, Va. : "I do certify that I celebrated the rites 
of matrimony between Archibald Boiling and Cath- 
erine Payne, November 5th, 1801." (Signed) 
"Charles Hopkins, July 19th, 1802/' State of Vir- 
ginia, County of Goochland, to wit: I, P. G. Miller, 
County Clerk and Clerk of the Circuit Court of the 
County of Goochland, in the State of Virginia, do 
certify that the foregoing is a true copy from "The 
Record of Marriages, 1795 — 1853," filed in my office 
aforesaid. Given under my hand this 8th day of 
January, 1916. P. G. Miller, Clerk. 

BOONE:— John Boone, of Anne Arundel Co., Md., 
soldier of the Revolution, lived on a plantation 
granted by his father, who served as a Colonel under 
the king. He commanded a company of militia in 
1778. John Boone married Priscilla Cockey; their 
daughter, Susanna, born in 1770, married Jacob 

BOWEN: — Moses Bowen and his wife, Rebecca 
Reece Bowen, emigrated from Wales to the Ameri- 
can colonies in 1698 and settled in Chester County, 


Pennsylvania. John Bowen, their son, married Lily 
Mcllhaney and in 1730 moved to Virginia. They had 
twelve children, one of whom, Captain John Bowen, 
was the father of Captain William Bowen, who was 
the first to emigrate to Tennessee. Captain William 
Bowen was born in Fincastle County, then moved to 
Augusta County, in 1742. He was a very active, en- 
terprising man, and by the time he was 35 years of 
age he had accumulated quite a handsome estate for 
that day by adding to the portion given to him by 
his mother. He took part in several campaigns 
against the French and Indians as a member of the 
Colonial Army of Virginia before the Revolution of 
1776. He was a First Lieutenant in Captain William 
Russell's company in the campaign against the Shaw- 
nee and other Indian tribes in 1774, the confederation 
being commanded by "Cornstalk," a noted chief of 
the Shawnees. He was in the hotly contested battle 
of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774. 

BRISTOL:— Marriages by Rev. James Murdock, at 
Sandgate, Vermont: Gideon Bristol and Phebe Hurd, 
July 15, 1798 ; David Bristol and Sarah Bristol, May 
25, 1785; Mary Bristol and Timothy Sanford, Aug. 
18, 1785 ; Phebe Bristol and Ferris Cogswell, Mar. 6, 
1786 ; Peter Bristol and Silence Hurd, Oct. 1, 1786 ; 
Philene Bristol and David Hurd, Dec. 1, 1786; Free- 
love Bristol and James Knapp, Oct. 5, 1788; Joseph 
Bristol and Mary Bristol, June 1, 1789 ; Zade Bristol 
and Abel Patterson, Nov. 28, 1799. 

CADMUS :— Thomas Cadmus, born May 7, 1707, 
in Jersey City, N. J., removed to Second River (Belle- 
ville) , and married there Cornelia Jeralemon June 30, 
1733. His son, Thomas, the "Colonel," married at 
Second River (Belleville), June 29, 1760, Pietertie 
Cadmus, and they probably built their new house in 
Bloomfield soon after marriage, or at least within the 
first ten years. Colonel Cadmus was born January 
16, 1736, and died 1821. He was head of the Bloom- 
field Military Company that paraded at the reception 
in 1797 to General Bloomfield. He is mentioned by 
Stephen Dodd as having taken part in the ceremonies 


at the laying of the water table around in 1797. His 
children were: Elizabeth, born April 9, 1761; John, 
born April 8, 1763 ; Gitty, born August 26, 1766 ; Cor- 
nelia, born July 17, 1767, died September 15, 1802; 
Abraham, born May 15, 1770 ; Thomas, born July 20, 
1772, married November 29, 1794, and died June 9, 
1826 ; Herman, born December 7, 1774, married De- 
cember 3, 1798, died March 5, 1869 ; Abraham, born 
March 24, 1777, married November 29, 1794 ; Peter, 
born March 26, 1778 ; Maria, born October 26, 1780 ; 
Gitty (2), born July 10, 1783, died March 2, 1861, 
mother of Thomas Taylor. 


BARBER: — Anna Maria Camp married, in 1844, 
Augustus Kent Barber, son of Joseph Barber and 
Clarissa Kent, of Benson, Vermont. Desire complete 
lines back of both of these. Father of Clarissa said 
to be a minister, and father of Joseph, a soldier in 
Revolutionary War from Mass. Mrs. Chas. R, Hume, 
Anadarko, Okla. 

BIRD: — Williamson Bird was born in Va. about 
1720 ; was married about 1745 to Phoebe Price ; was 
appointed Colonel of the Prince Edward Co., Va. mi- 
litia in May, 1779, and died in Wilkes Co., pa., in 
1802. Who were his parents? Whom did his son, 
Philemon, marry ? Did he have brother named Phile- 
mon? If so, whom did he marry? J. P. Mott, Val- 
dosta, Ga. 

CAMP-PUTNAM:— Wanted: ancestry of George 
Camp, married Apr. 7, 1814, to Nancy Felton, of Tun- 
bridge, Vermont. It says he was born Dec. 11, 1786, 
"in Conn." He had brothers Job and Gelet. Mother 
of Nancy was Sarah Putnam, daughter of William, 
said to be related to Gen. Putnam, but how? Mrs. 
Chas. R. Hume, Anadarko, Okla. 

KINNE: — Thomas Kenney, married at Salem, 
about 1701, Martha Cox, but we lack her ancestry, 
asd also that of his mother, Elizabeth Knight, wife 
of Thomas Kenney, son of Henry Kene, said to be 
son of Hon. Thomas Kinne, of Norfolk, England. 
Mrs. Chas. R. Hume, Anadarko, Okla. 


STEWARD -CHURCH:— At Stonington, Conn., 
were married May 5, 1713, Sarah Church and William 
Steward. Parents of both desired for records. Chil- 
dren were named : William, Nathan, Oliver, Phineas, 
Lemuel, Sarah, Content, Eliphalet, and these may 
aid searches. Mrs. Hume, Anadarko, Okla. 

STEWART-HAW:— John Stewart, born probably 
in Hanover Co., Va., about 1720; married Ann Haw 
about 1745, and died in Amherst Co., Va., in 1784. 
His son, John, was a Captain in the Revolution. Who 
were the parents of the elder John Stewart? Also 
who were the parents of his wife, Ann Haw? J. P. 
Mott, Valdosta, Ga. 

WILLIAMS:— Parents wanted of John Williams, 
who married at Dedham, Mass., Nov., 1729, Dorcas 
Custis, daughter of Johnathan Curtis and Sarah Ly- 
ons. John died at Douglas, Mass., in 1741, and his 
wife married as his third wife, Nicholas Humes, and 
his parents wanted. Mrs. Chas. R. Hume, Anadarko, 


[Continued from page 64] 

May 26th, 1789— Patrick Cuthbertson to Mary 

June 25th, 1789 — Levi Perkins to Agnes McKee 
of Toboine Tp. 

July 7th, 1789 — Alex. Sanderson to Margaret 
Robison . 

Sept. 7th, 1789— Adam Herbolt to Jane McMullen 
of TobineTp. 

Sept. 17th, 1789— William Highlands to Elizabeth 

Sept, 17th, 1789— Wm. McGarvin to Mary Child- 

Sept. 24th, 1789— James Blaine to Diborah Baird. 

Sept. 29th, 1789— Wm. Trusdale to Elizabeth 

Nov. 3rd, 1789— William Smith to Eleanor Kelly. 

Dee. 1st, 1789 — James Henderson to Jean Pollock. 

Dec. 1st, 1789 — Robert Nettle to Rebecca Ross. 

Dec. 30th, 1789— William Thompson to Mary 
Sanderson . 

21st, 1790 — Thomas Adams to Jean Morrow. 

Jan. 21st, 1790 — Robert Ewin to Mary Neeper. 

Feb. 2nd, 1790 — John Coard to Anne McCracken. 

Meh. 18th, 1790 — James Johnston to Margaret 
A nderson . 

Apr. 12th, 1790— Stephen Cisney of Bedford Co.. 
to Mary Gardner. 

June 3rd, 1790— Wm. Campbell to Elizabeth John- 

June 24th, 1790 — James Ferguson to Elizabeth 

July 9th, 1790— William Reed to Elizabeth McCrea. 

Aug. 17th, 1790— William Miller to Sarah Mitten. 

Oct. 12th, 1790— Charles Donaldson late of Ireland 
to Mary Wilson. 

Oct. 13th, 1790— Wm. Nelson to Katharine Mc- 
Cracken . 

Nov. 2nd, 1790 — Christn. Spanningbury to Christi- 
anna Donaldson, Tyrone. 

Nov. 17th, 1790 — John Fleming to Mary Murphy 
of RyeTp. 

Nov. 26th, 1790 — George McCrea to Jean Murray. 

Dec. 9th, 1790 — George Panther to Hannah Rein- 
hart of Tyrone. 

Jan. 18th, 1791 — James Irwin to Elizabeth Scott. 

Jan. 27th, 1791 — John Morrison to Grizzell McCord. 

Feb. 17th, 1791— John Clark to Sarah Adams. 

Feb. 24th, 1791— John Welsh to Hannah Wisler. 

Mch. 24th, 1791— George Walker to Julian Welsh, 
Tuscarora Valley. 

May 2nd, 1791 — Robert Hacket to Agness Cunning- 

June 20th, 1791— Joseph Kogh to Polly Orris. 

July 26th, 1791— Wm. Fosset of near Carlisle to 
Anne Patterson. 

Aug 11th, 1791 — John Milligan to Jennie Graham 
of Rye Township . 

Sept. 13th, 1791 — James Glenn to Rachael Robin 


Sept. 21st, 1791— John Gordon to Lettice Moody of 
Greenwood Township. 

Oct. 25th, 1791— Wm. Henderson, late Ireland to 
Jean Adair. 

Nov. 1st, 1791 — Nathan Talbert to Ruth Moore. 

Nov. 1st, 1791 — John Armstrong to Margt. Hart- 

Nov. 8th, 1791 — Wm. Enslow to Isabella Siniison. 

Nov. 17th, 1791 — James McCrea to Eleanor Towns- 

Nov. 22nd, 1791 — Andrew Kelly to Margt. Lough- 

Nov. 22nd, 1791— Joseph Jones of Rye Tp. to El- 
eanor Marshall. 

Dec. 21st, 1792 — John Elliot (mistake) to Jean 

Feb. 15th, 1792— Abrm. Enslow to Margt. Dobbs 
both Lack Tp. 

Feb. 23rd, 1792— Jno. Crawford of Ft. Pitt to 
Martha Robison. 

Mch. 1st, 1792 — Francis Ellis of Lewistown to Isa- 
bella Millar of Rye Tp. 

Mch. 21st, 1792 — Andrew Gheley to Margt. Daro- 
ton of Rye Tp . 

Apr. 5th, 1792— Thos. Barrett of Tuscarora to 
Catherine Adams . 

Apr. 5th, 1792— Wm. Smith to Abigal McCrackin. 

Apr. 17th, 1792 — Joseph Mclntire to Anne Adams. 

Apr. 17th, 1792 — George Black to Jane McMillan. 

Apr. 26th, 1792— William McCrea to Nancy Miles. 

May 8th, 1792 — Joseph Herr to Hannah Falkinburg 
both of Rye Tp. 

May 16th, 1792— Wm. Kenney of Tuscarora to 
Mary Grier of this place . 

May 24th, 1792— David Bard to Elizabeth Taylor. 

May 29th, 1792— Joshua McCracken to Martha 

June 12th, 1792 — John Everhart to Betsey Robinson 
of Tobine Tp. 


June 12th, 1792 — James Black of Big Spring to 
Agnes Graham. 

June 22nd, 1792 — Jacob Craige to Jean McDonell 
of Milford, Mifflin Co. 

Sept. 11th, 1792— Wm. Patton of Big Spring to 
Elizabeth Adams. 

Oct. 29th, 1792— Jno. Campbell of Path Valley to 
Florence Shields. 

Nov. 1st, 1792 — Geo. Sanderson to Lettice Hender- 

Nov. 8th, 1792— Samuel Hoge of Carlisle to Sarah 
Wilson of Rye Tp. 

Nov. 14th, 1792— Robt. Hindman to Jean Watts 
of Upper House. 

Nov. 15th, 1792— Geo. Jacobs to Margt. Williams 
of Tuscarora. 

Nov. 21st, 1792 — David Thomas to Katharine Iver- 
hart of this place. 

Dec. 4th, 1792 — James Murphy to Elizabeth An- 
derson of Rye Tp. 

Dec. 4th, 1792— Thomas Eckles to Martha Hagger- 
ty of RyeTp. 

Dec. 18th, 1792— Fredrick Kooney to Elizabeth 
Boughman of Toboine Tp. 

Jan. 10th, 1793— Jas. Watt, to Sarah Kerr of 
Upper Tuscarora. 

Jan. 22nd, 1793 — Geo. Townsley to Rebecca 

Jan. 24th, 1793 — James Hackett to Martha Officer. 

Feb. 12th, 1793— George Robison Jr. to Mary 
Thorn of this place. . 

Feb. 21st, 1793— Robt. Laughlin of Big Spring to 
Jean Cunningham. 

Mch. 21st, 1793— Henry Hackett to Mary Simpson. 

Mch. 28th, 1793— Geo. McElwain of Big Spring to 
Mary Adams. 

May 30th, 1793— Alexander Murray to Mary Blaine. 

June 6th, 1793 — William Gray to Margaret Irwin. 

June 25th, 1793 — Wm. Robison to Mary Robison of 
Buffalo Creek. 

June 27tli, 1793 — Robert Hanna to Rachael Murray 
of Toboine Tp. 


(Senealogp jWaga?uu 

Vol. IX FEBRUARY, 1921 No. 10 


CHESHIRE :— Marriage records from Norfolk 
County, Va. : John Cheshire, Jr., and Mary Miller, 
Aug. 16, 1759; Richard Cheshire and Dinah Miller, 
Sept. 10, 1761; Peggy Cheshire and George Webb, 
Dec. 7, 1769. 

CLEMENTS :— Marriages in Fayette County, Ky. : 
Daniel Clements and Ann Manley, Nov. 7, 1827; 
James Clemens and Betsy Geers, April, 1832. Ben- 
jamin Clemens and Sarah Bosworth, Feb. 25, 1841; 
Thomas H. Clemmons and Mary Ann Sallee, Jan. 8, 

CONOVER :— The progenitor of the Conover fam- 
ily in America was Wolfert Garretsen van Couwen- 
hoven, who came from Holland. He had a son, Pieter, 
born in Holland about 1614, who, with his father and 
other children, emigrated to New York about 1630. 
He married second, November 2, 1665, Allyie Sy- 
brant, a widow. By his second marriage, he had, 
among other children, Petrus, baptized February 27, 
1669. This third of the line settled in Great Egg 
Harbor, Gloucester County, N. J. His will, dated 
September 30, 1700, and proven March 21, 1704, 
mentions wife Mary; children, John, David, Hester, 
who married Richard Risley, of Great Egg Harbor. 

CRESWELL :— First burial in the cemetery at Ab- 
ingdon, Va., of a man who was killed by Indians. The 
grave inscription reads: "Henry Creswell entered 
this place July 4, 1776." 

CRISS : — Marriage records : Jacob Criss and Mary 
Ibond, Dec. 13, 1755, at Wilmington, Del.; Jacob 
Criss and Sarah Watson, Monongahela County, W. 
Va., 1802; Peter Criss and Saloma J. White, Harri- 
son County, Va., 1803. 


CUTTER : — Inscription from an old sampler : John 
Cutter, born Sept. 28, 1789; married April 9, 1815, 
Phoebe Rhoads, born March 10, 1787. Their chil- 
dren: James Cutter, born March 28, 1817; David Cut- 
ter, born Oct. 19, 1818, died June 4, 1819; Phoebe 
Cutter, born Nov. 14, 1819. 

DAKES : — Marriage records from Somerset Coun- 
ty, Md. : Sally Dakes and Daniel Benson, June 4, 
1816; Daniel Dakes and Sarah Dryden, Aug. 23, 
1825; George Dakes and Sally Adams, Jan. 17, 1831. 

DONSEY: — Marriages in Anne Arundel County, 
Md., in the year 1778: Amy Donsey and Bane War- 
field, Elizabeth Donsey and Richard Ridgeley, Daniel 
Donsey and Eleanor Donsey, Ely Donsey and Sarah 

DRAKE :— Nathaniel Drake, of Plainfield, N. J., 
born between 1725 and 1730, died October 21, 1801 ; 
married first, about 1750, Dorothy Retah, born 1726, 
died February 10, 1781. Their children were : Abra- 
ham, Cornelius, Sarah, Isaac and Phebe. Nathaniel 
Drake married second, about 1782, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Bishop. The children by the second wife were : Na- 
thaniel, Elkanah, Hannah, Mary and Daniel. Mrs. 
Elizabeth Bishop was born about 1750 and died April 
20, 1811. 

DUKE: — Marriage records from Reidsville, Tatt- 
nall County, Ga. : Elijah Dukes and Poly Alsobrook, 
March 22, 1822; Edward Duke and Nancy Hodges, 
1832 ; Albert Duke and Parmela Smith, Jan. 19, 1833 ; 
Jesse Dukes and Rebecca Tedder, July 24, 1837; 
Mary Duke and Abraham Strickland, Sept. 17, 1839. 

DUNLAP:— John A. Dunlap, of York Co., S. C, 
married 1820, Mary Harper Blair, of Lancaster Co., 
S. C; they had: Thomas Lafayette Dunlap, Mary 
Jane Dunlap. John A. died in 1827, and his widow 
married Capt. Samuel Kelsey. 

EDLEY: — Marriages in Rockbridge County, Va. : 
David Edley and Elizabeth Lawrence, June 6, 1787; 
Sally Edley and Arthur McCoy, Oct. 24, 1807 ; Nancy 
Edley and Robert Spence, May 2, 1816. 


EDLOE :— Matthew Edloe (also spelled Edlow and 
Edlowe) was member Virginia House of Burgesses; 
wife unknown. He had a son, Matthew Edloe, who 
was also member House of Burgesses, and married 
Tabitha. He had John Edloe, who married Martha 
Matcher, and had Henry Edloe, who married Mary 
Browne, daughter of William Browne, of Surry. 
They had Mary Edloe, who married William Holt. 

EXLEY: — Marriage records at Ebenezer Church, 
Effingham County, Ga. : Solomon Exley and Sarah 
Beckley, Jan. 25, 1818; John Exley and Mrs. Sarah 
Rahn, Jan. 15, 1829. 

FLETCHER: — Following is a new collection of 
P'letcher marriages : David and Salley Lovell, 20 May, 
1795, Rockingham, Vermont; Hannah and John Be- 
mus, March, 1775, Pepperellboro, Maine; Hetty and 
Alex. Morrow, 19 April, 1832, Harrison Co., Ohio; 
Jesse and Ann Walton, 12 Aug., 1793, Perquimans 
Co., N. Car.; Joseph and Catherine Warth, 29 Aug., 
1793, Washington Co., Ohio. ; Joseph and Sarah Edg- 
comb, 8 Sept., 1772, Pepperellboro, Maine; Lucinda 
and Edward Kerr, 23 July, 1823, Harrison Co., Ohio ; 
Marget and Simon King, 27 Nov., 1794, Vernon, 
Conn.; Mary and David Irwin, 1 Aug., 1810, Wash- 
ington Co., Ohio; Nathan and Huldah Clemens, 2 
Aug., 1778, Dudley, Mass.; Phillip and Cynthia 
Greene, 14 May, 1835, Seekonk, R. I.; Thomas and 
Sarah Wallace, 6 July, 1815, Chambersburg, Pa. 

GATEWOOD:— Will of John Gatewood, Jefferson 
County, Ky., dated Feb. 10, 1795, on record July 7, 
1797, mentions his sons: Fleming, Fielding, James, 
John and Joseph, and daughters: Catherine, Ann, 
Clara, Sarah, Judith, Penelope, Alsey and Frances. 
Also his son Fullington. Left an estate in Virginia. 

GEER: — Burial records at Preston, Conn.: 
Thomas Geer, died Feb. 26, 1812, aged 61 years; 
Meribah Geer, wife of Thomas, died March 17, 1801, 
aged 46 ; Jephthah Geer, died Aug. 20, 1851, aged 77 ; 
Olivet, widow of above, died Aug. 10, 1854, aged 77. 

HAMBLET:— Mrs. Elizabeth Hamblet, consort of 
Phillip S. Hamblet, born in Salem, Mass., 23d of 


March, 1788, and died of the yellow fever in the city 
of New Orleans, October the 1st, 1822, aged 34 years. 

HUBBARD:— Elias Hubbard, of Flatlands, L. L, 
born 1776, died 1863 ; married Huldah Holmes. Chil- 
dren : Ellen m. Nicholas Van Brant ; Sarah m. Garret 
P. Conover; Margaret m. Peter P. Conover. 

HUSTON:— Marriages in Fayette County, Ky.: 
James Huston and Jane Eckels, Dec. 1, 1807; Eliza- 
beth Huston and William Taylor, Sept. 20, 1814 ; Levi 
Huston and Rachel Alexander, Nov. 23, 1814 ; Nancy 
Huston and David Edwards, June 24, 1816; Sarah 
Huston and Andrew M. January, Dec. 31, 1816; 
Enoch Huston and Betsy Scott, Jan., 1829. 

JENNY: — Will of Lettice Jenny, recorded at 
Taunton, Mass., dated January 4, 1731, names his 
wife, Desire, and various children, including his 
youngest daughter, Elizabeth, who afterward mar- 
ried Samuel Hawes, of Dartmouth. 

KING:— From the Old Cemetery at Medina, Ohio: 
David King, died Nov. 14, 1845, aged 58 years; Al- 
myra Lee, wife of David King, died January, 1873; 
Clarissa Lee, died May 6, 1859 ; "A wife's tribute to 
the memory of her husband, Leavitt H. King, who 
died April 3, 1840, aged 24 years." 

LAMAR: — William Lamar settled in Cumberland 
Co., Md., and served in the Revolution. John Lamar, 
his ancestor, married Susanna Tyler, 21 Jan., 1714. 
He was a son of Thomas Lamar, of Wicres, France. 
He first settled in Virginia and then removed to 
Maryland. His will is dated 29 May, 1714. 

LANSING:— Marriages at Albany, N. Y.: Abra- 
ham Lansing and Magdalin Van Flicht, Nov. 20, 
1703 ; Johannes Lansing and Helen Sanders, Sept. 20, 
1704; Susanna Lansing and Mattys Nack, July 24, 
1698; Isaac Lansing and Jenetje Buckman, June 27, 
1703; Jacob Hendrik Lansing and Helen Pruyn, 
Sept. 20, 1701. 

LAWTON: — John Lawton was in Ipswich, Massa- 
chusetts, 1648. Removed to Suffield, Connecticut, 
1677. Died December 17, 1690. His wife, Benedick, 
died November 18, 1692. His only son, James, lived 


at Suffield and had eight children. One of them, 
Christopher, born July 20, 1701, was a distinguished 
lawyer, and was at one time the owner of the town 
of Blandford. 

LYNN: — Taxables in Lower Saucon Township, 
Northampton County, Penn., for the year 1812: 
George Felix Lynn, Peter Lynn, Jonathan Lynn, 
John Lynn, William Lynn, Phillip Lynn and Eliza- 
beth W. Lynn. 

MASON:— Will of John Mason, of Campbell Coun- 
ty, Va., recorded January 7, 1796, names his brother, 
Martin, and his sisters, Mary Mason, Elizabeth 
Prible and Margaret Powers. 

MAXWELL : — Marriage records at Cambridge, N. 
Y. : George Maxwell and Elizabeth Small, Jan. 19, 
1826 ; John Maxwell and Jane McGeoch, Oct. 20, 1869. 

MILLER:— John Miller, son of John Miller and 
Ann Reist, of Penn., was born May 1, 1813, in Erie 
County, N. Y. He died in Port Huron, Mich., Sept. 
13, 1873. He married Oct. 24, 1843, Flora Hull, who 
died in 1893. Their two children were John Edgar 
and Clara Anna. 

MILLNER:— In 1816, William Milkier, Sr., made 
a deed to his children, conveying to them several 
hundred acres of land in Bedford County, Va., and 
sundry negroes. He made a will dated 13 Feb., 1819 ; 
he died in 1820. The will was probated in Bedford 
County Court, 27 Nov., 1820. His wife's Christian 
name was Elizabeth. The deed, above referred to, 
gives the names of his children as follows, to wit: 
Williamson Millner, John Millner, William Millner, 
Jr., Richard Millner, Thomas Millner, Robert Mill- 
ner, Lee Millner, Owen Millner and Nancy Millner, 
now Nancy Noell. Williamson Millner, of Pittsyl- 
vania County, and Absalom Lynch, of Campbell 
County, were nominated executors of the will. 

MOBLEY:— Will of Samuel Mobley, of Loudoun 
County, Va., filed for probate Oct. 10, 1769, men- 
tions his wife, Mary, and his daughters, Susannah 
Fouch and Mary Aubery. 


MONTGOMERY :—Will of James Montgomery, 
Garrard County, Ky., recorded July term, 1813, men- 
tions wife, Jane, and says: "I desire my estate to be 
equally divided between all my children except 
Stephen Montgomery and Margaret Crane, who have 
already had their full share. John Paul and my wife, 
Jane, to be executors. Dated August 16, 1811." 

NESBITT:— Will of William Nesbitt, of Rock- 
bridge County, Va., recorded Dec. 2, 1794, mentions 
his wife, Margaret ; sons, William, John and Andrew, 
and his daughters, Mary, Margaret, Jean and Eliza- 

NICHOLSON: — John Nicholson, who was born in 
Philadelphia, Pa., September 20, 1787, and died in 
New Orleans, May 17, 1848. He was forty years a 
citizen of New Orleans, a veteran of 1814-1815. 

NOELL:— Polly P. Noell died in Bedford County, 
Va., in 1846; she left a will dated 13 Dec, 1844, 
which was probated in Bedford County Court, 28 
Dec, 1846. In it she mentions her niece, Amanda 
Falls; niece, Honora Falls; niece, Frances Falls; 
niece, Luveany Falls ; niece, Theodocia C. N. Hatcher ; 
Catherine Falls and four daughters ; names of daugh- 
ters not mentioned. William Davis qualified as ex- 
ecutor of the will. 

PANCOAST :— Quaker birth records from Mans- 
field, Burlington County, N. J.: Hannah Pancoast 
was born the 2d day of 2d month, 1739 ; Agnisi Pan- 
coast was born the 26th day of the 6th month, 1741 ; 
Abigail Pancoast was born the 20th day of the 12th 
month, 1743; Samuel Pancoast was born the 20th 
day of the 8th month, 1745; Sarah Pancoast was 
born the 20th day of the 12th month, 1748. De- 
parted this life the 23d day of the 12th month, 1750. 

PEYTON:— Will of Henry Peyton, of Prince Will- 
iam County, Va., recorded August 6, 1781, names his 
wife, Margaret; sons, Timothy, John and Thomas; 
grandson, Robert, and daughters, Frances Peyton, 
Mary Mason and Betty Martin. 

RAMEY: — Marriages in Clark County, Ky.: 
James Ramey and Jean Ray, May 16, 1803; John 


Ramey and Sally Martin, Dec. 25, 1806 ; Louis Ramey 
and Mary Alrich, Jan. 22, 1815; John Ramey and 
Judah Gerdain, June 2, 1814; John Ramey and 
Nancy Adams, March 28, 1818 ; Thomas Ramey and 
Susannah Aldridge, June 10, 1818 ; Alexander Ramey 
and Francis Hood, Nov. 13, 1817 ; James Ramey and 
Polly Lowe, April 2, 1820 ; James Ramey and Lucinda 
Berry, 1848. 

ROANE: — Archibald Roane was a teacher in 
Rockbridge Co., Va. He moved to Tennessee, where 
he became Judge of the Supreme Court and after- 
wards Governor of the state. He died in Nashville, 
1831, aged 71 years. He married Mary Campbell, of 
Augusta Co., Va., whose parents were David Camp- 
bell and Mary Hamilton. 

SHELLEY : — A correspondent sends the following 
Shelley marriages : Catherine and William Amos, 21 
Jan., 1755, Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. ; Deborah and 
Robert Tempest, 10 April, 1775, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
James and Martha Booth, 14 June, 1832, Chester Co., 
Pa.; Julius and Eliza M. Bradley, 10 Sept., 1820, 
East Guilford, Conn. 

SLOCUM:— Cambridge, N. Y., Church Records: 
Fortunatus Slocum was born November 3d, 1768, and 
married Ruth Adkins, December 3d, 1789. She was 
born April 8th, 1770. Their children : Lewis B. Slo- 
cum, born Aug. 30th, 1790; Samuel Slocum, born 
Aug. 28th, 1792 ; Sarah Slocum, born Aug. 22d, 1794, 
and died April 9th, 1796; Mercy Slocum, born Nov. 
10th, 1796 ; Anstrus Slocum, born April 20th, 1799 ; 
William Slocum, born and deceased November 18th, 
1801; Sarah Slocum, born November 19th, 1802; 
William Slocum, born April 5th, 1805; Harmon V. 
V. Slocum, born Aug. 1st, 1806; Gerrit W. Slocum, 
born Aug. 1st, 1807, deceased Aug. 10th, 1807. 

SMITH:— Will of Sarah Smith, Morgan County, 
Ga., dated Jan. 5, 1842, recorded Nov. 10, 1846. She 
drew land as the widow of a Revolutionary soldier in 
the Cherokee Lottery, 1838. Mentions daughters, 
Betsy Smith and Lucy Harper; son, Bird Smith, and 


children of deceased son William Smith. Greenbury 
Jenkins is named as one of her executors. 

STEPHENSON:— Will of Edward Stephenson, of 
Amherst County, Va., recorded Oct. 5, 1766, names 
his five sons: Robert, John, Edward, William and 
James, and his four daughters: Jane, Elizabeth, 
Mary and Margaret. 

SUDWORTH:— Will of William Sudworth, of Am- 
herst County, Va., probated April 5, 1762, names his 
sons: James, William and Larnes, and daughters: 
Mary Sudsworth, Sarah Denny, Agnes Willoby, 
Charity Tate and Elizabeth Ray. 

TOBBS :— Will of Daniel Tobbs, of Prince William 
County, Va., filed June 29, 1742, mentions his wife, 
Charlotte; sons: Daniel, Sterling, William, George, 
James and Fusbee, and his daughters: Charlotte 
Tobbs, Hannah Hartley and Margaret At well. 

VANCE: — Tombstone inscription at Abingdon, 
Va. : "To the memory of an infant of Samuel Vance, 
with Margaret, his wife, who died six days after she 
was born in December, 1778. Of this vain world I 
only took a peep, disliked it, closed my eyes, and fell 

WEST:— Will of William West, of Loudoun Coun- 
ty, Va., recorded Nov. 13, 1769, names his wife, 
Mary ; his sons, Charles and Thomas ; daughter, Ann 
Peyton, and his grand children, Francis Peyton, Will- 
iam Peyton, Margaret Peyton, Craven Peyton and 
Elizabeth West, daughter of Thomas. 


Dr. W. S. Miller, of Melrose, N. Y. m. May 1857, 
Mary Ann Servis, d. of Philip Service, of Hopewell, 
Mercer Co., N. J. 

Henry E. Miller of Union Co., Penn., m. 6 Oct. 

1857, Eliza E. Trexler, d. of Jonas Trexler of Shamo- 
kin, Penn. She died 1 Dec. 1865. 

Cicero D . Miller, of Jacksonville, 111 . , m . 15 Sept . 

1858, Ada P. Brogden, d. of Mrs. E. Levens of Nen 
Orleans, La. 


(Senealogp jWagajine 

Vol. IX MARCH, 1921 No. 11 


ACKERMAN: — Records from the Trinity Lutheran 
Church at Reading, Penn. : Marriages of Andrew Acker- 
man and Elizabeth Hellerman, 13 August, 1799, and Sa- 
rah Ackerman and Jacob Drustel, 3 May, 1788. 

ADAMS : — John and Joseph Adams served as pri- 
vates in the Revolutionary War from Middlesex Co., 
N. J. with the Continental troops. 

ALEXANDER: — Archibald Alexander, born in Ire- 
land, 4 Feb., 1708, came to Pennsylvania in 1737. then 
moved to Augusta, Co., Va., 1747. He married in Ire- 
land. 31 Dec, 1734, Margaret Parks, and had the fol- 
lowing children: Elizabeth, 1735; William, 1738; Ann 
1740; Joseph, 1742; Hannah, 1745; Phoebe, 1749; Mar- 
garet, 1751. He married his second wife, Jane McClure, 
in 1757, and had the following children : Isabell, 1758 ; 
Mary, 1760; Margaret, 1762; John, 1764; James, 1766; 
Samueb 1769 ; Archibald, 1771 ; and Jane, the fifteenth 
child, 1773. 

ALLEN: — Joseph Allen, son of John, was born in 
Waltham, Mass., in 1783. At six years of age he went 
with his parents to Woodstock. Vt., and later to Read- 
ing, Vt., where he married Lucy Gilson. He died in 
1851 in Reading. 

AMBERG: — Marriage records from Northumberland 
Co., Penn. : Hezekiah Amberg and Elizabeth Brooks, 
18 Jan., 1825 ; Abraham Amberg and Charlotte Brooks. 
27 Feb., 1829. 

ANDERSON: — Following names are taken from an 
old fee book of Bedford Co., Va., dated 1764: Jacob 
Anderson. George Anderson and William Anderson. 

ANDRICK : — Marriage records from Shenandoah Co., 
Va. : Jacob Andrick and Catherine Smith, 14 May, 1793 ; 
George Andrick and Barbara Fultz, 23 April, 1793. 


ANGLE : — Peter Angle (sometimes spelled Engle) 
served in the Revolution as a private from Essex Co.. 
N. J., in Captain Squier's Co., Col. Samuel Pattee's 

APLER: — Marriage records: John Apler and Mar- 
garet Millar, 18 June, 1782, Shenandoah Co.. Va. ; Anna 
Apler and Christopher Hoffman. 24 March, 1782, 
Shenandoah Co., Va. ; Mary Apler and Ex-sheriff 
George Creager, 7 April, 1807, Frederick Co., Md. 

APPLEBERRY :— Marriage records from Carroll 
Co.» Mo: Miles Appleberry and Mahala Powers, 22 
November, 1849; Lucy Appleberry and William Isem, 
1 October, 1846 ; Louisa Appleberry and Charles Berry, 
9 July, 1851. 

APPLEWAITE : — Marriage records from Greenville 
Co.» Va: Arthur Applewaite and Patsey Turner, 20 
August, 1789 ; William Applewaite and Polly William- 
son, 24 December, 1799. 

APRICE: — Marriage records from St. Mary's Co.. 
Md: Sarah Aprice and Richard Melton, 23 November, 
1801; Edward Aprice and Mary Locke* 5 February 

ARCHER: — Inscriptions from the Old Cemetery at 
Medina, Ohio: John Archer died 28 Sept., 1887, aged 
73 ; Sarah, his wife, died 4 Oct., 1846, aged 31 ; Lydia E., 
also his wife, died 16 Feb., 1857, aged 29 ; Jane Archer, 
daughter, died 4 Oct., 1846, aged one year ,ten months ; 
Stewart, son of John and Lydia, died 2 June, 1852, 
aged one year. 

ARTHUR: — Origin of the family name of Arthur: 
This is a Celtic Christian name, meaning high or noble. 
It is the parent of Atts, Atkins, Atcock, etc. An early 
example of the name is King Arthur of Britain 500 to 
542. Thomas Arthur, a divine, author, and fellow of 
St. John's College, died 1532. Sir George Arthur 
was a British statesman 1784-1854, while Chester Allan 
Arthur was the twenty-first president of the United 
States. Nine crests have been granted to the name Ar- 
thur, according to Fairbairn's Crests of Great Britain. 
Sixteen places by that name and fourteen compounds 


therewith, appear in the index of the Century Atlas; 
two works containing Arthur genealogy are cited in 
Munsell's Genealogical Index and William E. Arthur 
of Kentucky served two terms in the United States 

ASHBRIDGE :— Marriage records from Chester Co.. 
Penn: Mary Ashbridge and Amos Yarnall, 18 May, 
1727; Aaron Ashbridge and Mrs. Mary Tomlinson, Jan- 
uary, 1760. 

ASHPORT: — Marriage records from Town books at 
Hanson, Mass: Albert Ashport and Eunice Wood. 10 
September, 1846; Noah Ashport and Esther Wood, 17 
August, 1845. 

AUMACK: — Marriage records from New Jersey: 
William Aumack and Sarah Stout, 2 March, 1806, Mon- 
mouth Co., N. J. ; Sarah Aumack and Gilbert Lane, 10 
January, 1796, Tom's River, N. J. 

AXPORD : — Marriage records : Charles Axford and 
Rebecca Beekes, 13 October, 1735, New Jersey; Mar- 
garet Axford and David Fick, 1 November, 1781, Phila- 
delphia, Penn. 

BABBITT :— Deed on record at Westfield, Vermont : 
Thomas Babbitt of Sturbridge. Mass., physician, to 
Jesse Olds of Westfield, Esq., fifty acres of land in 
Westfield. Witnesses: Arad Lynde, Juliet Clark. 
Signed Jan. 26, 1802 ; acknowledged Jan. 26, 1802, Wor- 
cester County, David Wright, Justice of the Peace. 
Recorded May, 1802. 

BLACK :— Samuel Black was born in 1727 or 1728 
and died at Beverly Manor, Augusta Co., Virginia, Sept- 
ember 28, 1782. He married Jean or Jane in 1745. 
She died will dated March 15, 1814, at Beverly Manor, 
South River, Augusta Co., Virginia. Their children 
were: Jean or Jane Black married Mathew Alexander; 
Mary Black married William Black; Nancy Black mar- 
ried Gillispie; James Black married June 16, 1800, to 
Elizabeth Rice; Samuel Black married Sept. 9, 1806, 
to Louisa Ferguson. The said Samuel Black and James 
Black are spoken of as infants in the will of Samuel 


Black dated Augusta County, Va., December 20, 1782, 
proved April 15, 1783. The said Samuel Black qual- 
ified as a second Lieutenant in Captain Robert Mc- 
Creary's Company, the 22nd of October, 1778. Sam- 
uel Black born in Augusta Co., Va., September 9, 1782 ; 
married Louisa Ferguson in 1806. and died in 1830. 
Louisa Ferguson was born in 1784, and died in 1832. 
Samuel Black served in the War of 1812 in Captain 
William Gregory's Company of Light Infantry, 4th 
Regt. (Boyd's) of the Virginia militia. Commenced 
service April 19, 1814. Company Muster Roll for 
June 29 to August 3, 1814> shows expiration of service 
as August 3, 1814. Samuel Black and his bride rode 
on horseback from Virginia to Dayton, Ohio. They 
had three children, Samuel, James and Jane. Samuel 
Black born in 1808, Dayton, Ohio ; married Salina Ayers 
in 1828, and died January 12, 1853, at the age of 45 
years, 11 months and 27 days. Salina Ayers Black 
died August 29, 1847 at the age of 37 years, 11 months 
and 16 days. Samuel Black came from Dayton, Ohio, 
and established a town in Indiana which he called Day- 
ton. Indiana. He established a large tannery ana 
carried on a large business. The old vats are still 
standing and a part of the old brick house at this date, 
June 9, 1920. The children of the above were : William, 
died Sept. 11, 1837, age 3 years; James, died Aug. 28, 
1839, age 3 years; Louisa, died Sept. 10, 1838, age 1 
year; Sarah Jane died Aug. 20, 1842, age 11 years. 
Samuel Black was married the second time to Sarah Al- 
exander, (born Dec. 12, 1827), Sept. 30, 1849, and 
died May 29, 1879. The children of the second marriage 
were: Sina Black. Samuel Black. Samuel Black was 
born Dec. 8, 1850, and married Alice Northcutt, March 
26, 1872. He died July 8, 1911. Alice Northcutt 
was born in 1850 and died in 1886. The children of 
the above were : Samuel Freddie, born December 3, 1874, 
died September 13, 1875 ; Bertha, born Jan. 10, 1878 ; 
May, born April 2, 1880 ; Lina, born December 8, 1884, 
died August 4, 1893. 

BONNYCASTLE :— From the University Cemetery 
at Charlottesville, Va. : Sacred to the memory of Charles 
Bonnycastle, late professor of mathematics, who was 


born in London, on the 22d day of November, 1796, 
died 31 Oct., 1840. 

BOYCE : — Marriages by Rev. James Murdock at 
Sandgate Vermont: Charity Boyce and John Snider, 
30 July, 1789 ; Peter Boyce and Lydia Boyce, 20 Octo- 
ber, 1791. 

BROWN: — Betsy Brown, widow of William Brown, 
"late of Buckfield, in the county of Oxford and Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts and later a volunteer sol- 
dier in the United States service, deceased" makes 
Henry Farwell, Esq., of said Buckfield, attorney, "to 
receive money, arrearages of pay, clothing, Gun, and 
personal equipment, &c," Dec. 20, 1813. 

CAMPBELL : — Inscriptions from Sugar Creek Burial 
Ground, Mecklenburg Co., N. Car.: John Campbell died 
July 10, 1790, aged 26 years: Duegal Campbell died 
Jan. 1, 1781, aged 15 years: Ambiole Campbell died 
Jan. 2, 1781, aged 13 years: Mary Campbell died Jan. 
3, 1781, aged 10 years : Ann Campbell died Jan. 4, 1781, 
aged 9 years. 

CHURCH: — Burials at Freetown, Mass.: Captain 
Charles Church, died May 6, 1762, aged 52 years. 
Captain Charles Church died March 9, 1727, aged 
about 42 years. Captain Constant Church died March 
9, 1726, aged 49 years. 

COBB : — Howell Cobb married Martha J. Rootes, in 
Fredericksburg, Va., 8 May, 1810: Colonel John Cobb 
married Mildred, daughter of Howell Lewis, of Granville 
North Carolina, and had two sons, Howell Lewis Cobb 
and John Addison Cobb. Howell Lewis Cobb was a 
member of Congress from Georgia. He married Mary 
Ann Lamar. John Rootes Cobb had a son Howell Cobb. 

COLFAX:— Gen. William Colfax, Captain of Wash- 
ington's body guard, died 9 Sept., 1838, Pompton, N. 
J. aged eighty-two years. He left six children as fol- 
lows: (1) George Washington, born 3 Nov., 1784, mar- 
ried 11 December, 1811, Eliza Colfax, his cousin. (2) 
Lucy Colfax, born 18 Nov., 1789, married 3 August, 
1815, Henry H. P. Berry. (3) Schuyler Colfax, born 
3 August, 1792, married Hannah D. Stryker, of New 


York, 25 April, 1820. He was the father of Vice- 
President Colfax. (4) Elizabeth born 8 August, 1794, 
married 30 July, 1816, James L. Baldwin. (5) Wil- 
liam W. Colfax, born 26 April, 1797, married 27 May, 
1826, Hester Mandeville. (6) Maria Colfax, born 3 
July, 1800, married 14 Jan., 1822, Abraham Williams. 

CORLIES : — Died at town of Weare, New Hampshire, 
October 28, 1807, Mr. Amos Corlies, son of Mr. Tim- 
othy Corlies. "His death was occasioned by a fall 
from a hay mow." 

DANGERFIELD :— William Dangerfield, of St. 
George's Parish, Spotsylvania Co., Va., died October 
17, 1780, and in his will mentions his wife, Mary ; sons, 
William, Henry and John, and daughters Elizabeth, 
Molly, Ann, Sarah and Catherine, the latter the wife of 
Captain George W. Lewis. 

DEATHS IN 1804 :— Mary Barrett, widow, aged 90, 
at Concord, Mass. Lydia Beckford, widow, aged 100, 
at Salem, Mass. William Lawrence, aged 18, at Ham- 
burg, N. J. Samuel Mattocks, aged 65, at Middlebury v 

DERR: — Taxables in Lower Saucon Township, 
Northampton Co., Pa., for the year 1812: Daniel 
Derr, estate of George Derr, Jacob Derr, John Derr, 
Joseph Derr and William Derr. 

DEWEES :— Dr. Jacob Dewees, born March 29, 1792, 
and died January 2, 1872, married Rachel Bartholo- 
mew Hughes. He was a son of David Dewees, by his 
wife, Maria Catherine Seltzer, of Montgomery County, 
Penn. As late as 1846, Dr. Dewees was practising 
medicine at 53 Lombard Street, Philadelphia. 

DODD:— Dr. Robert John Dodd died in Philadel- 
phia, Penn., July 5, 1816, Mrs. Nancy Dodd, his widow, 
died in Philadelphia, February 11, 1828. She was aged 
30 years. 

DORSETT:— James Dorsett, of Monmouth County, 
N. J., born 1710, married Ann, daughter of James Pew. 
Their children were: Joseph, married Christina Smith; 


James, married Fanny White; Nancy, married Aris 
Vanderbelt; Elizabeth, married John Williams; and 
Mary, married Richard Herbert. 

DOW : — Thomas Dow, of Haverhill, Mass., was broth- 
er of Henry Dow, of Hampton, N. H. He is first found 
in Newbury, Mass., as early as 1639. He removed to 
Haverhill soon after, where he died, May 31, 1654, 
being the first adult to die in Haverhill, after its settle- 
ment. He left five children. 

D WIGHT :— Thomas Dwight and Jonathan Dwight 
are mentioned as managers of the South Hadley Canal 
Lottery in an advertisement dated December 23, 1803, 
Springfield, Mass. There were 20,000 tickets to be sold 
at $5 each. The other managers were Justin Ely, 
Joseph Lyman and John Williams. 

FAIRBANKS : — Jonathan Fairbanks, of Dedham, 
Mass., married Grace Smith, instead of Lee, as the 
Fairbanks genealogy has it; at least the writer was so 
informed by Miss Rebecca Fairbanks, the last of the 
Fairbanks famity, occupying the old Fairbanks home- 
stead in Dedham. Grace was born in England. 

FOSTER:— Died in Candia, N. H., September 2, 
1807, the widow, Sarah Foster, relict of Isaac Foster, 
formerly of Billerica, Mass. She was 88 years of age. 

GERRISH :— Burials at South Berwick, Mass. : Na- 
thaniel Gerrish, died April 10, 1729, in the 49th year 
of his age. Mrs. Bridgett Gerrish, his wife, died Sept. 
15, 1743, aged 65 years. 

GILPIN : — James Gilpin, of Maryland, under date of 
Dec. 7, 1796, writes a note to John Ferris, as follows: 
' ' Please to let Joe have $32 and charge it to me. ' ' 

GRAY: — James Gray and Linny Osborn, of Prince 
George County, Md., were married in 1785. Records 
of Gray marriages in Prince George County include the 
following: Charles married Sarah Ware, December 3, 
1778. In the same year Richard married Rebecca Wil- 
son. In 1780, Elizabeth Gray married William Wood. 
Hugh married Elizabeth Stevens in 1795. Elizabeth 
married Cephas McDaniel in Feb.. 1797, and Mary 
married James Rastbridge in April, 1798. 


HOWARD : — Cemetery inscription at Greeneville, 
Tenn. : Abram Wesley Howard, born in Surry 
County, North Carolina* in 1816, died in Greeneville, 
Tennessee, on 15 August, 1882. Mary Margaret Weav- 
er, wife of Abram Wesley Howard, was born in 1827, 
in Jefferson County, Tennessee, died in Greeneville, 
Tennessee, in 1880. 

HUTCHINSON:— Records from Hallowell, Maine: 
Mr. Israel Hutchinson married Mary Titcomb, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Titcomb, May 26, 1833. Their children 
were: Almira Dummer, born March 28, 1834. Deb- 
orah Titcomb, born Feb. 24. 1836. Mr. Israel Hutchin- 
son died June 12, 1850. 

INGERSOL :— Living in Boston, Mass., in 1789, 
were Nehemiah Ingersol, mariner; Joseph Ingersol, 
keeper of a boarding house in Court Street; Daniel 
Ingersol. a caulker living in Purchase Street ; and Dan- 
iel, Jr., a house- wright, living with his father. 

JACKSON:— Deaths at Portsmouth. N. H.: Hall 
Jackson, M.D., died Sept. 28, 1797. aged 58 years. 
Clement Jackson, Esq., died October 10, 1788. aged 83 
years. Theodore Jackson, died Dec. 5, 1784, aged 18 

JARRETT: — Sebastian Jarrett married Mary How- 
ell, daughter of Jacob, in Lancaster, Penn., October 11, 
1769. His brother William, who settled probably in 
Goochland Co., Va. had sons, and one of them, David, 
married Anna Wade in 1780. 

JARRETT: — Jacob Jarrett was born in 1771. in 
Montgomery County, Penn. He married Mary Reis- 
wick, who was born in 1774, in Franklin County, Penn. 
They were married in Franklin County, April 12, 1796. 

JOHN: — Wills from Loudoun Co.. Va.» Court House: 
Will of Mary John, filed 9 November, 1767, mentions 
daughter Mary Phillips and son-in-law Thomas Phil- 
lips. Will of Thomas John, filed 11 September, 1769. 
mentions wife Martha, sons Benjamin, John, Thomas, 
Daniel, and daughters Mary. Sarah, Hannah and Dinah. 
Will of Thomas John, filed 16 January, 1771, mentions 
his daughters, Jane Cox. Rachel Reynolds, Harriet Mat- 
thews and Mary Harris, and son-in-law Samuel Harris. 


(Senealogp fBagajttu 

Vol. IX APRIL, 1921 No. 12 


GRIGSBY: — The following records are from an old 
family Bible, and were copied, some years ago, by Mrs. 
Mary Williams, of Scooba, Miss. : John Grigsby, son 
of Mott Grigsby by Gracy. his wife, was born Decem- 
ber 22, 1778. Ann Mariah Grigsby, daughter of John 
Grigsby, by Sarah, his wife, was born April 18, 1831. 
John Henry Williams* son of Thomas Williams and 
Frances, his wife, was born December 10, 1831. Ala- 
ban Grigsby was born July 9, 1833. Eliza L. Grigsby, 
daughter of John and Mary, his wife, was born August 
10, 1803. James Grigsby, son of John by Mary, his 
wife, was born December 6, 1806. John Grigsby, son 
of John and Mary, was born Sept. 17, 1808. Frances 
Grigsby, daughter of John by Elizabeth, his wife, was 
born November 11, 1811. John Massey Grigsby. son of 
John by Elizabeth, his wife, was born January 30, 1814. 
Laban Grigsby, son of John by Mary, his wife, was 
born December, 1816. Henry Grigsby, son of John and 
Mary, his wife, was born June 27. 1818. Gracy San- 
ford Grigsby, daughter of John by Mary, his wife, was 
born December 1, 1819. about nine o'clock at night. 
Bathsheba Grigsby, daughter of John and Mary, his 
wife, was born September 10, 1831. Mary Grigsby, 
daughter of John and Mary, was born June 12, 1823. 
Mott Colwell Grigsby, son of John and Mary, his wife, 
was born July 7, 1824. Deaths were recorded as fol- 
lows: Mary, wife of John Grigsby, died October 4. 
1808. Elizabeth Grigsby, wife of John Grigsby, died 
April 10, 1814. John Grigsby, son of John and Mary, 
died November, 1808, no day given. James Grigsby, 
son of John and Mary, died July 3. 1811. Laban 
Grigsby, son of John and Mary, died July 29, 1817. 
Henry Grigsby, son of John and Mary, died March 14. 


1818. Bathsheba Grigsby, daughter of John and Mary, 
died August 3, 1822. Mary Grigsby, daughter of John 
and Mary, died August 19, 1823. Mary Grigsby, wife 
of John, died May 10, 1829. John Grigsby departed 
this life July 3, 1833, aged 54. The following marriages 
are recorded: John Grigsby married Mary, his first 
wife, Sept. 17» 1802. John Grigsby married Elizabeth, 
his second wife, May 10, 1810. John Grigsby married 
Mary, his third wife, August 17, 1815. John Grisby 
married Sary. his fourth wife, June 15, 1830. Note: 
The second wife was Elizabeth Massey, the third wife 
was Mary Butler, a widow. 

GROVER:— Deaths at Pownell, Vt.: Thaddeus Gro- 
ver, Nov. 2, 1871, aged 81 years. Abigail Grover, Nov. 
12. 1878, aged 82 years. Jane, wife of Preston Grover, 
Aug. 21, 1855, aged 62 years. 

HARRISON: — We have received a record prepared 
by a granddaughter of Burr Harrison which says that 
Thomas Harrison of Fauquier County, Va., had the 
following children : First son was Thomas, who moved 
to Kentucky, and Harrison County was named for him, 
and Cynthiana for one of his daughters. Second son 
was Benjamin. Third son was William, who was killed 
by negros in Virginia. Fourth son was Burr, born 
1793, was married in December, 1822, in Wood County, 
in the Revolution under Gen. Lafayette. He married 
Elizabeth Dargan, of Sumter District. S. Car. There 
were also three daughters. Molly, Nancy and Susan, in 
addition to the four sons named above. The children 
of Burr Harrison and Elizabeth Dargan were as fol- 
fows: 1. Burr, married Nancy Hart and lived in Col- 
umbia, S. Car. 2. Mary, married Benjamin May. 3. 
Jonathan, married Sally Tyler. 4. Kate, ;married 
Samuel Johnson. 5. Elizabeth, died single. 6. Re- 
becca, married Nathaniel Cocknell. 7. Susan, married 
William Head. 8. Sophy, married Christopher Thomp- 
son. 9. Dorean, married James Runnell and Hartwell 
Macon. 10. Narcissa, married James Ragsdale. 11. 
Mordecai, married Susan Alstead. 12. Anne, married 
a Mr. McClellan, of Charleston, S. Car. 


HART: — Inscriptions at Portsmouth. N. H. : Colo- 
nel John Hart, Esq., departed this life October 30, 1777, 
aged 72 years. Mrs. Sarah Hart, his wife, died April 
24, 1757» aged 42 years. 

HEAD RICK: — Cemetery inscriptions at Greeneville, 
Tenn. : Elijah Walter Headrick, born on Beach Creek, 
Hawkins Co., Term., 17 July, 1804, son of John and 
Rachel Dalton Barnard Headrick, died in Greeneville, 
Tenn., 8 May. 1878. Juretta Agnes Dulancy Headrick. 
wife of Elijah Walter Headrick, born in Culpeper, Va., 
20 April, 1802, daughter of Benjamin and Judith 
Barnes Dulaney. died in Greeneville. Tenn., 17 Nov., 
1880. They married 5 July, 1825. Orville Benjamin 
Headrick, born 5 Sept, 1828, died 5 August, 1903. 
Sarah Ann Hall, wife of Orville B. Headrick. born 6 
Sept., 1828 died 21 June, 1883. 

HIXON: — Amos Hixon, who lived at Springtown, 
N. J., was born 1753 and died 1836. He served in 
Captain Bond's company, Hunterdon County regiment. 
New Jersey troops, during the Revolutionary War. 
These records are taken from an old family Bible: 
Elizabeth Hixon and Jonathan Rose, Hunterdon, had 
marriage license January 8, 1779; Sarah Hixon and 
George Reed, Hunterdon, January 29. 1781. 

HOWARD : — Burials at Ashland Cemetery, Brock- 
ton. Mass., of Revolutionary soldiers: Caleb Howard, 
Daniel Howard, Bela Howard. Ichabod Howard, Robert 
Howard, Oliver Howard, Adam Howard; also the fol- 
lowing soldiers of the War of 1812: Austin Howard, 
Cyrus Howard, and Lewis Howard. 

JOHNSON: — Jacob Johnson, born January 26, 
1793, was married in December, 1822, in Wood County, 
Va. by Rev. Wolf, to Sarah Locker, born July 13, 
1795. Both the Johnson and Locker families lived at 
one time at Alexandria, Va. 

JOHNSON: — Thomas Johnson of Maryland and his 
wife Dorcas Sedgewick. had 11 children as follows: 
Thomas born 1725; Benjamin, born 1727; Mary, born 
1729; Rebecca, born 1730; Thomas, born 1732; Dorcas, 
born 1734; James, born 1736; Elizabeth, born 1739; 
Joshua, born 1742 ; John, born 1745 ; Baker, born 1747 ; 


and Roger, born 174$. The latter* who died in 1831, 
married Elizabeth Thomas* and had seven sons and four 
daughters. Baker married Catherine Worthington and 
had six sons and five daughters. John, who died in 
1811 had one daughter, who married Samuel Clapham of 
Virginia. Joshua, died 1802, had one son and seven 
daughters, one of whom married President John Quin- 
cy Adams, and another married Gen. Andrew Buchanan. 
Thomas died in 1819, married Ann Jennings, and had 
two sons and three daughters. Of the daughters of 
Thomas Johnson and Dorcas Sedgewick, Mary, married 
Walter Hellen; Rebecca married Thomas McKenzie; 
Dorcas married Col. Jonas Clapham, and Elizabeth mar- 
ried Captain George Cook. 

JOLINE : — New Jersey marriage records : John Jo- 
line and Elizabeth Price, 1714, Elizabethtown, N. J.; 
Catherine Joline and Rev. Silas Billings. 2nd May, 
1833, Princeton, N. J. 

KEITH: — Graves of soldiers of the Revolution in 
Centerville Cemetery, Brockton. Mass : Asa Keith, Ben- 
jamin Keith, Levi Keith, Simeon Keith; and also Par- 
don Keith, a soldier in the War of 1812. 

LAMBERT :— The famous Dan Lambert died at Sam- 
ford, England, June 28, 1809. He was known as the 
mammoth man of the world and weighed 739 pounds. 
His coffin was six feet, four inches long; four feet, 
four inches wide and two feet, four inches deep. He 
was forty years old at the time of his death. 

LEOMINSTER, MASS:— List of letters remaining 
uncalled for, April 10, 1808, at the Leominster Post 
Office: Abraham Farwell, Epriam Osborn, Benjamin 
Fuller. Joseph Richardson, Lucy Morse, Alpheus Stuart, 
Jonathan Colburn, Ray Sutton. Jonas Johnson, Joseph 
Darby, Peter Brown, Elizabeth Stiles, Jonathan Stiles, 
Samuel Hilton. Levi Barker, Nathan Carpenter. Harris 
Silvester, Timothy Austin, Nancy Snow, James Tur- 
ner, Sophia Kendall, Ebenezer Thayer and Daniel White 


LINCOLN: — Stephen Lincoln, born at Rehobeth, 
Mass.. died at Oakham, Mass., 1840, was a Revolutionary 
soldier. He enlisted from Oakham and served in the 
Rhode Island campaign, under Gen. John Sullivan. 
He married Lydia Foster, daughter of Ebenezer Fos- 
ter and Hannah Parlin. 

McADAM: — The McAdain family came originally 
from Scotland. Dr. Joseph McAdam resided on Coan 
River, in the County of Northumberland, Virginia. 
He married in July 1744, Sarah Anne Gaskins, widow 
of John Pinkard. In 1788 he made deeds of gift to his 
son. George T. McAdam, and daughters Charlotte Tay- 
lor, Anne Keene, Martha McAdam and Janetta Brown. 
His will, dated April 20, 1788, and proved Dec. 9, 1788, 
names his wife Sarah Anne and children as follows: 
George Thomas, married Sarah Eustice Gaskins. daugh- 
ter of Colonel Thomas Gaskins and Hannah Hull, his 
wife. Had issue John McAdam. John died without 
issue. In his -will he asks that he be buried by his 
father at Coan, and a tombstone be placed over him. 
The will was proved Dec. 13, 1784; Charles; Martha, 

died unmarried in 1791-1794; Charlotte married 

Taylor and had Sarah Anne Taylor; Sarah C. married 
Colonel Edwin Conway, son of George Conway, and 
had issue Sarah, married Colonel James Elwell; Jan- 
etta, second daughter of Dr. Joseph McAdam, married 
October 20, 1771, William Brown, son of George and 
Margaret Brown, of North Britain; Anne married 
Thomas Keene and had issue Betsey McAdam Keene, 
born February 2, 1786; Joseph McAdam Keene, born 
August 9, 1788; Anne, born Oct. 5, 1789; Janetta, 
born April 19. 1791; John Newton Thomas Gaskins 
Edward Keene, born September 3, 1796, and Sarah 
Gaskins Edward Keene. Elizabeth died before her 
father, and married Lindsay Opie, and had Anne, Jan- 
etta and Leroy Opie, living in 1788. 

McCORD: — Inscriptions from Sugar Creek Burial 
Ground, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina : Martha Mc- 
Cord died March 20, 1804, aged 62 years : John McCord 
died April 3, 1809, aged 68 years; Cirnellis N. McCord, 


son of John and Hannah, died Oct. 22, 1815, aged 4 
years; James S. McCord died Dec. 31, 1823, aged 16 

McELROY :— -William I. McElroy and his wife, Jane 
Muldrow, removed from Campbell Co., Va.» to Mis- 
souri, in 1821» with their two daughters, Esther and 
Sally. Soon after both daughters married Campbells, 
Esther to Thomas W. Campbell, and Sally to William 
R. Campbell. A 

McISAACS : — From a family Bible : James Mclsaacs 
was born in Chester Co.. Penn., June 23, 1780, and died 
in 1853. He married December 23. 1802, Martha Boyd, 
who was born May 18, 1781. She died July 8, 1848. 

MAGEE :— -Thomas Mack Magee of King William 
County, Va., died 1727. His will probated July 27. 
the same year, mentions his sons William, Abraham, 
Jacob, Samuel and Edward, an ddaughters Sarah, 
Mary Dickson, Anna Butler and Dinah Lipscomb. 

MARR : — John Marr of Prince William County, Va.» 
died in 1744, and his will is dated May 28, of that year. 
He names his wif e. Elizabeth, his son, Christopher Marr, 
and John Marr, son of Daniel Marr, evidently his 

MAYNARD : — Henry Maynard of Anne Arundel Co., 
Md„ married in 1707, Sarah Hopkins, widow of Dr. 
Hopkins. They had two sons; Thomas, born 11 Mar., 
1705. and Henry, born October 7, 1708. 

MEYRICK:— Will of Griffith Meyrick ,of Loudoun 
Co., Va., filed April 8» 1771, names his three sons, 
James, John and Thomas, and his daughter, Susannah. 

MILLER: — New Jersey soldiers of the Revolution in 
Captain Scudder's Company, Colonel Pattee's Regi- 
ment: Benjamin Miller, Enoch Miller, Noah Miller. 
Eleazur Miller, Jedediah Miller, John Miller. Lewis 
Miller and Moses Miller. 

MONTGOMERY :— Deed on record in Garrard Co., 
Kentucky, executed January 5. 1820. Thomas Copelin 
and wife, Nancy, legal heirs of Robert Montgomery. 
Dec'd., who now live in Orange County, State of Indi- 


ana, and Isaac Montgomery of Mercer Co., Kentucky, 
sell land by Dick's River, and on East Side, in Garrard 
County, adjoining and between heirs of Robert Mont- 
gomery's lot, Lewis Meir's land, Rachel Montgomery's 
lot of land and Widow Montgomery's land. 

T > r ?T7 IS : — Wiliam Morris, son of John Morris and 
Martha Gordon, born near Ringwood, N. J., 1765; 
David Morris, born 2 December, 1789. His mother 
was Christina Mercer, born 1754» died 12 December, 


MURDOCK: — Marriage records from Hillsboro, N. 
Carolina, Court House: David Murdock and Mary Bo- 
hannan, 12 August, 1788; James Murdock and Eliza- 
beth Gray. 19 June, 1790 ; Polly Murdock and William 
Hall. 8 February, 1786. 

OAKS : — From the muster roll of the Training Band 
of Marblehead, Mass., 1762: in the list of patriots in 
Captain John Fowler, Jr.'s Company are found the 
names of Aaron Oaks, George Oaks and Samuel Oaks, 
all of Marblehead. 

OGELSBY :— Under date of Philadelphia. May 10, 
1797. George Ogelsby writes to John Ferris, of Wil- 
mington, Del.: "Respected Friend, please to deliver to 
John and James Poultney, or order, two pairs shears." 

OWNBY: — Marriage records from Bedford County. 
Va. : Sally Ownby and Beverly Robinson. 27 November, 
1806; William Ownby and Nancy Leftwich. 14 July, 
1808 ; Charles P. Ownby and Catherine J. Marshall, 
26 November, 1845. 

PACKARD : — Burials at Ashland Cemetery. Brock- 
ton, Mass., of Revolutionary soldiers: Captain Josiah 
Packard, Lieut. William Packard. Benjamin Packard, 
Jonas Packard, Shepard Packard and Thomas Packard ; 
also Ambrose Packard, who served in the war of 1812. 

POULTNEY :— Will of John Poultney of Loudoun 
County, Va.. filed in court. 10 April, 1759, names his 
wife Eleanor, his son Anthony and his daughters, Sarah 
and Mary Poultney. 


POWELL:— The will of Richard Powell of Amherst 
County, Va. t was filed April 4, 1774, and names his 
wife Elizabeth, his sons Thomas. Edward, Wyatt, 
Richard and John; his grandson James Powell, son of 
John, and his daughters Winifred Powell, Rhoda Pow- 
ell and Clary Woodruff. The will of Moses Powell 
of Campbell County, Va., filed September 11> 1797. 
names his wife Hannah, and his two sons John and 

PRATHER:— The will of Jonathan Prather filed in 

Bedford County. Va., June 22, 1772. mentions his wife 

Catherine, sons Thomas, Jonathan, William and Isaac, 

and his daughters Mary. Elizabeth, Ann and Tabitha. 

RAMSEY : — William Ramsey served in Captain Sam- 
uel Patterson's Company, 1776-7. Cumberland County, 
Penn., Militia. He was born in 1758, and when he 
applied for a pension in 1833. he was living in Belmont 
County, Ohio. 

ROGERS :— Burials at St. Mark's Cemetery at Ni- 
agara. N. Y. ; Alexander Rogers, died 1818, aged 35; 
Mary Rogers, his widow, died in 1828, aged 78; John 
Rogers, died 1820; James Rogers, died 1854, aged 45. 

ROOD: — Marriages performed by Rev. James Mur- 
dock at Sandgate, Vermont: Simeon Rood and Damaris 
Munger, 19 October, 1784: David Rood and Sarah 
Rogers, 12 October, 1784; Olive Rood and Benjamin 
Seely. 14 November, 1784. 

WOOD : — Jonathan Wood of Cumberland County, N. 
J., died in 1727, leaving 5 sons: Samuel, born 1715; 
Obadiah, John. Jonathan and David. His wife was 
Mary Ayers. He had a seal to his will, a griffin hold- 
ing in its left paw the branch of a tree. Obadiah died 
in 1755. but there is no trace in New Jersey of John or 
Jonathan, who are supposed to have moved to the west. 

WOODHOUSE :— Virginia land grants: Thomas 
Woodhouse. 1644, James City County; Henry Wood- 
house, 1649, Lower Norfolk County; Hamond Wood- 
house. 1669, Charles City County. These grants were 
for 200 acres each. * 


(genealogy J¥laga?tne 

Vol. X MAY, 1921 No. 1 


RUST.— Will of Jeremiah Rust of Campbell County. 
Va., filed 7 June, 1787» mentions his wife Mary, his 
sons George, Peter, David, Enos» Jeremiah' Isaac and 
Enoch, and his daughters. Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah and 
Rebecca Lewis. Will of George Rust of Bedford Co.. 
Va.. filed 23 October, 1775, names his wife Ann, son 
Jeremiah, daughter Sarah Martin, son-in-law Sam Mar- 
tin, daughter Ann Hamack and son-in-law Daniel Ham- 

S£LF: — Cemetery Inscription at Greeneville, Tenn. : 
Lewis F. Self, born June 6, 1817 ; died Sept. 11, 1907, 
aged 90 years- 3 months and 5 days. Ruling elder 
in Cumberland Presbyterian Church 67 years. Master 
Mason 40 years. 

SHORT:— Lydia Short, born 1785 at Rehoboth, 
Mass.. daughter of Philip Short, married 1805, Abner 
Day, who died 1810 at Gainesville, N. Y.. leaving three 
children: Polly. Clarissa and Abner Brightman Day. 

SNOW: — Elias Snow was born in Tolland, Conn., 
Jan. 30, 1797. His mother was a Hull. He had bro- 
thers: John, Latham, Josiah and William. He married 
Jan. 7, 1825, Lucinda Marcy of Willington, Conn. 

SUTO, or SUTRO :— Will of Edward Suto, of Prince 
William County, Va., filed 25 June, 1739, mention his 
wife. Elizabeth, and his daughters Margaret and Mary 

TILGHMAN:— The Maryland family of Tilghman is 
traced back to Richard Tilghman of Kent, England, 
who was living in the year 1450, and who had sons Thom- 
as and William. William died in London in 1493. 
and Thomas left children: William. Ralph and John. 
** 1 

Richard, a son of the last named William, died in 1518, 
and left a son William, whose son Oswald, born in 1579, 
married Abigail Taylor, 1612. Their son. Richard, 
born 1626, came to America with his family in 1661, 
and settled in Maryland. In 1669, he was commisioned 
High Sheriff of Talbot Connty. He married Mary 
Foxley in England, and had children: Samuel, Mary. 
William. Rebecca. Deborah and Richard. The last 
named who was a member of the Maryland Assembly, 
born 1672, died 1738, married 1700, Anna Maria Lloyd, 
and had the following children: Mary, Philemon 
Richard. Henrietta. Anna, William. Edward, James 
and Matthew. All of these married and left large 
families, the male members of which were prominent 
in the legislative and official life of Maryland. 

TODHUNTER:— Will of John Todhnnter, Loudoun 
Co., Va., filed 3 April, 1771, mentions his wife Mary, and 
his son John Todhunter and several other children, 
names not given. 

TUCKER: — From the University of Virginia Ceme- 
tery, at Charlottesville : Elizabeth Tucker, born in Ber- 
muda, 8 July. 1779. died at the University 24 November, 
1845. aged 66 years. 

TUCKER:— Will of Matthew Tucker of Campbell 
County, Va., filed June 2, 1796, names his wife Esther, 
sons Josiah. Jesse, Joseph. John and Isaiah, and daugh- 
ters Edy, Mary, Sarah, Scena and Betsy Ann Hurt. 

VANCE : — Inscription from tomb at Abingdon, Va. : 
Margaret Laughland Vance was born in Chester Co.. 
Penn.. in March, 1750. Moved to Holstien with he* 
father in the fall of 1771. and was married to Samuel 
Vance, the 8th of January, 1778, by whom she had 
12 children. Died the 6th of November, 1814. 
"Here Mrs. Vance reposes, who sustained so well, each 
part in life, by word and deed. ***And only by 
her death occasioned woe. As wife, Mother and friend, 
Words are too weak her conduct to commend." "Stop 
passenger, as you go by, As you are now, so once was I* 
As I am now you soon will be» Therefore think on 


VAX PELT :— Soldiers of the Revolution from Mid^ 
dlesex County, N. J.: Joseph Van Pelt, John Van Pelt- 
Jacob Van Pelt, Isaac Van Pelt and Abraham Van Pelt. 
Peter Van Pelt served from Bergen County. 

WETMORE :— Burials at St. Albans. Vermont : Hon. 
Seth Wetmore, died August 29, 1830, aged 61 years. 
Salome^ his wife. December 11, 1815, aged 31 years. 
Nancy, his wife, February 7, 1802, aged 30 years. His 
daughter, Nancy Shepard, January 18. 1830- aged 24 

WITT :— Charles and Elijah Witt were living in Hal- 
ifax Co., Va., before the Revolution. Charles Witt 
outfitted the militia of Halifax County, in 1767. and 
received payment from the state. He died in 1780, 
leaving eleven children, five of whom moved to Jeffer- 
son County, Tenn. 

WOOD .—From an old fee book of Bedford County, 
Va., dated 1767: names of Archibald Wood, Michael 
Wood, John Wood, Adam Wood and Elizabeth Wood, 
the latter evidently a widow. 

WOODSIDE : — John Woodside was a lieutenant in 
the Associated Regulators of the Western End of Lan- 
caster County, Penn.. in 1747-8, serving in Colonel 
Thomas Cookson's Regiment. 

ADAMS: — Deacon John Adams and his sons, John, 
William, Abner, Joseph and Jonathan, and his sons-in- 
law, Loren Hull and Elijah Rose, moved from Berk- 
shire, Mass., in 1785, to East Bloomfield, Ontario Co., 
N. Y. His daughter, Laura Adams, taught the village 
school in 1794. 

ALBRIGHT .—Children of George Albright and his 
wife, Christina Neff, all born at Schaffertown, Penn: 
Elizabeth, born April 22, 1773; Christina, born June 
28, 1775; Eva Catharine, born February 24, 1778; Mar- 
garet, born April 24, 1780; John, born September 27, 
1783; Mary Magdalena, born February 27, 1787; Eva, 
born September 29, 1789. 


ALEXANDER:— Burials at the Sugar Creek Ceme- 
tery, Mecklenburg Co., N. Car. : Albert B. Alexander, 
son of. Isaac and Cartherine, Oct., 1785, aged eight years; 
Ezra Alexander, Jan. 12, 1791, aged nineteen; Martha 
Alexander, 11 March, 1814, aged twenty-eight years. 

ALLENSWORTH :— Marriage records of Christian 
Co., Kentucky : Philip Allensworth and Hanect Aliens- 
worth, 21 Dec, 1818; James Allensworth and Mary P. 
Moore, 21 Feb., 1820. 

ALLYN :— Marriages at Turkey Hills, Conn. : Mary 
Allyn of East Springfield, and Davis Eggleston, 2 Sept. 
1813 ; Sally Allyn and Alpheus King, 8 July, 1817 ; El- 
mira Allyn and Andrew Omes, 21 Oct., 1813; Eliza 
Allyn and Benjamin Frank, 10 June, 1812 ; Reuben 
Allen, Jr., of Hartford, and Elvira Baxter, 19 Feb., 
1814; Truman Allyn and Susanna Holcomb, Aug. 1815; 
Elijah Allyn and Betsy Stevens, 14 July, 1815; Aby- 
aird Allyn and Elijah Moste, 7 Nov., 1816. 

ARMSTRONG :— Marriages in Christian Co., Ken- 
In cky: Matthew Armstrong and Polly Pyle, 25 Ana.. 
1818 ; William Armstrong and Winifred Welford. 6 
Mch., 1820; Charles Armstrong and Polly Brasher, 19 
Feb., 1820. 

ASHMUN: — Jehudi Ashmun, born in Champlain, 
N. Y., in 1794, died in New Haven, Conn., 29 Aug., 
1828. He spent the larger part of his life in South 
Africa, where he contracted a fever which caused his 

ATKINSON:— Marriage records of Christian Co.. 
Kentucky: Sherwood W. Atkinson and Catherine M. 
Cafes, 9 Feb., 1818; Charles Atkinson and Elizabeth 
Potter, 2 Feb., 1818. 

BACHMAN: — Taxable* in Lower Saucon Township, 
Northampton Co., Penn., for 1812: George, Christian. 
John and Jacob Bach man. 

BAKER: — Marriage licenses of Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky: William I. Baker and Polly Jones, 9 Mch., 1818 ; 
Thomas Baker and Sally Gaines, 10 Aug., 1819. 


BARBER:— John Barber settled in Union Co., X. J., 
in 1735. His son Jesse married a Miss Shipman, and 
their first child, George Washington Barber, was born in 
Union Town, 23 Jan., 1802. John Barber served in the 
Revolution, driving a supply wagon for the Continental 

BARKER: — Marriage records of Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky: John N. Barker and Polly Cross, 25 Jan., 1818; 
Alexander M. Barker and Lucy Meriwether, 9 Dec, 

BECHTLEY:— Marriage records of Effingham Co., 
Ga. : Jonathan Bechtley and Mary Reiser, 29 Feb., 
1796; Christian Bechtley and Elizabeth Reiser, 16 Oct., 
1799; Matthias Bechtley and Widow Hannah, 1801. 

BELL : — Marriage records of Christian | Co., Ken- 
tucky: Jonah H. Bell and Eviline McKinsey, 28 Nov., 
1818; Jane Bell and William Bosin, 30 Jan., 1818; Sally 
Bell and Richard Blevins, 3 Feb., 1819. 

BOALS: — Austin Boals and Ann Athy were married 
29 Oct., 1819, in Kentucky, according to the records of 
( Jhristian Co. 

BOLTON:— The first John Bolton was born in York- 
shire, England, in 1658. His son Robert, born 1688, 
came to America and died in Philadelphia in 1742. He 
married 19 Feb., 1721, widow Ann Dunster Cley, a 
Quaker. Their son John of Chestertown, Md., born 
June 20, 1736, died 1784, was a delegate to the General 
Convention in New York, 1774. He married December 
29, 1771. Eleanor Dougherty. Their son Edwin Hamil- 
ton Bolton, born 1779, married 1808, Mary Douglass. 
His son, Richard Bolton of Miss., born 1811, married 
1840, Martha Lightfoot Dandridge. 

BOYD : — John Boyd married Elizabeth Prather of 
Pulaski County, Kentucky, Sept. 23, 1813. Moved to 
Georgia before 1833. Later moved to Mississippi, where 
he died. Children: Gideon, William, James, Mildred, 
Ellen, John, Martha, Fannie, Sallie and Jenkins. 

BOYD : — Marriage records of Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky: Francis Boyd and Sally Flint, 27 Mch., 1818; 


John Boyd and Peggy Brown, 14 Nov., 1818; William 
Boyd and Sarah Boyd, 14 Sept., 1819; Ebenezer Boyd 
and Polly Sparkman, 4 Oct., 1819. 

BOYD: — James Boyd, born Nov. 9, 1814; married 
Miss Martha A. Stocks of Lumpkin County, Georgia, 
May 9, 1839. Served as officer in the Mexican War. 
Occupation: mining engineer. Die& Feb. 19, 1853. 
Children : William, John B., Mary, Gideon, Martha and 
James S. 

BRADLEY: — Joseph Bradley was a resident of 
Berne, Albany Co., N. Y., in 1791. His grandson, Philo, 
married Mercy Gardner, when both were but seventeen 
years of age. Their son, Joseph P. Bradley, became one 
of the most famous of American jurists. 

BRECHT:— Issue of Philip Brecht and his wife, 
Catherine Dissinger, children born at Schafferstown, 
Penn. : John, born December 9, 1794 ; Philip, born May 
31, 1797, married Rebecca Brighton ; Henry, born Janu- 
ary 13, 1800; Jonas, born September 21, 1802, married 
Rebecca Leidig ; Elizabeth, born May 29, 1805 ; Michael, 
born March 17, 1808; George, born December 19, 1813; 
Catharine, born February 28, 1816, married William 
Robinson ; Jacob, born February 12, 1819, married Mag- 
dalena Ferst. 

BRENT :— Robert Brent, born 1682, was a son of 
Captain George Brent, born in England, emigrated to 
Virginia about 1660, and settled in Stafford County. 
He married Elizabeth Green of Bermuda. Their son, 
Robert, married July 8, 1702, Susannah Seymour, 
daughter of David of Bermuda. Robert had a son Rob- 
ert, born 1705, died 1750. He married in 1731 Mary 
Wharton, daughter of Henry Wharton. Their son 
'Robert, born 1733, died 1790, married Anna Maria Parn- 
ham, and their son Robert, born 1759, married in 1783 
Dorothy Leigh. Their son William married Maria Fen- 
wick and had three children: Robert, Joseph and Vivien. 
Joseph w r as of Charles County, Md. 

BRINKMAN :— The Brinkman family was founded by 
a wealthy Hanoverian Baron, of the name of Johann 
von Brinckmann, who came to England with George I. 


and established himself in Yorkshire, near Burton. 
Owing to the unpopularity of the Hanoverians in Eng- 
land at that time, his son assumed the name of Broad- 
head, that of a great friend and neighbor, who, dying 
childless, had bequeathed to him most of his landed prop- 
erty in Yorkshire. It was not until Theodore Broadhead, 
one of the descendants > of the original Baron Johann 
von Brinckmann, received a Baronetcy, soon after his 
marriage to Charlotte, daughter and heiress of the first 
Lord Godolphin, that he resumed, by permision of the 
Crown, the old family name of Brinckmann. Sir Theo- 
dore's mother was a daughter of the second Marquis of 

BROOKE :— Baker Brooke of Maryland, born 1628 in 
England, married Anne Calvert, daughter of Governor 
Leonard Calvert, in 1664. He died in 1679, and his 
widow re-married twice. The children of Baker Brooke 
were : Charles, who died unmarried in 1698 ; Leonard, 
who married Anne Boarman, and died 1717 ; Baker 
Brooke, Jr., who married Katherine Marsham, and who 
died in 1698; and Mary Brooke, who married Raphael 
Xeale, and who died 1693. 

BROWN: — Marriages in Christian Co., Kentucky. 
Thomas Brown and Betsy Cook, 1 Oct., 1818 ; John M. 
Brown and Euseba Clark, 30 Nov., 1819. The license 
was issued on the date named, but the marriage did not 
take place until 2 Feb., 1823. 

BROWN : — Origin of the name Brown : This is a color 
name of Norman origin, and indicates the dark com- 
plexion of the original bearer. Hughes is related to 
Brown and White. Brown means more than the color, 
it indicates how the color is produced, fire and burn, 
burned by fire, fiery, impetuous, burning for the fight. 
It is also supposed to indicate marked or prominent eye- 
brows that give power and dignity to the countenance. 
As a baptismal name, both on the German and Scan- 
dinavian side, it is quite common and of very honorable 
origin. The Scandinavian name seems to be derived 
from a title of Odin. One of the ancient Scandinavian 
Browns was surnamed "The White," showing clearly 


that it was not from the complexion, unless indeed he 
was a whity-brown. As for the antiquity of the name 
in England, the first Brown came over with Hen gist 
and Horsa in 449, and the second with Hastings in 893. 
One William Brown was a Burgess for Derby in 1298. 
There are only five surnames of England and Wales 
more common than Brown. There are 571 persons by 
the name of Brown in the general index of the New 
England Historical and Genealogical Register, that 
number, as to the names herein considered, being ex- 
ceeded only by about 1200 for Smith and by about 450 
for White. There are one hundred and thirty-two Brit- 
ish crests for the name Brown, two hundred and twenty- 
three works containing Brown genealogy, sixteen places 
named Brown, thirty persons of that name have served 
in the United States Congress, and there were one hun- 
dred and eighty-seven Brown families in Connecticut 
in 1790. 

BRYANT :— Nathaniel Bryant, ship-builder, of -New- 
castle, Maine, was born in 1738. His son, Nathaniel, 
born in 1765, had shipyards at Newcastle and Noble- 
borough, and a trading post at Jefferson, where he owned 
a thousand acres of timber land. 

BUIE : — Dannel Buie and Nancy Blakely were mar- 
ried in Christian Co., Kentucky, 12 May, 1818, as re- 
corded on the County records. 

CAMPBELL :— Marriage records of Christian Co., 
Kentucky : Hugh Campbell and Jonsey Jones, 14 July, 
1818 ; Samuel Campbell and Margaret Johnson, 7 Sept., 
1818; George Campbell and Rebecca Nicholas, 3 Dec, 

CARR: — Burials at the Sugar Creek Cemetery, 
Mecklenburg Co., N. Car: Margaret Carr, late wife of 
Robert Carr, 29 June, 1769, aged fifty-one; William 
Carr, 24 Sept., 1778, aged twenty-eight; John Carr, 
12 March, 1780, aged three years; Robert Carr, 5 Apr., 
1789, aged seventy-one years. 


(Setualogg jWaga?ttu 

Vol. X JUNE, 1921 No. 2 


CLARK: — Marriage records of Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky: John Clark and Sarah P. Samuel, 17 April, 
1818; James Clark and Susan Lacey, 11 April, 1818; 
John Clark and Mary Brooks, 10 April, 1820 ; William 
Clark and Jane C. Poole, 2 Jan., 1820. 

CLASON: — Stephen Clason was born in Scotland in 
1625, and died in Stamford, Conn., in 1699. He married 
Elizabeth Permont, 11 Nov., 1654. His son Samuel, 
born 1665, died 1723, married Hannah Dunham, 7 Dec, 

COLLINS : — Marriage records of Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky : Barba Collins and Martha Johns, 25 Aug., 1818 ; 
Dillard W. Collins and Mary Ann Cook, 15 July, 1819 ; 
Joseph Collins and Betsy Lantrip, 11 Dec, 1820; Ed- 
mund Collins and Martha Gamble, 7 Dec, 1820. 

COLTON :— William Colton was born in New York 
State, 14 October, 1811. He married Lucinda Emery, 
3 Aug., 1837, in Dryden, Tompkins Co., N. Y. She was 
born Aug., 1818. 

COOK: — Marriage records of Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky; Henry Cook and Nancy Brown, 8 Feb., 1818; 
Augustine Cook and Polly Goodwell, 7 Dec, 1818; 
Thomas Cook and Lettish Montgomery, 22 Dec, 1818. 

COTHEAL :— William Cotheal of Woodbridge, N. J., 
was born in 1703, and came from Cornwall, England. 
He married Charlotte Dove. His son Isaac was a soldier 
in the Revolution, and is buried at Metuchen, N. J. 
He married Elizabeth Evans. 

COTTON: — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Kentucky : Elias Cotton and Miriam Clayton, 3 March, 
1819 ; John Cotton and Lottie Sandford, 17 Dec, 1820. 


DAMPHIER : — Marriage records from Effingham Co., 
Ga. : John Damphier and Esener Hodges, 5 Oct., 1801 ; 
Stephen Damphier and Ann Graham, 31 Oct., 1811; 
Daniel Damphier and Elizabeth Pitts, daughter of Cap- 
tain John Pitts, 1808. 

DANFORTH :— John Danforth, and his three sons, 
from Worcester Co., Mass., settled in Liverpool, Onon- 
daga Co., N. Y., in 1795. The next year John opened 
the first inn; and in 1809 his daughter Betsey married 
Abram Shoemake?. 

DANIEL: — Marriage records of Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky : John Daniel and Nancy Harbour, 7 Jan., 1820 ; 
Polly Daniel and Burdette A. Blanton, 29 Oct., 1818. 

DEVERIX : — The following were exempted from the 
training band and placed on the Alarm list at Marble- 
head, Mass., 1762 : Humphrey Deverix, John Deverix, 
Ralph Deverix'and Robert Deverix. 

DEWEY: — The following families named Dewey 
were living in the town of Bolton, Chittenden Co., Ver- 
mont, in 1788 ; Charles Dewey, Noah Dewey and Ezra 

DOUBLEDAY —Marriages by Rev. Silas Churchill, 
at New Lebanon, N. Y. : Wealthy Doubleday and Rev. 
John Waters, 17 July, 1805 ; Peggy Doubleday and Mr. 
Sarles, Jan., 1797 ; Lydia Doubleday and Lemuel Hand, 
Sept., 1798 ; Amir Doubleday and Susan Pierce, 5 Feb., 

DUMONT :— Peter Dumont, of French Huguenot de- 
scent, was one of the pioneer residents of North Caro- 
lina. His son, John Dumont, removed to New Jersey, 
where he married Mary Finley. 

DUNHAM :— Children of Asa Dunham, of Windsor, 
Vermont: Theodosia Dunham, born at Brimiield, Mass., 
Nov. 6, 1811 ; Almira Dunham, born Jan. 14, 1814 ; Al- 
mira Dunham, born Feb. 19, 1816; Roswell Dunham, 
born Jan. 13, 1818 ; Annas Dunham, born Jan. 2, 1821 ; 
David Lumbard Dunham, born March 26, 1823 ; William 
Fayette Dunham, born April 26, 1825. 


DUNNING : — Marriage records of Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky: John Dunning and Sally Moore, 8 Nov., 1818; 
Etherington Dunning and Polly Moore, 15 Feb., 1819. 

EDSON: — John and Alfred Edson from Connecticut, 
settled in Madison Co., N. Y., in 1791, in what is known 
as Cook's Corners. Polly Edson, daughter of John, was 
married two years later to John Devine. 

EXO: — Marriage records from Turkey Hills, Conn.: 
Samuel Eno, aged 77, and Silence Clayton, aged 79, 
21 Aug., 1800 ; Oliver Eno and Salome Perkins, 4 Dec, 
1800; Lecte Enos and James Holcomb, 19 Nov., 1808; 
Polly Enos and Erastus Pinney, Oct.,''1809 ; Anne Eno, 
of South Hadley, and Otis Smith, 2 Sept., 1810 ; Jesse 
Eno and Miss Pinney, 1 May, 1817. 

PAIRWETHER:— On the muster roll of the training 
band of Marblehead, Mass., 1762, are found the names of 
Samuel Fairwether, John Fairwether and Richard 
Fairw T ether. 

FLOYD:— The town of Floyd, in Oneida Co., N. Y., 
was named from Gen. "William Floyd, one of the signers 
of the Declaration, who purchased land in this county 
and removed here in 1803. 

FORD: — Marriages in Christian Co., Kentucky: 
Peter Ford and Sally Page, 15 April, 1819 ; Dillon Ford 
and Margaret Pope, 3 Oct., 1&18 ; Elijah Ford and Mary 
Armstrong, 6 July, 1818. 

GTLLIS : — Elizabeth Gillis was born in Newburgh, 
N. Y., 20 Aug., 1765, and died in Le Roy, Penn., 23 
June, 1848. She married Laban Landon, 15 March, 

GOODE : — Marriages in Christian Co., Kentucky: 
Benjamin Goode and Nancy Daniel, 31 Jan.. 1820; James 
Goode and Polly Stanley, 22 Feb., 1819; Thomas Goode 
and Elizabeth Starch, 2 Nov., 1818. 

GRANT : — William Grant was born in Virginia in 
1720 and died in Fayette County, Ky., in 1804; married 
Elizabeth Boone, who was born in 1733. William Grant 
emigrated to Kentucky in 1779, and built a fort at 


Bryan Station. With his brother-in-law, Daniel Boone, 
he was a leading spirit in the warfare against the In- 
dians. His son, William Grant, Jr., married Sarah 

GROSS : — Taxables residing in Lower Saucon Town- 
ship, Northampton Co., Penn., in 1812 : Matthias, John, 
Jacob and Joseph Gross. 

HARRISON : — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Kentucky: Davis Harrison and Fanny H. Harrison, 
3 July, 1819; Cabell R. Harrison and Sophia W. Rice, 
22 Oct., 1818; Robert Harrison and Margaret Rolston, 
20 April, 1819. 

HELLER :— In the list of taxables for 1812 in Lower 
Saucon Township, Northampton Co., Penn., were : Elias, 
David, Michael, Jost and Michael, Jr., Heller, and Mar- 
garet Heller, widow. 

HOLMES:— Residing in Pittburgh, Penn., in 1815, 
were : David, Francis, Joseph, Nathaniel, Robert, Thom- 
as, Walter and William Holmes. The firm of Holmes 
and Bean conducted a commission warehouse. 

KEATS :— About the year 1820 George Keats, a broth- 
er of the famous British poet, Keats, came to the United 
States with his bride, Georgiana Wylie, ultimately reach- 
ing Louisville, Ky. He did not do very well there at 
first, and Keats helped him liberally out of his own 
limited means. George Keats died in 1842, much hon- 
ored by his fellow-citizens. The old stone house in 
which he lived in Louisville is still standing on Walnut 
street, between Third and Fourth streets — it is now 
used as an Elks' Club. George had one daughter, Emma, 
who married Major Philip Speed, of the Federal army. 
Their descendants are still living in Louisville, under 
the name of Speed, Tuley and MacDonald. Another 
descendant of George Keats, Emma Keats Sampson, 
lives in Richmond, fey., and is a writer of some renown 
in that part of the country. The poetic gift of Keats 
does not seem to have been inherited by any of his 
nephews or nieces or their descendants, but they seem 
all of them to have been substantial people. In Louis- 
ville one avenue has been named after Keats, and still 
another avenue is named after the Speeds. 


KEYS :— Will of Roger Keys, of Rockbridge Co., Va., 
dated 14 March, 1781, names his wife, Sariah, his sons, 
Benjamin and John, and his son-in-law, Thomas Haman. 

KIPPERS :— Will of William Kippers, of Amherst 
Co., Va., recorded Nov. 6, 1769, in which he mentions 
his son, John Kippers, and his daughter, Sarah Clarke, 
also mentions his wife, but not by name. 

KIRBY: — Among the first settlers in Bainbridge, 
Chenango Co., N. Y., was Reuben Kirby, who moved 
there from Connecticut in 1785. His wife died soon 
after his arrival. 

LUFF: — Samuel Luff arrived in Jeirerson Co., N. Y., 
from England, in 1805. He brought with him his sons 
Samuel, Edmund, Joseph and Jesse Edmund Luff built 
the first church in Hounsfield, and preached there for 
many years without fee or reward. Samuel Luff built 
the first grist mill in the town. 

MAJOR: — Marriages in Christian Co., Kentucky: 
Benjamin Major and Lucy Davenport, 13 Jan., 1820; 
John Major and Elisabeth S. Campbell, 3 March, 1820 ; 
Oliver T. Major and Nancy G. Gunnell, 13 June, 1820. 

MARCH: — James and George March, brothers, set- 
tled in Kennebunk, Maine, in 1719, coming from Ports- 
mouth. The wife of James was shot by the Indians, and 
all of his children died of distemper before 1735. George 
married Abigail Watson, and his seven children also 
died of distemper. Later two others were born, Paul, 
who married Rhoda Cluff, and Eunice, who married 
Levi Hutchins. 

MILLER: — Marriages in Christian Co., Kentucky: 
Samuel A. Miller and Harriet Rumsey, 5 Sept., 1818 ; 
Isaac Miller and Ellen Singleton, 26 Jan., 1820; Alex- 
ander Miller and Eleanor Hadley, 28 Dec, 1819. 

MONTGOMERY :— Burials at the Sugar Creek 
Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co., N. Car : Robert Montgom- 
ery, 3 April, 1834, aged thirty-four; Jane Montgomery, 
21 Sept., 1826, aged forty-three; Mary Montgomery, 
11 April, 1823, aged seventy-eight. 


MOORE : — Marriages in Christian Co., Kentucky : 
John Moore and Amelia Elliott, 18 June, 1818; Alfred 
Moore and Elizabeth Gattin, 2 Nov., 1818 ; James Moore 
and Cynthia Turner, 1 July, 1819; Benjamin Moore 
and Nancy Foulks, 3 June, 1820. 

PACE : — Marriage records of Effingham Co., Ga. : 
Samuel Pace and Mary Glasher, 18 Dec. 1774; Tryon 
Pace and Mary Dykes, 16 Aug., 1798; Tryon Pace and 
Mrs. Sarah Stephens, 18 Sept., 1838. 

PATTERSON:— Matthew Patterson, Jr.. made his 
will in Campbell Co., Va., 10 Sept., 1798, in which he 
only mentions his son, Matthew Patterson. 

PATTISON :— From the Bedford Co., Va., fee book 
for the year 1764, names of Nathaniel, Charles, Thomas, 
Obadiah, David and Jonathan Pattison. 

PAUL :— Will of John Paul, of Rockbridge Co., Va., 
1 Sept., 1795, names his wife Mary, sons John and An- 
drew, and his daughters, Esther, Jenny and Jean. 

PAYNE : — Marriage records from Clark Co., Ken- 
tucky: James Payne and Judith Jamison, 1799; Jesse 
Payne and Nancy Richardson, 17 Dec, 1798; William 
Payne and Susan Garner, 14 June, 1836 ; Betsy Payne 
and Benjamin Combs, 1797. 

RAMSEY :— Will of William Ramsey, of Rockbridge 
Co., Va., 1 Dec, 1789, mentions his wife Jane, sons Sam- 
uel, James and William, and his daughters, Sarah, Eliza- 
beth and Mary Ramsey, and Fanny Scott and Jane Lyle. 

RAWLINS :— Will of Peter Rawlins, Campbell Co., 
Va., 1 Dec, 1789, names his wife Mary, sons Albin and 
Fleming, and his daughters, Martha Millner, Nancy Har- 
rison and Lucy Sterne. 

RICHARDSON:— Marriage records from Clark Co., 
Kentucky: David Richardson and Nancy Pattis, 17 
Oct., 1793; Pierson Richardson and Elizabeth Jackson, 
8 June, 1797 ; Phillip Richardson and Alice Eubank, 
22 Aug., 1805 ; George Richardson and Betsv Santard, 
29 March, 1805 ; William Richardson and Polly Elkins, 
15 Dec, 1808; Willis Richardson and Polly Holmau, 
1809; Bradley Richardson and Patsy Elkins, 18 Feb., 


1810; Payton Richardson and Letty Stevens, 29 April, 
1813 ; Joseph Richardson and Nancy Cortright, 12 Sept., 

SARBER: — Residing in Lawrenceville, Alleghany 
Co., Penn., in 1815, were: John and James Sarber, 
inn-keepers, and Henry Sarber, shop keeper. 

SPAIN: — Albertus Chambers Spain, son of Rev. 
Hartwell Spain and Elizabeth Chambers, was born 
January 11, 1821, York County, South Carolina, and 
married Davia Donella Hardeman, Macon, Ga. Hart- 
well was son of Thomas Spain, who was the son of Fred- 
erick Spain, of Wake County, North Carolina. He is 
said to have been the son of a Commodore, coming from 
England, first settling in Virginia. His wife was Mary. 
Frederick 's will was dated January 20, 1793 ; proven in 
open court March, 1798 ; Children : Amelia, Terrell and 

STARK:— Will of William Stark, of Loudoun Co., 
Va., 13 April, 1772, names wife Susannah, sons William 
and John, and his daughters, Mary Minor, Susanna 
Cockrell, Nancy Stark, Elizabeth Stark and Lina Stark. 

STEELE: — Marriages in Christian Co., Kentucky: 
Andrew C. Steele and Polly Reynolds, 2 March, 1819 ; 
Xinion Steele and Lucy Dean, 26 April, 1819 ; John 
Steele and Sally Crabtree, 30 June, 1819 ; Archibald 
Steele and Polly Haggard, 27 Feb., 1820. 

STROTHER:— Among the Strothers who served in 
the Revolution was Benjamin Strother, born in Freder- 
icksburg, Va., in 1750, and who died in 1807. In 1776 
he enlisted in the Virginia Navy and served for three 
years. He then entered the land service and served to 
the close of the war. He married Catherine Price in 
1778. He had a large family, and among other children 
was Mary, who married Richard Duffield. 

SUEL : — Margaret Suel made her will in Prince Wil- 
liam Co., Va., which was filed in court 1 Feb., 1779, in 
which the only person mentioned is her daughter, Sarah 


SYKES :— Marriages at Reidsville, Tattnall Co., Ga. j 
Sarah Sykes and Lewis Tyre, 24 May, 1818 ; John Sykes 
and Abigal Tucker, 29 May, 1824; Daniel Sykes and 
Elizabeth Eason, 1 Men., 1824 ; William Sykes and Jane 
Bedford, 6 Nov., 1826; Penelope Sykes and George 
Eason, 3 Jan., 1826; Charlotte Sykes and Edward Ken- 
nedy, Sr., 1 Aug., 1837; Josiah Sykes and Matilda Riv- 
ers, 9 June, 1840; Rhoda Sykes and Wiley Sapp, 31 
Dec., 1843 ; Dire 0. Sykes and Martha Powell, 6 April, 

TENNILL :— Will of Francis Tennill, Prince William 
Co., Va., 1 Sept., 1779, names wife Margaret, sons John, 
Francis and Benjamin, and his daughters, Mary and 
Jemima Tennill, Eliza Gerrard and Charity Douglass. 

THOMPSON :— Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Kentucky: Fleming Thompson and Kesiah Brasher, 
30 July, 1818; James Thompson and Polly Condry, 6 
May, 1819; William C. Thompson and Catherine Bobb, 
12 Oct., 1819; William Thompson and Nancy Farmer, 
6 Sept., 1819. 

TISON :— Marriage records of Effingham Co., Ga.: 
Edmund Tison and Nancy Cook, 25 Dec, 1804 ; Eliakim 
Tison and Ann Hearn, 20 Nov., 1805 ; Luther Tison and 
Winifred Hines, 3 Sept., 1814. 

TOBIN:— Will of James Tobin of Loudoun Co., Va., 
recorded 9 May, 1774, names his wife, Esther, sons 
George, Thomas, Joseph and Robert, and his daughters, 
Sarah Masterson, and Mary, Lydia, Ruth, Naomy and 
Rosanna Tobin. 

TRAFFORD :— Charles Cecil Trafford died in Rock- 
bridge Co., Va., in 1782. His will, recorded 5 Feb. the 
same year, leaves his estate to James Leggett. 

TRIGG:— Will of William Trigg, of Bedford Co., 
Va., recorded 22 Feb., 1773, in which he names his wife. 
Mary, sons Stephen, William, Daniel, John and Abra- 
ham, and his daughters Locky and Nancy Trigg. 

WHIPPLE :— Died in the town of Ackworth, N. H., 
1 Nov., 1803, John Whipple, Jr., the only son of John 
Whipple of Grafton, Mass. 


(getualogg jWaga?tne 

Vol. X JULY, 1921 No. 3 


ABBOTT :— Sereno Timothy Abbott, son of Asa Ab- 
bott and Judith Jaquith, was born in New Hampshire, 17 
Aug., 1805, and died at Seabrook, N. H., 28 March, 1855. 
He married 15 Aug., 1839, Sarah French, daughter of 
Rev. Jonathan French, of North Hampton, N. H. He 
left seven children. 

ADAMS: — From the marriage records of Christian 
Co., Ky. : John Adams and Polly Saunders, 22 April, 
1820 ; Fanny Adams and Pleasant Wilcox, 18 Oct., 1819. 

ALBERTSON : — Derick Albertson, a millwright, came 
to Musketa Cove, Long Island, before 1692. He 
married Dinah Coles, daughter of Daniel and Maha- 
Shulalhasbaz (Gorton) Coles, of Musketa Cove, whence 
they had come from Rhode Island. The children of 
Derick and Dinah (Coles) Albertson were: Derick, mar- 
ried Rebecca De Grove; Daniel, married Elizabeth 
Doughty ; Wilmot or Wilmett, married Thomas Thorney- 
Craft ; Dinah, married Benjamin Carpenter, Temper- 
ance, married Joseph Coles ; Mary married William Den- 
nis; Albert, died unmarried; Penelope married Jacob 

ALLEN: — Marriage records from the Halifax Court 
House, Virginia: Charles Allen and Elizabeth Powell, 
1797; Darkness Allen and John Jones, 1 Sept., 1798; 
William Allen and Susanna Elizabeth Echols, daughter 
of John, 28 Sept., 1795. 

ALLEN: — Marriage bonds from the Court House at 
Hillsboro, N. Car. : Samuel Allen and Nancy Hester, 27 
Aug., 1782 ; Nancy Allen and James Latta, 24 Aug., 1790. 

ALLEN :— Marriage records from Christian Co., Ky. : 
Sendsey Allen and Julia Ann Harris, 27 Aug., 1819; 


Sally Allen and John Pierce, 19 Jan., 1818 ; Mary Allen 
and Jesse Waterfield, 25 Dec., 1819. 

ANDERSON :— David Anderson of Louisa Co., Va.. 
removed to Union Co., S. Car., about 1790. His wife's 
name was Betty. Children were: Henry, born 8 Jan., 
1778; Sally, born 20 Aug., 1780; John, born 18 May, 
1784; Suprey, born 22 Aug., 1787; Thomas, born 30 
May, 1790 ; Richard, born 30 Aug., 1792. 

BAIR: — Children of George Bair and his wife Eva 
Strickler, of Schaef erstown, Penn. : Henry, born 24 July, 
1810; William, born 25 July, 1803; Samuel, born 22 
Nov., 1805 ; Maria born 21 Oct., 1807 ; Catherine ; George. 

BAUGH : — Abram Baugh was of Powhatan Co., Va., 
and moved to Garrett Co., Ky., where his son Abram 
was born in 1775. There were Baugh families in Cum- 
berland, Campbell, Goochland, Brunswick and Amelia 
counties, Va. In Cumberland Co., Burrell Baugh mar- 
ried Anne Netherland in 1775, and in 1786 he married 
second, Betty Nevis. Several members of the Baugh 
family settled in Pickaway Co., Ohio. 

BEARD : — A list of tithables taken in Rockingham 
Co., Va., in the year 1778: David Beard and Hugh 

BEEDLE: — Burial records from Medina Village, 
Medina Co., Ohio : Solomon Beedle, born 12 April, 1812, 
died 7 Oct., 1900 ; Esther Beedle, his wife, born 29 July, 
1819, died 6 Feb., 1879 ; Emma Beedle, daughter, born 
12 May, 1853, died 11 Oct., 1871. 

BROOKS: — Marriage records from Clark Co., Ohi©>. 
Lemuel Brooks and Margaret Hammond, 8 June, 1820: 
John Brooks and Polly Spencer, 13 Sept., 1820. 

CALLOWAY :— From a Fee Book of Bedford Co., Va. 
for 1764 : John Calloway, Richard Calloway, James Cal- 
loway, Jr., and Calloway & Co. 

CALWELL:— Marriages by Rev. James Murdock, 
at Sandgate, Vermont: Wason Calwell and Eleanor 
Boyce, 19 March, 1789; Isaac Calwell and Alsimena 
Peet, 8 Oct., 1789. 


CAMPBELL :— Andrew Campbell born in 1764, in 
Middlesex Co., N. J., died in 1813 of fever at Black 
Rock, N. Y., while serving in the War of 1812. He 
had previously served in the Revolution. He married 
Christy Simcox in 1785, and had a son Alexander who 
married Ann Miller. 

CANNON: — Minor Cannon, born in 1756, married 
Letitia Thompson, in Guilford Co., N. Car., 1780. Later 
he removed to Tennessee and died there, in William- 
son Co., 10 May, 1829. He is buried in College Grove, 
near Franklin. His sons included Gov. Newton Cannon 
of Tenn. and Gen. Robert Cannon of Shelbyville, Term. 

CARSON : — Marriage bonds from the Court House at 
Hillsboro, N. Car.: Samuel Carson and Mary Spires, 
4 March, 1793 ; Mary Carson and James Adkins, 18 Feb., 

CHAMBERS: — John Chambers, born in Ireland, 
came to America in 1707. His son, John, who served in 
the Revolution, married Elizabeth Rutter, and removed 
from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. Their son, John, 
who was in the War of 1812, married Margaret Smith ; 
their daughter, Elizabeth, born 1797, married Rev. 
Hartwell Spain. 

CLARK : — Marriages by Rev. James Murdock at Sand- 
gate, Vermont: Eliphalet Clark and Rebecca Hurd, 24 
April, 1791 ; James Clark and Jerusha Torrence, 17 
July, 1800. 

COFFIN :— Burial records from the Old Cemetery at 
Greeneville, Tenn. : Rev. Charles Coffin, born in New- 
buryport, Mass., 15 Aug., 1775, died 3 June, 1853. Su- 
san W., wife of Charles Coffin, born 22 Dec, 1777, died 
30 July, 1864. 

COTTINGHAM:-One of the oldest families in Somer- 
set Co., Maryland, was that of Cottingham, and our earli- 
est marriage record is that of Thomas. The Cottinghams 
intermarried with the Lankfords, Gists, Adams, Wilson, 
Milbournes, Colbourns, Shockleys, Dixons, Townsends, 
Hammonds and Tilghmans. 


CRAWFORD :— -From a list of tithables taken in 
Rockingham Co., Va., in 1778: James Crawford, Wil- 
liam Crawford, Samuel Crawford and two other Wil- 
liam Crawfords. 

CRUMP: — Marriage records from the Recorder of 
Deeds, Fulton, Mo.: James Crump and Sarah Ratkin, 
1 Nov., 1832 ; D. W. S. Crump and Mary Love, 5 Dec, 
1831; Thomas Crump and Lucy Haze, 22 Dec, 1825; 
Samuel Crump and Elizabeth Baker, 7 Jan., 1830 ; Ball- 
inger Crump and Susan May, 2 Feb., 1830; James 
Crump and Polly Ann Martin, 22 Sept., 1842. 

CURTIS :— William Curtiss (So spelled on the Rox- 
bury, Mass., records) was born in Nazing, England, No- 
vember 13, 1592. He married Sarah Eliot, daughter 
of Bennett Eliot of Nanzing, and married second, Sarah 
Eliot, daughter of Bennett Eliot of Nanzing. 

EDWARDS: — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Ky. : Henry Edwards and Polly Herndon, 5 Jan., 1820 ; 
Rebecca Edwards and Johnson Gibson, 3 April, 1820. 

ELLIS : — John Ellis of Rehoboth, Mass., was married 
in Rehoboth, first to Eunice Millard in 1738, and second, 
to Mary Horton in 1750. The children of Eunice were : 
Anna and Jonathan, and of Mary: Martin, John, Mar- 
tha, Rebecca, Lois, Benjamin, Olive and Sabra. All 
but the last one were born in Rehoboth ; she in Richmond. 
N. H., after the removal of the family thither in 1766. 

EVARTS: — Revolutionary records of Pennsylvania: 
Michael Evarts, or Everts, was a private in the company 
of Captain Christian Starke, York County Battalion of 
the Flying Camp, in 1776. 

FORT : — The following marriages occurred in Christ- 
ian Co., Ky. : Jesse Fort and Elizabeth Williams, 7 Aug., 
1819; Abrilla P. Fort and Stewart Condron, 1 Feb., 
1820 ; Olive P. Fort and Mears Patrick, 1 Feb., 1818. 

GIST : — The name of this family was variously spelled 
Gist, Gest, Geist, Geese and Geise. Henry Geist came 
from Brighton, England, in the year 1700, and settled 
in Delaware Co., Penn. He married Mary, daughter 


of James Clemson. His son Joseph was born in Bethel, 
Penn., in 1722. The descendants of Henry or Harry 
Gist, settled in Bucks, Cumberland and Montgomery 
Counties, Penn., in Somerset and Anne Arundell Coun- 
ties, Md., in Hanover Co., Va., and in South Carolina. 
Jacob, another son of Henry was married in 1766, in 
Phila. Joseph of the Maryland branch was born in 1738, 
and served in the Revolution with the Maryland Artill- 
ery. He married Elizabeth Elder in 1759. 

GREENLEAF :— Residing in Boston, Mass., in 1789, 
were Joseph Greenleaf, a Justice whose office was on 
the north side of Wing's Lane, William Greenleaf, Esq., 
whose house was in Hanover Street; Daniel Greenleaf, 
an apothecary at No. 40 Cornhill, and Stephen Green- 
leaf, who lived in Common Street. 

GRIDLEY :— Burials at Friendship, Medina Co., 
Ohio: David Gridley, died 6 Oct., 1828, aged 73 years; 
Shubael Gridley, born 1783, died 16 June, 1836 ; Sally, 
his wife, died 17 Aug., 1840, aged 54 years; Polly, wife 
of M. Gridley, died 24 Feb., 1851, aged 32 years. 

HAMILTON : — Marriages by Rev. James Murdock at 
Sandgate, Vermont :Thomas Hamilton, Jr. and Phoebe 
Murdock, 13 Nov., 1791 ; George Hamilton and Eliza- 
beth Ann Woodard, 11 Aug., 1796; Robert Hamilton 
and Jerusha Stetson, 17 March, 1799 ; Peggy Hamilton 
and James Hopkins, 24 Feb., 1795 ; Ann Hamilton and 
Palmer Cleveland, 1 Dec, 1796; Phoebe Hamilton and 
John Richardson, 21 Nov., 1802; Rhocla Hamilton and 
Joseph Becker, 17 Jan., 1805. 

HARRIS : — John Harris, under sheriff of Ipswich, 
Mass., died 15 Sept., 1714, aged 64. He was a son of 
Thomas Harris and Martha Lake, and was born 7 Jan., 
1652. His grandmother, Margaret Lake, was a sister 
of Elizabeth Read Winthrop, wife of John Winthrop, Jr. 

HARRISON :— John Harrisoon and Elizabeth Mc- 
Clanahan were married in Kentucky in 1801. He was 
born in Virginia 15 April, 1775, and died in Kentucky 
in 1827. His wife Elizabeth McClanahan, born 1785, 
married a second time in 1829, Thomas Eddins. The 


children of John Harrison and Elizabeth were: James, 
born 10 Oct., 1803 ; Margaret, born 2 Sept., 1805 ; John, 
born 29 Jan., 1808 ; Elizabeth, born 14 Feb., 1810 ; Carl- 
isle, born 8 May, 1812; William, born 13 Aug, 1813; 
Mary, born 20 Jan., 1817; William 2, born 26 April, 
1819 ; Joseph, born 23 Oct., 1823 ; and Lucy Agness, born 
14 Jan., 1827. 

HARRISON :— Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Ky. : Benjamin O. Harrison and Matilda Pemberton, 
24 Nov., 1818 ; Kurn Harrison and Christopher Gordon, 
6 Dec, 1818; Matilda Harrison and John T. Courtney, 
21 Dec, 1820 ; Edith M. Harrison and William Hopper, 
27 Aug., 1818 ; Sally P. Harrison and Richard R. Whit- 
ing, 16 Nov., 1819; Emily Harrison and Andrew Mon- 
roe, 26 Dec, 1821. 

HEALEY :— Benjamin Healey of Chesterfield, Mass., 
later of Shoreham, Vt., was in the Revolutionary War. 
Records of Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors, Vol. vii., 
page 656. His son, Benjamin, married Nancy Field at 
Shoreham, Vt., Dec 6, 1810. 

HENDERSON: — Marriage records from Christian 
Co., Ky. : Robert Henderson and Rachel Burton, 13 Nov., 
1819 ; William Henderson and Clarissa Brown, 18 Nov., 

HENRY:— William Henry of King's Mountain, S. C, 
was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, in 1725, and died 
in S. Car. in 1805. With his four sons, William, Mal- 
colm, John and Alexander, served in the Revolution, and 
are recorded in Draper's Heroes of King's Mountain. 

HOLTON:— A Holton line of descent in New Eng- 
land is as follows : William Holton, born 1611, died 1 671 ; 
John Holton, died 1712; Thomas Holton, born 1681, 
died 1723 ; Joshua Holton, born 1703, died 1745 ; Jona- 
than Holton, born 1743, died 1821. The last named 
was of Northfield, Mass., and Charlestown, N. H. 

HOPSON : — Marriage records from Christian Co., Ky., 
Samuel Hopson and Sarah Jones Clark, 12 Aug., 1818; 
William Hopson and Mary Grear, 8 Sept, 1819. 


JONES: — Marriage records from Clark Co., Ohio: 
Jeremiah Jones and Mary Hunter, 4 May, 1820; Rich- 
ard Jones and Love Richards, 16 June, 1820 ; John Jones 
and Rachel Thomas, 21 July 1820; Delilah Jones and 
William Kelly, 5 Aug., 1820; Catherine Jones and Will- 
iam Jackson, 2 Aug., 1820 ; Mary Jones and John Barnes, 
27 June, 1820. 

JONES: — Marriage records from Christian Co., Ky. : 
Henry Jones and Nancy Flint, 4 May, 1820 ; John Jones 
and Polly Durham, 15 Feb., 1820; Betsey Jones and 
James W. Tanner, 5 Oct., 1818. 

KIMBALL : — Peter Kimball, son of Francis of Brad- 
ford, Mass., his mother, Mary Head, was born in Brad- 
ford in 1768. He married Lucy Barker, daughter of 
Asa of Haverhill and in 1796 moved to Bridgton, Me., 
where he died. 

KNIGHT : — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Ky. : Mont Knight and Polly Fuller, 27 May, 1818 ; Pol- 
ly Knight and George Christman, 25 Sept., 1820. 

LAMB : — John Lamb was born in New York city, Jan. 
1, 1735. In early life he was by turns an optician, a 
maker of mathematical instruments, and a liquor mer- 
chant. He entered the patriot army in 1775, participat- 
ing in Montgomery's Canadian expedition in 1776, and 
receiving, at the battle of Quebec, wounds that led to 
his capture by the British. He was released in 1777, 
and upon his return to the colonies was made a major 
of artillery. Subsequently he was promoted to rank 
of colonel, and served actively until the close of the war. 
After one term in the New York Legislature he was, 
in 1789, appointed by Washington collector of customs 
for the port of New York, which office he held until his 
death. His life was written by Isaac Q. Leake in 1850. 
He died May 31, 1800. 

LITCHFIELD :— Marriage records from Christian 
Co., Ky. : James Litchfield and Nancy Wimberley, 6 
Jan., 1819; David Litchfield and Mary Eliza Wiggin- 
ton, 8 April, 1819. 


McCOLM:— "Will of Patrick McColm of Rockbridge 
Co., Va., recorded 2 Nov., 1784. Names his sons James 
and John, daughters, Margaret McCorkle and Cather- 
ine McClure, granddaughter Jenny McClure, and grand- 
sons Patrick, Nathaniel and William McCorkle. 

McCREE : — Records from the Sugar Creek Burial 
Ground in Mecklenburg Co., N. Car.: Robert McCree, 
died 10 Oct., 1775, aged 73 years. 

MANN:— Will of Barbary Mann of Campbell Co , Va., 
recorded 7 Sept., 1786. Names her son-in-law John 
Crain, and her daughters, Ann Johnson, Frankie Crain, 
Unity Budlis and Mary Mason. 

MANSFIELD : — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Ky. : James S. Mansfield and Mary Gillam, 2 March, 
1819; John Mansfield and Nancy Pettus, 6 Jan., 1818. 

MAPLES:— Will of Richard Maples of Bedford Co., 
Va., dated 21 Feb., 1774. Names his son Samuel Maples 
and his daughter, Lucy Alley. 

MARTIAL :— Will of Joseph Martial of Loudoun Co., 
Va., recorded 8 April, 1771. Names his wife Rachel, 
sons, James, Samuel, Joseph and Robert, and his daugh- 
ters Mary, Margaret, Rachel and Susanna. 

MILLER: — Marriage records from Clark Co., Ohio: 
Abraham Miller and Sally Frantz, 26 Oct., 1819 ; Samp- 
son Miller and Sarah Gobel, 13 Feb., 1819; John Miller 
and Polly Rapp, 5 Aug., 1819 ; Henry Miller and Chari- 
ty Van Tassell, 20 May, 1819 ; Harriet Miller and Sea- 
ton Hedges, 10 Oct., 1820. 

MITCHELL: — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Ky. : William Mitchell and Polly Futrell, 9 Sept., 1818 ; 
Betsey Mitchell and Michael Gore, 1 Feb., 1819; Jo- 
plin Mitchell and Henrietta Ramsey, 11 Sept., 1820. 

MOBLE Y :— Will of Samuel Mobley of Loudoun Co., 
Va., recorded 10 Oct., 1769. Names his wife Mary, and 
daughters Susannah Fouch and Mary Aubry. 

MONROE : — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Ky. : Andrew Monroe and Emily Harrison, 26 Dec, 1821 ; 
George Monroe and Sarah Thompson, 12 April, 1819; 
John Monroe and Sally Grymes, 30 Oct., 1819. 


(Sene alogg jWaga?ttu 

Vol. X AUGUST, 1921 No. 4 


MONTGOMERY :— Will of Michael Montgomery of 
Amherst Co., Va., recorded 7 March, 1768. Names his 
wife Margaret, sons Michael, Thomas, James and John 
and daughters Abigail, Elizabeth and Sarah. 

MONTGOMERY :— Marriage records of Fayette Co., 
Ky. : William Montgomery and Patsey Dironey, 8 Jan., 
1814 ; Melinda Montgomery and Thomas Poage, 8 Nov., 
1815 ; Eleanor Montgomery and Joseph Lindsey, 18 Dec, 
1817; David Montgomery and Catherine McKinney, 26 
Feb., 1816 ; John R. Montgomery and Elizabeth T. Wood- 
ford, 31 Oct., 1822; E. T. Montgomery and John B. 
Payne, 15 Nov., 1832. 

MOORE : — Marriage records from Granville Co., N. 
Car. : William Moore and Susanna Nichols, 1763 ; James 
Moore and Betsey Young, 1765 ; Charles Moore and Re- 
becca Taylor, 1777 ; Dempsey Moore and Susanna Walk- 
er, 1778. 

MORE : — The first instance in more than twenty-five 
years, in which research has enabled genealogists to 
transfer the names of a passenger of the Pilgrim ship 
Mayflower, from the list of those from whom descent 
cannot be proved to the roll of those from whom descent 
can be proven, is announced by George Ernest Bow- 
man, secretary of the Massachusetts Society of May- 
flower Descendants. The new "proved ancestor" is 
Captain Richard More, who came over in the Mayflower 
as a boy of 10, under the care of Elder William Brew- 
ster. Cant. More later went from Plymouth to Salem 
and died in that city at the age of 84 years. He was 
buried in the Charter Street Cemetery in Salem, and his 
gravestone is the only known memorial to a Mayflower 
passenger erected at the time of his death. He wa» 


married first to Christina Hunt, and after her death 
to Jane Hollingsworth. The "proved" Mayflower an- 
cestors now number fifty, leaving fifty-four from whom 
descent cannot be proved. 

ORIAR :— Will of Daniel Oriar of Prince William Co., 
Va., recorded 25 April, 1737. Mentions his wife Esther, 
sons John and Daniel, brother John Oriar and his father- 
in-law, Mr. Thorn. 

POLLARD :— Will of Francis Pollard of Bedford Co, 
Va, recorded 23 July, 1771. Names his wife Betty, and 
his two sons John and Thomas Pollard. 

POOL :— Will of Benjamin Pool of Loudoun Co, Va, 
recorded 15 Sept, 1773. Names his wife Rebecca, sons 
Israel, Joseph and Benjamin, and daughters Martha, 
Elizabeth, Ann, Hannah and Mary. 

PRESTON:— From the Cemetery of the Univesity of 
Virginia at Charlottesville : Thomes Lewis Preston,- born 
Nov. 20, 1812, died March 30, 1903. He was the son of 
Francis and Sarah G. Preston of Abington, Va. 

PRICE : — Burial records from the Old Cemetery at 
Greenville, Tenn: E. W. Price, born 29 Feb, 1821, died 
8 Aug, 1895; Mary Price, born 11 Aug, 1824, died 2 
Sept, 1896. 

PYLE : — Marriage records from Christian Co, Ky. : 
Samuel Pyle and Eunice Stuart, 19 Oct, 1820; William 
Pjde and Betsey Kavanaugh, 21 Dec, 1819 ; Jensy Pyle 
and Alexander Tucker, 16 Dec, 1819. 

• ROBERTS :— Will of Richard Roberts of Loudoun Co, 
Va, recorded 8 June, 1762. Mentions his sons Joseph, 
Richard, John and William, and his daughters Ruth 
Green and Mary, Ann and Susanna Roberts. 

ROSS : — Marriage records from Christian Co, Ky. : 
Thomas Ross and Sharlott Offett, 30 Sept, 1819 ; Levin 
Ross and Ann Williams, 16 Feb, 1819. 

RUSSELL :— Will of Robert Russell of Campbell Co, 
Va, recorded 1 Sept, 1791. Names his wife Ann, sons 
James and Robert, daughters Ann Boaz, Mary Rowland, 
wife of James Rowland, and Elizabeth, Catherine, Milly 


and Eleanor Russell, granddaughter Tabitha Boaz, 
grandsons Robert Boaz and Pleasant Russell. 

SCOTT:— In the will of George Henderson, dated 
March 9, 1736, in Bertie Precinct, N. Car., he names 
among his legatees, Andrew Scott and George Scott, sons 
of Andrew Scott, merchant of Glasgow, Scotland. He 
also names Hugh Scott, a brother of the first Andrew. 
Quite likely the Scotts and Hendersons intermarried. 

SEVIER: — Monument records from the cemetery at 
Greenville, Tenn. : Valentine Sevier, born 6 July, 1780, 
died 24 April, 1854. His wife, Nancy Sevier, born 27 
Dec, 1786, died 26 March, 1844. 

SIMMONS :— Will of Charles Simmons of Camp- 
bell Co., Va., dated 4 Sept., 1794. Names his eight sons, 
James, Charles, John, Joseph, George, William, Peter 
and Rueben, and his daughters, Margaret Young and 
Sarah Standley. 

SMITH :— Will of William Smith of Fayette Co., Pa., 
recorded 20 Feb., 1784. Names his son William Au- 
gustus Smith, son Amos Smith, daughter Mary Holson, 
son Joseph Smith. William Smith was formerly of West- 
moreland Co., Perm. 

STAPP : — Achilles Stapp of Orange Co., Va., married 
Margaret Vawter, 27 Nov., 1782, and moved to Scott Co., 
Ky., where his pension was paid. He served in a Vir- 
ginia regiment in the Revolution. His brother, Thomas 
Stapp also of Orange Co., Va., married Betsey Burbage 
in 1779. There was another family of Stapps in Easton, 
Penn., where Daniel married Catherine Flick in 1816. 

STARR: — Records from the Sugar Creek Burial 
Ground in Mecklenburg Co., N. Car.: John Starr died 
6 Sept., 1775, aged 48 years. 

STURTEVANT :— Josiah Sturtevant, son of Samuel, 
was married 24 Dec, 1719, to Hannah Church of Scitu- 
ate, Mass. He died in Halifax, Mass., in 1774. 

SUDWORTH :— Will of William Sudworth of Am- 
herst Co., Va., dated April 5, 1762. Names his sons, 
James, William and Larnes, and his daughters, Mary 


Sudworth, Sarah Denny, Agnes Willoby, Charity Tate 
and Elizabeth Ray. 

r TALBOT: — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Ky. : Richard I. Talbot and Mariah Pierce, 6 Feb., 1819 ; 
William Talbot and Caroline Pierce, 6 July, 1819. 

TALMADGE: — Daniel Talmadge was a member of 
the First Presbyterian Church, at Morristown, N. J. 
He married 21 Dec., 1766, in Morristown, Lois Allen. 

TALLY :— Marriage records from Christian Co., Ky. : 
Martin Tally and Martha Russell, 20 June, 1818 ; David 
Tally and Polly K. Bradley, 28 Sept., 1819. 

THOMPSON :— Marriage bonds from the Court House 
at Hillsboro, N. Car.: Anthony Thompson and Mary 
Holt, 29 Jan., 1788 ; Agnes Thompson and Francis Jones, 
9 Jan., 1789. 

TIMBERLAKE :— Will of Phillip Timberlake of 
Campbell Co., Va., recorded 13 Oct., 1800. Names his 
wife Betty, son Pleasant Timberlake, his brother John 
Timberlake, daughters Nancy Johnson, and Sally and 
Molly Timberlake, and his grandson Christopher John- 

TOBBS :— Will of Daniel Tobbs of Prince William Co., 
Va., recorded 20 June, 1742. Names his wife Charlotte, 
sons Daniel, Sterling, James, William, George and Fus- 
bee, and daughters, Charlotte Tobbs, Hannah Hartley 
and Margaret Atwell. 

TUNSTALL :— One of the most prominent of Tun- 
stall ancestors, was Richard Tunstall, who in 1774, was 
chairman of the Commit te of Safety, for King and 
Queen County, Va. He was also a member of the house 
of Burgesses. The name of his wife was Ann Hill. His 
son William married Betsey Parker, and their son, Will- 
iam, Jr., married Sara W. Pugh, granddaughter of 
Thomas Pugh, an officer in the Revolution. 

VACHUB:— Will of Joseph Vachub, of Rockbridge 
Co., Va., recorded 6 Feb., 1787. Names his sons John, 
Christopher and Robert, daughters Margaret, Jean, Ann 
and Rebecca, and grandson Nathaniel Vachub, and 


granddaughters Jean Stevenson, Mary Stevenson and 
Margaret Stevenson. 

VOSE : — Residing in Boston, Mass., in the year 1787 
were the following named Vose : Spencer Vose, currier ; 
William Vose, wharfinger; Josiah Vose, truckman; and 
Isaac Vose, cabinet maker. 

WALKER: — Marriage records from Christian Co., 
Ky.: Jesse Walker and Sally Colvin, 27 July, 1819; 
James Walker and Nancy Gillam, 2 March, 1819. 

WARREN:— Will of John Warren of Amherst Co., 
Va., recorded 3 July, 1769, names his son John Warren 
and daughter Elizabeth Whitell. 

WEAVER:— Will of John Weaver of Campbell Co., 
Va., recorded 4 Aug., 1785. Names his wife Judith, 
and his three sons, Matthew W. Weaver, Samuel J. 
Weaver and William W. Weaver. 

WEST: — Burial records from Greenville, Tenn. : 
Richard West died 28 Nov., 1784; Martha Jane West 
died 29 April, 1823; Joane West, wife of James Brit- 
ton, born 22 June, 1811, died 5 July, 1873. 

WHITE:— Aim White was baptized in Jan., 1749, 
in Weymouth, Mass. She was a daughter of Ebenezer 
White of Weymouth. 

WHITLEY :— Will of Moses Whitley, of Rockbridge 
Co., Va., 1 April, 1788, names his brothers Thomas and 
Samuel Whitley, and his sister Ann; also mentions his 
mother, but omits her name. 

WILSON: — Burial records from Greenville, Tenn. j 
Margaret Wilson died 15 April, 1854, aged 70 years; 
Ephriam Wilson died 9 Feb., 1849, aged 64 years ; Sarah 
Wilson, born 9 July, 1798, died 8 Nov., 1888 ; Kather- 
ine Wilson, consort of David Wilson, died 1 Dec, 1850, 
aged 71 years. , 

WINN: — Burial records from the Riverview Ceme- 
tery, Charlottesville, Va. : In Memory of Mary, consort 
of John Winn, Born June 3, 1789, Died (obliterated). 
In Memory of John Winn, Born Sept. 9th, 1782, Died 
Nov. 13th, 1837. In Memory of Rosalie Winn, Born 


Aug. 20th, 1822 (obliterated). In memory of Charles 
Bridges Winn, Born Feb. 24th, 1808 (obliterated). 
Benjamin B. Winn, Born Sep. 17, 1811, Died Nov. 3, 
1857. Mary J., Wife of B. B. Winn, Born Jan. 22, 1818, 
Died July 17, 1869. 

WINSOR:— Will of- Christopher Winsor, of Prince 
William Co., Va., 17 Sept., 1735, mentions his sons Wil- 
liam, Thomas and Christopher, and his daughters Ann, 
Mary, Sarah and Jane. 

WOOD :— The earliest settlers of Titusville, in Frank- 
lin Co., N. Y., were three brothers named Wood, Enos, 
Nathan and John, coming from Vermont, in 1799. 
Nathan Wood built the first saw mill in the county in 

WOOD :— The Coat of Arms, was granted to the Wood 
family in 1574. The field is supposed to be sable or 
black, on which three gold oak trees are standing. The 
chevron passing up and down between the trees is also 
gold, on it are three martlets. On the top of the shield 
is a helmet, an emblem of gentility, and on the helmet 
is a crest-wreath, and on the crest-wreath is the crest, 
which is an arm, supposed to be clothed with green 
leaves. The hand holds three spears. The Motto is 
"Fortis in procella," meaning "Brave or Strong in 
storm." Altogether it is a very appropriate design for 
a gentleman bearing the name of Wood. For it speaks 
of woods and birds and fields and green leaves and hunt- 
ing spears. 

YOUNG: — Residing in Pittsburgh, Penn., in 1815, 
were: James Young, Justice of the Peace; James, 
printer; James, blacksmith; Edward, waggoner; and 
John, a cabinet maker* 

YOUNG : — Marriage records from Christian Co., Ken- 
tucky : William Young and Anna Wilson, 12 Oct., 1818 ; 
Henry Young and Lucretia Renham, 24 May, 1819 ; Ben- 
jamin S. Young and Ann Singleton, 30 Nov., 1819; 
Richard Young and Rebecca S. Whaling, 19 Dec, 1820. 

YOUNGBLOOD: — Early marriage records: Peter 
Youngblood and Mary Wheals, 26 Nov., 1750, Harford 


Co., Md. ; Jacob Youngblood and Mary Welch, 10 April, 
1738, Wilmington, Del. ; John Youngblood and Hannah 
Morsley, 25 Oct., 1736, Wilmington, Del.; William 
Youngblood and Eliza Singleton, 16 Nov., 1800, Charles- 
ton, S. Car. 

YOUNGS :— The Youngs family of Southold, L. I., is 
derived from a Suffolk (Eng.) family, and there seems 
to be no reason for the assumption that the family is 
connected with the Devonshire family of that name, as 
claimed by the historian of the family, Selah Youngs, 
Jr., in his otherwise careful "History of the Youngs 
Family," published in New York in 1907. The first 
known ancestor of the Southold family is the Rev. Chris- 
topher Yonges, supposed to have been born about 1545, 
who died at Southwold, Suffolk, Eng., June 14, 1626, 
and was buried two days later in the chancel of the 
parish church, as testified to by a brass yet remaining in 
place: "Here lyeth interred yee body of Mr. Christo- 
pher Yonges, who departed this life 14 June, anno dom- 
ine 1626," etc. The full inscription is given in the his- 
tory of the Youngs family. He had been minister at 
Southold. The parish register contains the following 
entry : ' ' Christopher Yonge was inducted into the living 
of Reydon and Southwold January 14, 1611." The 
Southwold register does not commence until 1602, and 
that of Reydon not until 1712, but the family of Rev. 
Christopher has been recovered from his will and from 
sundry entries on the register. 

YSSELSTEIN:— Marriage records from the Moravian 
Church at Bethlehem, Penn. : Rachel Ysselstein (Bo- 
gart) and Abraham Boemper, 13 July. 1748; Cornelia 
Ysselstein and Ludwig Hubner, 4 Oct., 1757; Eleanora 
Ysselstein and Abram Andres, 29 July, 1758. 

ZABRISKIE :— Albrecht Zabriskie, born in Poland 
about 1638, died in Hackensack, N. J., September 11, 

1711, came from Prussia in the ship Fox, 1662; married 
December 17, 1676, Machteld Van de Linde, born 1656, 
died 1725. He had five sons, John, Jacob, George, Henry 
and Christian. Joost Zabriskie married November 1, 

1712, Christian Meebig, and had six children, among 


whom was Machtelque, baptised September 25, 1715. 
Was this the Matilda Zabriskie who in 1733 married 
Sylvester Earl (son of Edward Earl and Elsie Vree- 
land), born 1707, died 1774? John Van Buskirk, bom 
1736, died December 16, 1814, aged 78 years, New York, 
and buried in St. Paul's Churchyard, married Miss 
Earl, supposed to be Alice Earl, daughter of Sylvester 
Earl and Mathilda Zabriskie, of Hackensack, born Janu- 
ary 10, 1737. 

ZANDER: — Marriage records from the Moravian 
Chiirch at Lititz, Penn. : Henry Zander and Margie 
Elizabeth Kiesel, 6 June, 1759 ; Maria Elizabeth Zander 
and Henry Romich, 5 June, 1764. 

ZANE :— Andrew Zane, born in New Jersey, 14 Feb., 
1782, married 9 Jan., 1806, Mary Franklin, born 7 Dec, 
1786. Their children were as follows: John, born 8 
Nov., 1806 ; Elizabeth, born 9 May, 1808 ; Andrew, born 
29 Jan., 1811 ; Franklin, born 19 Aug., 1813 ; Jeremiah, 
born 1 Sept., 1815 ; Wesley, born 25 April, 1818 ; Rob- 
ert, born 29 Dec, 1820 ; Mary, born 5 Feb., 1823 ; Mar- 
tha, born 23 Mch., 1827; Simeon, born 28 June, 1829; 
and Charles, born in 1831. 

ZANT :— At Ebenezer Church, Effingham Co., Geor- 
gia, June 10, 1797, Salome Zant was married to Thomas 
Schweighhoffer. She was a widow in 1800, when she 
married Seth Threadcraft, of Chatham Co., who is bur- 
ied in the Colonial Cemetery in Savannah, Ga. 

ZEITZINGER:— Marriage records from the Trinity 
Lutheran Church, at Reading, Penn. : George Zeitszin- 
ger and Catherine Goerger, 27 Aug., 1765 ; Mary, his 
daughter, and Peter Sherman, 30 Aug., 1812. 

ZERN: — From the family graveyard on the Paul 
farm, along Indian Creek, West Cocnlico Township, 
Lancaster County, Pa. Jonas Zern, born May 15, 1815, 
died January 29, 1899, at 83 yrs., 8 mos., and 14 days. 
Mollie Zern (wife of Jonas), born February 19, 1807, 
died May 4, 1888, at 81 years, 2 months, and 15 days. 
Christina Zern (daughter of Jonas and Mollie), born 
June 19, 1840, died July 11, 1865. 


(genealo gg jWaga?ine 

Vol. X OCTOBER, 1921 No. 5 


(U. S. Pension Record) 

Nathan Hall of Virginia, born about 1747, in Hanover 
Co., Va. Removed to Albemarle Co. before the "War. 
Applied for pension Oct. 1, 1832. Hall was drafted three 
times. Twice he procured a substitute (during 1780, he 
thinks), and in 1781 he marched from Albemarle under 
Col. Reuben Lindsey, and joined the army under Gen- 
eral Lafayette at Richmond. During his first month's 
service he participated in what was commonly called 
the Wild Goose Chase, which was after the march through 
Hanover Co. to Fredericksburg, and through Louisa 
Co., and to the three notched road to Mychunk Creek. 
He was then sent to Albemarle Barracks, where he served 
as shoemaker for the troops for six months. The pris- 
oners from Burgoyne's army had been removed over 
the mountains and a number of tailors, shoemakers, sad- 
dlers, etc., were employed at the Barracks, on work 
for the American army. He recalls the names of Cap- 
tains Tibbs and John Peyton, General Thomas Nelson, 
and (he thinks) Capt. Thomas Miller. 

Robert Lindsey certifies that Nathan Hall, Sr., lived 
with him as miller for 5 years. "I do believe there does 
not exist a more honest, just man in the State." . . . 
"there are few men more to be depended on as to what 
he may say or make oath to." 

W. T. Alligree relates recommending Hall to Rev. 
John B. Magruder as a keeper of his grist mill, and re- 
ceiving the minister's thanks a year or more later for 
sending him so honest and good a man. 

Rev. Thornton Rogers, Abraham Hawley who had 
known Hall for 16 years, and Charles Huckstep who 
had known Hall for 50 years, testify in his behalf. 



(Bedford County Fee Book for 1764) 

On a recent visit to Virginia the following names were 
obtained from a fee book of 1764, found among the rec 
ords of Bedford County. 

Arthur, Barnabas 
Akorn, James 
Anderson William 
Anthonys, Esqr. 
Anderson, George 
Arthur, Thomas 
Agar, George 
Anderson, Jacob 
Almond, Jno. 
Belaco, Robert 
Bradshaw, John 
Boiling, John 
Barnes, Thos. 
Bumpass, Wm. 
Brown, Isaac 
Baker, Andrew 
Bryam, John 
Bryer, Exr. 
Ballard, Bisona 
Boyd, James 
Beard, Thomas 
Bowing, Lilly 
Byrd, Joel 
Buchanan, Wm. 
Bane, Alex. 
Babbitt, Exr. 
Boswell, Jno. 
Boyd, Alex. 
Beard, Adam 
Buchanan, Archd. 
Bedles, John 
Banister, William 
Boston, John 
Burgess, Robert 

Bonar, Wm. 
Barber, George 
Burton, Robert 

Clarkson, David 
Calloway, John 
Coaker, Isias 
Callaway & Co. 
Chinatt, Stephen 
Candloe, William 
Cadwill, Henry 
Church, Wardens 
Coleman, John & Co. 
Crenshaw, Charles 
Caffrey, John 
Callaway, James, Jr. 
Cammel, William 
Cam, John 
Candlor, John 
Calland, Joseph 
Chisim, John 
Clending, Adam 
Caldwell, George 
Cobb, Thomas 
Calloway, Richard 

Dyer, John 
Doggett, Richd. 
Donald, Theo. 
Davis, Charley 
Dalton, Tim. 
Davis, Adam 
Dyche, Henry 
Davis, John 
Donald, Henry 
Dinguids, Adm. 


Dycher, Henry 
Doning, John 
Dudley, William 
Davis, Nichs. 
Dohanty, Jarrand 
Day, Thos, 
Driggers, Thomas 
Dooly, Henry 


Eckols, Joseph 
Early, Jeremiah 
Ewing, Robert 
Edwards, Wm. 
Early, Joshua 
Eckole, Jacob 
Eads, Joseph 
Emmocks, Jarnes 

Fitz Garrold, Patrick 
Fields, Pritchard 
Flyn, John 
Fitz, Patrick, Jr. 
Fuqua, Ralph 
Franklin, Edmund 
Fields & Caul 
Fear, Edward 
Flemming, David 
Fisher, John 

Goggin, Stephen 
George, James 
Gilbert, Acquilla 
Guthery, Henry 
George, David 
Green, Joseph 
Goode, Bennett 
Greenwood, Thomas 
Garland, David 
Grundy, George 
Green, John 

Gisson, Joseph 
Garvill, Ralph 
Gilbert, John Webster 
Garland, David 

Hariston, Robert 
Hardwick, Ezekie! 
Harvey, Thos. 
Hastie, Robert & Co. 
Hunt, James 
Haines, John 
Heath, William 
Hogan, Danl. 
Howgett, Nathl. 
Hayner, William, Jr. 
Harris & Hutcheson 
Hayes, Nichs. 
Hughe, Robert 
Hueston, John 
Haynes, Henry 
Hunter, Edward 
Huff, Samuel — 
Hampton, John 
Harvey, John 
Harris, William 

Innis, Hugh 
Irvine, William 
Inglis, Wm. & Co. 
Irvin, James 
Ingram, Archd. 

Jeremiah, John 
Johnson, Peter 
John, William 
Johnson, Samuel 
Jenning, Mary 
Kerr, James 
Kenady, David 


Key, Henry 
Kerr, James 
Kyle, Archd. 
King, Martin 
Kyle Robert 
Kent, Jacob 


Lynch, Charles 
Lewis, Jacob 
Lynch, John 
Lenox & Scott 
Lawson, Bartholomew 
Leftwich, Augustine 
Langford, Mathew 

McClalan, John 
Mathews, Philip 
McKee, David 
Moreman, Zack. 
Mead, William 
Miller, John 
Matlock, David 
McNorton, Archd. 
McDavid, Patrick 
McCraw, James 
Mitchell, James 
McLaughlin, Charles 
Mills, John 
Murry, David 
McCallum, Danl. 
Murphy, Saml. 
Maxey, Walter 
Ma Corry, Fred'k. 
Morgan, William 
Mann, Francis 

Neil, James 


Oglisby, Robert 
Overstreet, Thos. 


Patterson, Nathl. 
Penn, Gabrl. 
Porter, Andrew 
Pullin, Moses 
Prenits, Exr. 
Patterson, Chas. 
Phelps, Samuel 
Panky, John 
Pullin, Thomas 
Prather, Jonathan 
Pepper, Sarah 
Pinkerton, Peter 
Pattison, Thomas 
Pattison, Obediah 
Pattison, David 
Pattison, Jonathan 
Page, William 
Patterson, Exr. 
Paine, John 


Quarles & Talbot 

Routledge, Robert & Co. 
Ritchey, John 
Rawlings, Antony 
Ritchardson, James J. 
Roberts, James 
Royal, John 
Rawlin, Peter 
Richardson, Peter 
Ray, Moses 
Robeman, Geo. 
Reads, Adm. 
Robinson, Jno. 
Roundtree, Dudley 
Rentfro, Joseph 
Rust, Jeremiah 
Rust, George 
Rice, Mathew 
Rail, Edwd. 
Roundtree, James 

Roland, James 
Rust, Jeremiah 
Raffety, Dorcus 

Seaton, Aug. 
Spear & Co. 
Simms, Robert 
Stamps, Wm. 
Simmons, John, Jr. 
Stewart, Dan. & Co. 
Sonelson, John 
Simmons, John 
Simon, Jno. 
Stone, William 
Smith, James 
Smith, John 
Smith, Henry 
Smith, Bowher 
Storal, George, Jr. 
Scuggs, Gross 

ilch, Richard 
Sayer, William 
Stone, Danl. 

Talbot, John 
Towns, Stephen 
Tilly, James 
Thompson, John 
Thorp, Fran 
Talbot, Isham 
Tabb, Thomas 
Thorp, William 
Thompson, Exr. 
Talbot, Mathew 
Thomas, Geo. 
Trent & Co. 
Terrel, Micajah 
Tweedy, Robert 
Turner, Nathan 
Thompson, Wm. 
Trents, Christian & Co. 

Talbot, Charles 
Thompson, Wm. 



Voideman, William 
Venable, Abram 
McVey, James 
Vest, Phillip 
Veideman, John 
Vand, Patrick 

Wainwright, John 
Williams, John 
Watson, Robert 
Wheeler, James 
Welch, Nich. 
Willis, John 
Winston, Wm. 
Wood, Archd. 
Wood, Michl. 
Weatherford, John 
Walts, William 
Wright, Thomas 
Watkins, Moses 
Wood, John 
Williams, John 
Watkins, Joel 
Wilson, Thomas 
Wood, Thomas 
Woodward, Randle 
Williams, James 
Woods, Admrs. 
Ward, John 
Walker, Henry 
Wood, Elizabeth 
Walker, Robert 

Yuile & Co. 
Yoakum, Michd. 
Yarbrough, Esqr. 



(A list of persons married by James Murdock.) 

1798 July 15 Gideon Bristoll, Junr., and Phebe Hurd. 

1784 May 28 Josiah Burt and Deidma Cogswell. 
Oct. 28 Levi Patterson and Coziah Horton. 
Nov. 30 Hugh Rogers and Sally Burt. 

1785 May 25 David Bristoll and Sarah Bristoll. 
Aug. 18 Timothy Sanford and Mary Bristoll. 
Sept. 1 Josiah Woodworth and Delane Church. 

1786 Feb. 2 Alexander Kennedy and Sibyl Connor. 
Mar. 6 Ferris Cogswell and Phebe Bristoll. 
Apr. 20 Stephen Fairchild and Mary Hubble. 
Oct. 1 Peter Bristoll and Silence Hurd. 

Dec. 1 David Hurd and Philene Bristoll. 

1787 Mar. 29 James Field and Anne Hurd Spencer. 
Apr. 24 Simeon Shedd and Asenith Hurd. 
Sept. 13 Joseph Booth and Anne Torrance. 

1788 Apr. 13. Henry Wakelee and Deborah Holalord. 
Sept. 15 Thomas Hurd and Mary Ann Lacy. 
Oct, 5 James Knap and Freelove Bristoll. 

1789 Jan. 15 Clark Cummings and Susannah Burt. 
Jan. 29 Chester Church and Laurina Bartlett. 
Feb. 26 Silas Johnson and Anne Smith. 
Mar. 19 Wasson Calwell and Eleanor Boyce. 
Mar. 26 James Schaderaft( ?)and Clary Horton. 
May 13 Samuel Newell and Charlotte West. 
June 1 Joseph Bristoll and Mary Bristoll. 
Oct. 8 Isaac Calwell and Alsimena Peet. 
Nov. 26 John Shumway, Junr., and Jerusha 


1790 Feb. 23 Aaron Hinsdale and Lucinda Mitchell. 
Apr. 20 Wynes Hurd and Marilla Tuxell. 
Aug. 19 Abel Stitson and Lois Booth. 

Dec. 7 Lyman Hurd and Mehitabel Johnson. 

Dec. 9 Daniel Dayton and Jerusha Thomas. 

1791 Feb. 17 Gilbert Willson and Epeneme Hurd. 
Apr. 24 Eliphalet Clark and Rebekah Hurd. 
June 10 Walter Strauder and Hannah Forbush. 
Aug. 3 James Hurd and Marsilna Willson. 
Nov. 13 Thomas Hamilton, Junr., and Phebe 




Aug. 8 

Nov. 8 


Apr. 4 


Jan. 26 

Feb. 17 

Oct. 12 

Dec. 11 


Feb. 15 

Feb. 24 

Nov. 19 


Mar. 8 

May 22 

May 22 


July 31 

Aug. 10 

Sept. 14 

Dec. 1 


July 27 

Nov. 9 

Dec. 12 


Jan. 25 

Feb. 25 

Nov. 1 

Nov. 8 

Dec. 23 


Feb. 6 

Feb. 20 

Mar. 12 

Mar. 17 

Aug. 2 

Aug. 8 

Nov. 14 

Nov. 28 

Dec. 12 


Jan. 1 

July 17 

Oct. 30 

Dec. 1 


Mar. 19 

David Stoddard and Esther Johnson. 
Asahel Holmes and Hester. 
Simeon Royce and Sarah Hurd. 
Zachaniah Hurd and Polly Murdock. 
Ezra Torrance and Jemimah Morehouse. 
David Parker and Mary Hurd. 
Walker Stitson and Margaret Squire. 
Paul Herrington and Sarah Campbell. 
James Hopkins and Peggy Hamilton. 
Jonathan Hurd and Patty Hurd. 
David Wheeler Morehouse and Huldah 

Jabez Warner and Polly Young. 
Levi Beach ( ?) and Lydia Leffingwell. 
Jedidiah Stoddard & Charity Sanford. 
George Hamilton and Elizabeth Ann 

Noah Woodward, Junr., & Polly Palmer. 
Palmer Cleaveland and Anne Hamilton. 
Ebenezer Squires and Ruhannah Hurd. 
Lyman Johnson and Dorcas Hurd. 
Thaddeus Hurd and Sally Hurd. 

Jabez and Sally Hurd. 

Derick Stone and Polly Ransom. 
Edward Gray and Sarah Stoddard. 
John Torrance and Ruth Ann Hurd. 
Joseph Tuttle and Abigail Hurd. 
Lewis Torrance and Betsy Torrance. 
Joel Johnson and Betsy Sanford. 
Reuben Baker and Nabby Hurd. 
Robert Hamilton and Jerusha Stitson. 
William Squire and Abigail Norton. 
Mathew Webber and Rebekah Hurd. 
Josiah Minor and Keziah Sherman. 
Abel Patterson and Zade Bristoll. 
John Archer and Rebekah Stitson. 
Samuel Mallery and Nabby Hurd. 
James Clarke and Jerusha Torrance. 
Andrew Booth, Junr., and Hester Hurd. 
Daniel Heriman and Abigail Stitson. 
Abner Cone and Faith Leffingwell. 


Jesse Bush and Lydia Thomas. 

Titus Woodward and Betsy Wicks. 

William Burt and Sally Spencer. 

Abal Holbrook and Sally Woodward. 

Ruben Royce and Lucinda Booth. 

William Field and Sally Fairchild. 

Calvin White and Sylvia Brown. 

Roderic Merrills and Henrietta. 

Elijah Burke and Betsy Young. 

Thomas Thompson and Lucy Dawset. 

Seth Crocker and Lucy Reed. 

John Richardson and Pjebe Hamilton. 

Joel Peck and Sally Hurd. 

William Hoyt and Anne Young. 

Shimuel Goodenough and Polly Wicks. 

Samuel Whitney and Nabby Murdock. 
Seth Mattison and Lucy Hoyt. 

Seth Peck and Anne Northrup. 

Anderson Witherell and Abby Burt. 

Oliver Hopestill Olds and Elizabeth 

Joseph Becker and Rhoda Hamilton. 

William Sexton and Lucretia Brown. 

Joseph Hawley and Sally Gray. 
Copied from the Church Records of the Congrega- 
tional Church of Sandgate, Vermont, by Amy Mason 







1802 Feb. 





. 9 








1803 Feb. 




1804 Jan. 


Jan. 25 







1805 Jan. 







John Young of Massachusetts, was born in March, 
1763. He was a Revolutionary soldier and fought two 
engagements under General Washington. His records 
are in the Boston State House. His brothers William, 
born Feb. 28, 1761, and Joseph, born March 21, 1765, 
also fought in that war; William deserting because he 
had slept at his post, when he ran away to Nova Scotia, 
to escape hanging. Joseph's record is lost to the Utah 
family. He is said to have been married and settled in 
New York state. The father of these boys was Dr. 
Joseph Young, born probably 1730, who married Mrs. 
Elizabeth Hayden-Treadway, and he was a physician in 


the French and Indian Wars. His father was William 
Young of Boston, worshipping in the Old South Church, 
and he emigrated or moved to Hopkinton about 1730, 
with his friend and pastor, Rev. Samuel Barrett. There 
were four William Youngs worshipping in the Old South 
Church between 1720 and 1730, and two of them had 
wives named Hannah. 


Malgeny Brannan, born April 3, 1820, died Sept. 27, 
1857. Aged 34 years, 5 months and 24 days. 

Mary Dougherty, died Feb. 13, 1856. Aged 64 years, 

Elizabeth C, wife of Jonathan Lyons, born Armagh 
Co., Ireland, Oct. 28, 1828, died Sept. 9, 1854. 

David S. Ripley, born Greene Co., Tenn., March 7, 
1819, died August 30, 1870. Ada E. Ripley, born Oct. 
1, 1836, died June 4, 1902. 

Samuel Greer, died June 3, 1872. 

William X. O'Brion, born Dec. 21, 1816, died Sept. 
26, 1862. 

Lewis J. Drake, born April 10, 1810, died Feb. 9, 1859. 
Aged 48 years, 9 months and 29 days. 

J. W. Harold, born Feb. 8, 1815, died April 20, 1873. 
Emily Harold, wife of James W. Harold, died May 8, 
1872. Aged 51 years, 11 months and 9 days. 

James Britton, born April 9, 1798, died Feb. 13, 1865, 
Aged 66 years, 10 months and 4 days. 

Mrs. E. C. McConnel, born near Abingdon, Va., March 
7, 1813, died Sept. 21, 1892. 

George W. Foute, Jr., born April 15, 1846, died July 
13, 1849. 

William M. Mitchell, born Knoxville, Tenn., April 11, 
1807, died March 14, 1884. 

Catherine Fletcher, consort of A. J. Fletcher, born 
Oct. 1, 1825, died August 9, 1859. 

H. Sturm, born Nov. 25, 1802, died June 22, 1884, 
wife of F. I. Sturm, born Oct. 5, 1795, died June 26, 



George Kenney, born Sept. 30, 1804, died March 10, 
1879. Aged 74 years, 5 months and 10 days. He was 
a Mason. 

Esther Sturm, born in 1802, died June 10, 1876. 

Mary Caroline Crawford, born July 31, 1860, died 
Jan. 12, 1862. 

Abigail, consort of T. W. McAmis, born May 6, 1826, 
died Feb. 5, 1875. Aged 48 years, 7 months and 29 days. 


Adams, John, to Margaret Young, 15 Nov., 1788. 
Alves, Walter, to Amelia Johnson, 11 May, 1787. 
Austin, Moses, to Mary Williams, 23 Mar., 1790. 
Bailey, Thomas, to Elizabeth Baker, 24 June, 1790. 
Barber, John, to Esther Herndon, 20 Mar., 1790. 
Bullock, John, to Elizabeth Wolf, 2 Feb., 1789. 
Bigelow, Norman, to Rebeckah Whithead, 17 Jan., 1787. 
Bracken, Jesse, to Jean Cantril, 20 Mar., 1790. 
Burrows, John, to Margaret Piper, 3 May, 1788. 
Burnett, Alexander, to Eliza Herndon, 5 Jan., 1793. 
Cain, James, to Elizabeth McKinly, 21 Dec, 1781. 
Carrigan, James, to. Jane Sample, 18 Apr., 1786. 
Christmas, Richard, to Anne Butler, 22 Dec, 1788. 
Clark, William, to Mary Donalson, 24 Sept., 1782. 
Clendening, Joseph, to Anne Webb, 20 Feb., 1787. 
Collens, Ehi, to Mary Durbin, 30 Aug., 1781. 
Cunningham, Matthew, to Betsy Galbraith, 16 Jan., 1793. 
Curry, Hugh, to Elizabeth Nunn, 22 Nov., 1790. 
Dinks, Peter, to Mary Sedley, 17 Aug., 1790. 
Dixon, Thomas, to Anne Turner, 28 May, 1793. 
Duggar, Shadwick, to Sally Hogan, 16 Oct., 1793. 
Eaton, (Major) Thomas, to Elizabeth Wallis, 27 Mar., 

Edwards, Charles, to Sarah Duggar, 6 Feb., 1790. 
Elmore, Athenatious, to Susannah Penix, 5 July, 1788. 
Espey, James, to Sarah Baker, 2 Jan., 1786. 
Estes, Aaron, to Francis Hudson, 13 July, 1790. 
Flowers, Jacob, to Mary Morgan, 28 Jan., 1788. 
Furgurson, Robert, to Mary Leonora, 11 Aug., 1787. 
Graham, John, to Mary Byrd, 11 Oct., 1782. 


Guild, Jacob, to Martha Hoovey, 13 Feb., 1786. 
Guinn, John, to Sarah Harper, 26 Feb., 1782. 
Hart, James, to Rachel Paul, 13 Apr., 1790. 
Holloway, Thomas, to Johanna Cain, 5 Oct., 1782. 
Hooper, Richard, to Anne Forrest, 11 Feb., 1786. 
Ivey, David, to Rebecca Jenkins, 15 Oct., 1782. 
Jones, Johnston, to Nancy Ball, 24 Aug., 1790. 
Johnston, James, to Margaret Craig, 4 Mar., 1788. 
McDaniel, Donnell, to Mary Hapsey, 23 Oct., 1786. 
Murphy, Solo, to Betsy Guion, 29 Oct., 1781. 
Nichol, Johnathan, to May Hull, 8 May, 1787. 
Robinson, Michael, to Jennet Ray, 22 Nov., 1788. 
Riggs, James, to Polly Hannah, 22 Jan., 1788. 


(Records from Sugar Creek Burying Ground, Mecklenburg Co., N. Car.) 

(Mecklenburg Co., N. Car.) 

Rev. Alex. Craighead, died March, 1766. 

Anne Kerr, May 15, 1778, aged 58 years. 

Isabel Robison, Jan. 9, 1791, 71 yrs. 

John Goforth, d- June 2, 1791, aged 12 yrs. 

Andrew Robinson, d- Jan. 31, 1792, 53 yrs. 

Jean Wallis, July 31, 1792, in 80 yr. of age. 

Robert Robinson, May 16, 1789, age 32. 

Samuel Caldwell Neely, Mar. 3, 1793, aged 16 mo. 

Carins Henderson, d- May 25, 1793, aged 60 yrs. 

Sarah Sharpe, dau. of Jemina Sharpe. b- Sept. 16, 1755. 

d- Sept. 16, 1794, aged 39 yrs. 
Jemina Alexander Sharpe, born Jan. 9, 1727 ; died Sept. 

1, 1797, aged 70 yrs., 38 yrs. of which she lived a 

Elizabeth Orr, d- Feb. 30, 1798, 32 yr. of her age. 
Agnes Robison, Apr. 8, 1798, aged 22 yrs. 
Margaret Robinson, Aug. 8, 1798, aged 18 yrs. 
Margaret Wilson, Oct. 5, 1800, aged 31 yrs. 
Lilly Wilson, d- June 17, 1799, 70 yrs. Our life is ever 

on the wing, and death is ever nigh. The moment 

when our lives begin we all begin to die. 
Elizabeth Henderson, Oct. 14, 1805, aged — yrs. 
Thos. B. Robinson, Sept. 17, 1805, aged 21 yrs. 


Mary Orr, d- Apr. 24, 1806, 26 yrs. 

Capt. John Robison, May 4, 1808, aged 39 yrs. 

David Robison, Oct. 12, 1808, aged 84 yrs. 

Catharine Wallace, July 28, 1829, aged 61 yrs. 

John Wilson, Senr., d- Nov. 29, 1836, in 76 yr. of his age. 

Robert Robison, son of Robt. and Martha Robison, d- 

May 25, 1799, aged 6 yrs. 
Polly Robison, Nov. 6, 1799, aged 8 yrs. 
Robert Robinson, Nov. 1, 1820, 7 yrs., 10 mo., 15 da. 
Moses Robinson, d- March — , 1822, aged 66 yrs. 
Robert M. Robison, Oct. 3, 1823, aged 12 yrs. 
Mary Caldwell, d- Sept. 5, 1825, aged 77 yrs. 
Ezekiel Robinson, Aug. 13, 1826, aged 44 yrs. 
James Robison, Aug. 10, 1827, aged 1 yr. 5 mo. 
David Caldwell, d- Sept. 16, 1827, aged 73 yrs. 
Jane Robison, July 11, 1828, aged 8 yrs., 4 mo. 
Sophia W. Robison, Oct. 7, 1829, aged 31 yrs. 
Robert M. Robison, Apr. 30, 1837, aged 6 yrs. 
Catharine Orr, wife of Nathan Orr, Aug. 31, 1831, aged 

35 yrs.; also Elizabeth M., Infant of N. & C. Orr, 

Nov., 1831, aged 1 yr., 11 mo., 9 da. 
Margaret Robinson, d- June 16, 1843, aged 80 yrs. 
Nathan Orr, Aug. 22, 1849, aged 76 yrs. 
James Robison, Feb. 29, 1852, aged about 58 yrs. 


Mary LeGrand — John Nickols, Nov. 8, 1786. License 

signed by Elias Palmer. 
Bettie LeGrand — Josiah Cahill, 1786. 
John LeGrand — Elizabeth Younger, 1779. 
Sarah LeGrand — James Vaughan, Dec. 15, 1785 ; Nancy 

LeGrand— William Turner, 1798. (Daughters of 

Jas. LeGrand.) 
Robin Harris Walton— Drusilla Terry, 1793. 
Robert Ransom — Nancy Hardridge, Apr. 22, 1793. 
Richard Milner — Susannah Whitehead, Sept. 23, 1793. 
John Echols — Frances Tomby, Feb. 17, 1784. 
Thomas Watkins— Mary Treck, Apr. 13, 1780. 
Richard Coats— Polly Coats, 1794. 
Thomas Johnson — Penelope Hardwick, 1793. 


William Allen — Susannah Elizabeth Echols, Sept, 28, 
1795. (Daughter of John and Susannah Echols.) 

Samuel Bentley — Nancy LeGrand, Sept. 25, 1795. 
(Daughter John LeGrand.) 

Thomas Best — Sarah Long, Aug. 4, 1795. 

Ambrose Hart — Judy Barnes, Dec. 21, 1795. 

William Baynham — Nancy Faulkner, 1795. 

Temperance Echols — John Rogers, 1786. (Daughter of 
John Echols and Susannah.) 

George Boyd— Wilmouth Irby, Jan. 22, 1760. 

John Armstrong — Margaret Boyd, (widow), 1758. 

Ambrose Hart — Mary Owen, 1789. 

John Lea— Sallie McCarty, Feb. 5, 1789. (Daughter of 
Jared McCarty.) 

Polly Osborn— Edward Osborn, Nov. 2, 1799. 

Susannah Boyd — Joseph Boxley, Mar. 25, 1799. (Daugh- 
ter David Boyd.) 

Micajah Watkins — Mary Boyd, Oct. 11, 1764. (License 
signed Margaret Armstrong, her mother.) 

Benjamine Boxley— Tibitha Irby, Nov. 22, 1769. 

William Wilbcm— Hannah Shelton, 1791. 

Mordica Burgess — Mary Brandon, 1790. 

John Light — Joanna Dixon, 1774. 

Harrison Irby — Mary Irby, Antrim Parish, 1773. 
(Daughter Anthony Irby.) 

Edmund Cook — Mary Dismuke, April 24, 1797. (Daugh- 
ter Elisha Dismuke.) 

James Chalmers — Sarah Watkins, Nov. 13, 1797. 

John Jones — Darkness Allen, Sept. 1, 1798. 

Martin Humphrey — Rachel Crowell. Aug., 1793. 

Robert Walton— Pattie Banner, 1793. 

Jacob Lowry — Patsy Gholston, 1799. Daughter of Jo- 
seph Gholston.) 

Thomas Hankly— Delphy West, 1796. 

Charles Allen— Elizabeth Powell, 1797. 

George Boyd — Leah Boyd, (orphan, Geo. Boyd, Sr., 
Guardian), Nov. 7, 1797. 

Benjamine Chiles — Betsy Faulkner, Oct. 13, 1797. 

William Light— Dolly Younger, July 1, 1793. 

John Wall— Ursula Bates, 1763. 

James LeGrand, Gent — Bettie Wade (daughter Hamp- 
ton Wade), 1763. 




Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 6, 1781. 

wife Jean. 

s. Thomas Weir. 

other children. 

Bedford Co., Va. Will filed July 21, 1768. 

wife Mary. 

s. Nicholas Welch. 

father Nicholas Welch. 

d. Mary Welch. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will field Nov. 13, 1769. 

wife Mary. 

s. Charles West. 

s. Thomas West. 

d. Ann Peyton. 

g. s. Francis Peyton. 

g. s. William Peyton. 

g. d. Margaret Peyton. 

g. s. Craven Peyton. 

g. d. Elizabeth West, d. of Thomas. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed June 2, 1795. 

wife Margaret. 

s. Thomas Whiteside. 

s. John Whiteside. 

s. Moses Whiteside. 

s. James Whiteside. 

s. Samuel Whiteside. 

d. Rebecca Whiteside. 

d. Margaret Whiteside. 

d. Mary Whiteside. 


M'Intosh— The son of the First. 
M 'Donald — The son of Brown Eyes. 
M'Dougall— The son of Black Eyes. 
M'Onnechy — The son of Brown Head. 
M'Gregor — The son of a Greek Man. 


M'Culthbert— The son of the Arch-Druid. 
M 'Kay — The son of the Prophet. 
M'Taggart — The son of the Priest. 
M'Cleod — The son of the Wounder. 
M'Lean — The son of the Lion. 
M'Kenzie — The son of the Friendly One. 
M'Intyre — The son of the Carpenter. 
Campbell — Crooked Mouth. 
Cameron — Crooked Nose. 
Stewart — High Stay or Support. 


LIPPINCOTT :— Samuel Lippincott was the fourth 
and last child of Jonathan Lippincott of Eversham, N. 
J., who married in 1746, his first cousin, Anna Eves, 
daughter of Samuel and Mary Eves. Of the four chil- 
dren, William married Rhoda Lishman, James married 
Susan Evans, Levi married Lettice Wills. 

NEVITT :— The first of the Nevitts settled in Mary- 
land in 1659. This was the emigrant Richard. Hugh 
Nevitt made his will in Virginia, 27 July, 1673. He 
mentions his brothers William, Richard and Arthur, 
and nephew John. The Maryland census for 1790 shows 
Charles, John, Joseph, Richard and William. Another 
William Nevitt, born in Ireland, 1717, son of Joseph 
and Mary, settled in York Co., Penn., and married 
Hannah Cook. He was a Quaker. His brother Thomas 
married 1743 Catherine Steer of Lancaster Co., Penn. 
His son Isaac moved to Loudoun Co., Va., 1765. Ruth 
and Elizabeth, his sisters, moved to Hopewell, Va. 

SMITH:— Rev. Nehemiah Smith, born Stafford Co., 
Eng., 1605, died Conn., 1686. He was the founder of 
the family, settled first in Plymouth, Mass., where he 
married 21 Jan., 1639, Annie Bourne. He removed to 
New London, Conn., 1652, and had a daughter Eliza- 
beth, and son Nehemiah, born 1646. This second Nehe- 
miah, married 1669, Lydia Winchester, and had a son 
Nehemiah who married 1696, Dorothy Wheeler. They 
had a son John, born 1704, and a daughter Elizabeth. 
John Smith , born 1704, married 1727, Temperance 


YOUNG :— John Young, born in 1763, married Nabby 
or Abigail Howe, and had thirteen children. He finally 
joined the Mormon Church, with all his children, and 
all died in the faith of that church, most of them finally 
emigrating to Utah. John died in Quincy, Illinois, 
Oct. 12, 1839. 

ZERR : — Marriage records from the Trinity Lutheran 
Church, at Reading, Penn: Elizabeth Zerr and Samuel 
Gerst, 7 Feb., 1809 ; Charles Zerr and Mary Geiger, 14 
Feb., 1811; Jacob Zerr and Elizabeth Seidel, 15 Oct., 

ZIEGLER: — Cemetery records from the village of 
Siegfried, Penn. : Ziegler, Susan, daughter of Abra- 
ham Ziegler, born 11 April, 1812, died 30 September, 

1813, aged 1 yr., 5 mos., 19 dys. Ziegler, Michael, son 
of Abraham Ziegler, born 20 August, 1810, died 31 Aug- 
ust, 1810, aged 11 dys. Ziegler, Maria, daughter of 
Abraham Ziegler, born 20 March, 1795, died 1 May, 

1814, aged 19 yrs., 1 mo., 18 dys. Ziegler, Catharine, 
nee Bach, born 18 November, 1796, died 18 April, 1803, 
aged 33 yrs., 5 mos. 

ZIMMERMAN: — Peter Zimmerman, son of Henry, 
was born in Millcreek Township, Lebanon County, Penn., 
1 September, 1802, and died 24 May, 1887. He followed 
the business of a drover or cattle-dealer for many years. 
He made many trips to the West to buy stock cattle, 
which he brought East in great droves and sold to far- 
mers and others. He had many thrilling experiences 
in travelling in wild sections of the country. He was a 
member of the Lutheran Church, and was a staunch 
Democrat all his life. He was a friend of the cause of 
education and spent a great deal of money in educating 
his children. He married Miss Mary Rex, daughter of 
Abraham Rex, and had five children: Edmund R., 
Mary Ann, Matilda, Susan A., and Amelia R. 

ZIPPERER: — Marriage records from Ebenezer 
Church, Effingham Co., Georgia: Christian Jonathan 
Zipperer and Gratioso Zitterauer, 10 Mch., 1778 ; Chris- 
tian Zipper er and Susannah Wilson, 22 Feb., 1801 ; 
Emanuel Zipperer and Martha Zettler, widow of Gideon, 
26 Sept., 1803. 


(genealogy JW aga?uu 

Vol. X JANUARY, 1922 No. 6 


The genealogy of the Bramhall Family, with some ac- 
count of the history of the family and of Bramhall Hall 
in East Cheshire, England, upon which Judge Charles 
H. Bramhall, of Columbia county, N. Y., and his sons, 
William L. and Frank J., were at work for some twenty 
years, is finally ready, after all the compilers have passed 
away. The Bramhalls (Bramall, Bromale, etc.) are 
traced through Domesday Book to the time of Edward 
the Confessor (1042-1066). The Bramhall estates went 
to the Davenport family by the marriage of Alice, daugh- 
ter of Sir Geoffry de Bromale, to John de Davenport of 
Weltrough in 1379. 

The male line entitled to bear arms having become ex- 
tinct, they were regranted, in the last year but one of 
Elizabeth, 1602, to John Bramhall, Alderman, of Pon- 
tefract, Yorkshire, " sable, a lion rampant or; crest, a 
lion passant or." In 1628, under Charles I., the arms 
were regranted to the Rev. John Bramhall, Dean of 
Ripon, son of Peter Bramhall and grandson of the Al- 
derman, above, "descended from the ancient family of 
Bramhall, of Bramhall, county Cheshire. " He was chap- 
lain to Wentworth (later Earl of Stratford), and was 
made successively Bishop of Derry and Archbishop of 
Armagh and Primate of All Ireland. He was also speak- 
er of the Irish House of Lords. He married, in York- 
shire, a widow, Ellinor Halley, and. upon his death, 25 
June, 1663, left four children : Sir Thomas Bramhall, 
Bart., who married a daughter of Sir Paul Davys and 
died without issue; Isabella, who married Sir James 
Graham, son of William, Earl of Monteith, and whose 
daughter Ellinor married Sir Arthur Rawdon of Moira ; 
Jane, who married Alderman Toxteith of Drogheda; 
and Anne, who married Standish Hartstonge, one of the 
barons of the exchequer. Bramhall Hall, of which sev- 
eral views are given in the Genealogy, is described on 


competent authority as the finest example remaining of 
the Elizabethan timber and mortar or "magpie" archi- 
tecture in England. Earwaker and Ormerod, in their 
histories of Cheshire, and Thomas Nash, in his "Man- 
sions of England," sustain this view. 

The Bramhalls of America are traced directly to 
James Bramhall, R. N., and his wife, Lady Florence 
Temple. James was a son of Cornelius Bramhall of 
Canterbury. Three of their children, George, Joseph 
and Mary, came to Plymouth about 1680. George went 
to Casco (now Portland), Maine, then a part of Ply- 
mouth Colony, and was killed by Indians in an action 
at what is still called Bramhall Hill. The names of 
fourteen of the family who were soldiers or sailors in 
the Revolutionary War, are given. 


Allen Poage, born 22 January, 1778, died 5 June, 
1853, at Homer, Illinois, where he is buried on his home- 
stead. He married Margaret Terrill, born August, 
1779, in Virginia. Tradition says in either Orange or 
Culpeper County. They had seventeen children as 
follows : — 

Matilda Poage, born 9 July, 1807. 

Alphias Poage, born 1 July, 1809. 

Nicholas Poage, born 23 February, 1811. 

Luan Poage, born 17 March, 1813. 

William B. Poage, born 21 November, 1814. 

Robert F. Poage, born 21 July, 1816. 

Burton Poage, 17 November, 1817. 

Rebecca Terrill Poage, born 20 March, 1819. 

George Terrill Poage, born 22 October, 1820. 

Allen Poage (Jr.) born 30 Oct. 1822. 

Margaret Poage, born 12 August, 1824. 

Infant, born 10 January, 1826. 

John Poage, born 22 October, 1827. 

Mildred Poage, born 28 November, 1828. 

Nathaniel Poage, born 25 March, 1830. 

Thomas Poage, born 25 March, 1832. 

James Poage, born 22 February, 1835. 
These dates are from family Bible of A. C. Poage, 
Homer, 111. 



Stuart, Alexander, and Lucy Aylett, 2 Jan., 1790, Car- 
oline Co., Va. 
Stuart, Alexnader B., and Elizabeth Alexander, 20 

March, 1821, Rockbridge Co., Va. 
Stuart, Ann, and Richard Foote, 17 June, 1826, King 

George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Caroline H., and John B. Stith, 16 June, 1846, 

King George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Charles, and Lucy K. Ashton, Dec., 1796, King 

George Co., Va. 
Stuart^ Charles E., and R. S. Lomax, 16 July, 1849, 

King George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Eleanor, and Edward Hall, 24 April, 1744, 

Augusta Co., Va. 
Stuart, Elizabeth, and James Edwards, 1 June, 1807, 

King George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Frances M. W., and W. G. Stuart, 8 April, 1820, 

King George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Henry, and Betsy Richeson, 26 Feb., 1796, Car- 

oline Co., Va. 
Stuart, Helen G., and Richard Foote, 1 Dec., 1803, King 

George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Jacob W., and Peggy M. Ashton, 11 April, 1808, 

King George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Jane, and Clemens Erwin, 5 Dec, 1797, Rock- 
ingham Co., Va. 
Stuart, Jane, and Richard Foote, 5 Dec, 1795, King 

George Co., Va. 
Stuart, John, and Ann Gouldin, Nov., 1795, Campbell 

Co., Va. 
Stuart, John G., and Elizabeth S- Fitzhugh, 28 June, 

1817, King George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Margaret R., and Thomas L. Lomax, 2 June, 

1828, King George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Martha, and Thomas Kerr, 7 Dec, 1820, Rock- 
bridge Co., Va. 
Stuart, Mary, and James M. Fitzhugh, 20 July, 1830, 

King George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Mary, and John Conway, 30 July, 1811, King 

George Co., Va. 
Stuart, Mary, and George Fitzhugh, 18 July, 1797, King 

George Co., Va. 


Stuart, Polly, and Edwin Ervin, 22 May, 1798, Rock- 
ingham Co., Va. 

Stuart, Polly, and John Lowman, 1 March, 1827, Rock- 
bridge Co., Va. 

Stuart, Rebecca, and John Porter, 20 June, 1809, Rock- 
bridge Co., Va. 

Stuart, Robert, and Elizabeth McClung, 4 June, 1787, 
Rockbridge Co., Va. 

Stuart, Robert, and Sally Miles, 1792, Amherst Co., Va. 
By Rev. Will Crawford. 

Stuart, Rosa P., and Adolphus G-. Fitzhugh, 31 May, 
1849, King George Co., Va. 

Stuart, Sarah, and Thomas Crandall, 21 Jan., 1802, 
Alexandria, D. C, Presb. Church, Rev. James Muir. 

Stuart, Thomas, and Margaret Mason, 4 Jan., 1804, 
Rockbridge Co., Va. 

Stuart, W. G., and Frances M. W. Stuart, 8 April, 1820, 
King George Co,, Va. 


Thomas Upson first appeared in Hartford Colony 
about 1638. His marriage is recorded as follows: 
"Thomas Upsunn was maryed to Elisibeth fuller Jen- 
neuary the twenty & three one Thousand six hundredth 
forti & six": (Hartford Records). Their son 

Sergeant Stephen Upson was born at Mattatuck (Far- 
mington) about 1653. He married 29 December, 1682, 
Mary Lee, born 14 August, 1664, at Farmington. She 
was the daughter of John Lee, and Mary Hart, his wife, 
and brother of Thomas Lee who married Mary Camp 
of Hartford. 

Stephen Upson was surveyor, school visitor, grand 
juror and three times deputy and representative from 
Farmington to the General Court at New Haven, from 
1710 to 1729. They had sons 

Stephen Upson, born 30 September, 1686 ; married 
Sarah Bronson. 

Thomas Upson, born 1 March, 1693, married Rachel 
Judd, daughter of Deacon Thomas Judd, and 

John Upson, born 13 December, 1702, married Eliza- 
beth, another daughter of Deacon Thomas Judd. 



Richard Church came over from England in ]630, 
then aged 22 ; he was made Freeman of Plymouth, Mass., 
1632; lived at Eel River in Plymouth until 1649, when 
he sold out and went first to Eastham, and then to Hing- 
ham. He died at Dedham, 27 December, 1668. His will 
is dated at Hingham 1668. He was a carpenter, was a 
" Sergeant in War against the Pequots in 1637," and 
made the gun carriages. He built the first meeting 
house in Plymouth about 1637. He married, 1635, Eliz- 
abeth, daughter of Richard Warren of the Mayflower; 
she died a widow at Hingham, 1670. One of their chil- 
dren was Colonel Benjamin Church, the famous Indian 


Payne, Ann, and Benjamin Suthard, 30 Dec, 1785, 
Fauquier Co., Va. 

Payne, Ann, and Moses Lunsford, 19 Feb., 1762, Lan- 
caster Co., Va. 

Payne, Agatha (d. of Agatha), and John Smither, 23 
Jan., 1785, Goochland Co., Va. 

Payne, Augustine, and Caty Young, 14 Jan., 1789, 
Fauquier Co., Va. 

Payne, Benjamin, and Susannah Roussan, 2 Jan., 1781, 
Fauquier Co., Va. 

Payne, Charles F., and Polly Adams, 12 Jan., 1788, 
Goochland Co., Va- 

Payne, Colston, and Charity Smoot, 20 Oct., 1790, 
Fauquier Co., Va. 

Payne, Fanny, and Tunstall Shelton, 18 Dec, 1794, 
Pittsylvania Co., Va. 

Payne, Frances, and Richard Stephens, 20 Dec, 1756, 
Lancaster Co-, Va. 

Payne, Frances, and Enoch Mason, 5 Jan., 1832, Albe- 
marle Co., Va. By Rev. John Gibson. 

Payne, George, and Nancy McKenzey, 26 Feb. 1806, 
Shenandoah Co., Va. 

Payne, George, and Frances Edwards, 13 Oct., 1729, 
Lancaster Co., Va. 

Payne, Jane (d. of John), and William Lee, of North- 
umberland, 26 Sept., 1780, Goochland Co., Va. 

^ayne, John, and Bridget Slakemore, 17 July, 1771, 
Lancaster Co., Va. 

Payne, Col. John, and Jean Chichester, 20 June, 1757, 
Lancaster Co., Va. 

Payne, Joseph E., and Peggy Pruett, 20 Oct., 1795, 
Caroline Co., Va. 

Payne, Judith, and George Vail, 10 Dec, 1735, Lancas- 
ter Co., Va. 

Payne, Judith, and Richard Embre, 17 Jan., 1785, 
Orange Co., Va. 

Payne, Lucy, and Samuel Moore, 1 May, 1782, Fauquier 
Co., Va. 

Payne, Margaret, and Benjamin Waddey, Jr., 1 Dec, 
1766, Lancaster Co., Va. ♦ 

Payne, Margaret B., and Smith Payne, 14 May, 1787, 
Goochland Co., Va. 

Payne, Mary, and Claiborne Smoot, 4 Feb., 1790, Fau- 
quier Co., Va. 

Payne, Mary (wid. Geo. Payne), and Nicholas Grimes, 
13 Jan., 1803, Alexandria Co., Va. 

Payne, Merryman, and Catherine Brent, Aug. 1734, 
Lancaster Co., Va. 

Payne, Michael, and Mary Elliott, 1772, Middlesex Co., 

Payne, Molly Ann, and William Payne, Jr., 17 March, 
1789, Fauquier Co., Va. 

Payne, Nancy, and Henry Ford, 16 Dec, 1790, Fauquier 
Co., Va. 

Payne, Richard, and Ann Shearman, 21 Jan., 1773, Lan- 
caster Co., Va. 

Payne, Richard, and Ann Shearman, 21 Jan., 1773, Lan- 
caster Co., Va. 

Payn, Richard, and Nancy Burkett, 6 Sept., 1797, Nor- 
folk Co., Va. 

Payne, Sarah (d. of Wm.), and Sarting Willis, 26 April, 
1779, Pittsylvania Co., Va. 

Payne, Sarah E., and John Ball, 3 Nov., 1767, Fauquier 
Co., Va. 

Payne, Smith, and Margaret B. Payne, 14 May, 1787, 
Goochland Co., Va. 

Payne, Susanna, and Hugh Brent, 6 Sept., 1750, Lan- 
caster Co., Va. 


Payne, Thomas, and Fanny Fortune, 5 Dec., 1788, Car- 
oline Co., Va. 

Payne, Thomas, and Sally Shelton, 22 Oct., 1795, Pitt- 
sylvania Co., Va. 

Payne, William, and Lucy George, 16 July, 1762, Lan- 
caster Co., Va. 

Payne, Wm, Sr., and Molly Ann Payne, 17 March, 1789, 
Fauquier Co., Va. 


The soldiers of the Revolution from Bedford county, 
Va., are recorded in a Minute Book, 1832, as follows : — 
Thomas Andrews 
William Arthur 
Richard Austin 
Henry Adams 
Thomas Brown 
Wright Bond 
Henry Brown 
Philip Bailey 
Elisha Barton 
Robert Boyle 
Isaac Cundiff 
Anthony Campbell 
John City 
Jacob City 
William Davenport 
Samuel Franklin 
Michael Graham 
Jonathan Grooms 
James Hamilton 
Samuel Hancock 
John Halley 
Thomas Hackworth 
John Hudnall 
Francis Hunter 
John W. Holt, son and 

only heir of 
Joseph Holt (deceased) 
Stephen Jones 
George Lambert 
Charles Lambert 

John Lowry 
Benjamin Meador 
John McConniheay 
John Mitchell 
James Mitchell 
Robert Moore 
Samuel Mitchell 
Threesiballuss Minor 
William Minor 
Charles Nelms 
William Oliver 
Thomas Overstreet 
Aaron Powell 
Thomas Pullen 
Frederick Padgett 
Lewis B. Reynolds 
Benjamin Robertson 
Alexander Reynolds 
James Stiff 
George Swain 
Jacob Sheperd 
David Saunders 
William Trac^y 
Jesse Witt, Senr. 
Samuel Wilkes 
Francis Wood 
Roger Williams 
William I. Walker 
Joshua Worley 



July 4 


Apr. 19 


Dec. 19 


Apr. 29 


Dec. 4 


May 24 


Jan. 2 


Feb. 15 


Oct. 28 


June 17 


Mar. 22 


Nov. 10 




May 29 


Sept. 25 


Mar. 1 


Nov. 6 


Jan. 3 



Dec. 19 


Mar. 10 


Nov. 5 


July 24 


Aug. 1 


July 12 


Mar. 13 


Mar. 25 


Sept. 17 


June 9 


Aug. 30 


Mar. 27 


Oct. 6 


Dec. 31 


Apr. 6 


July 14 


Jan. 2 


Apr. 6 


Oct, 16 




(Records of Tattnall County, at Reidsville. ) 

Arthur Boyd — Lucretia Highsmith. 
Gabriel Jones — Mary Wright. 
Joseph Collins — Lewcy Cook. 
John McLeod — Mary Jones. 
Bryant Scrapling — Peggy McLeod. 
Lewis Tyre — Sarah Sykes. 
Philip F. Sapp — Nancy McLeod. 
Bayne Boyd — Sarah Collins- 
Angus Calhoun — Winifred Ryals. 
Jonathon B. Callahand — Jincey Collins. 
Elijah Dukes — Polly Alsobrook. 
John J. Jones — Clarissa Stradley. 
Chas. Sapp — Mary McLeod. 
John Sikes — Abigail Tucker. 
John Tullis — Rebecca Sapp. 
Danile Sikes — Elizabeth Eason. 
Wm, Sikes — Jane Bedford. 
George Eason — Penelope Sykes. 
Edward Duke — Nancy Hodges. 
Duncan McArthur — Eliza McLeod. 
George Collins — Temperance Collins. 
Josiah Collins — Martha Kennedy. 
Jesse Dukes — Rebecca Tedder. 
Ed. Kennedy, Sr. — Charlotte Sikes. 
Joshua Dinkins — Rebecca Rials. 
Edward Burch — Isabel McLeod. 
John Collins — Mary Ann Kennedy. 
Abr. Strickland — Mary Duke. 
Josiah Sikes — Matilda Rivers. 
Henry J. Tullis — Matilda Lee. 
Charles Rivers — Georgia Ann Perry. 
Albert M. Duke— Susan N. Delk. 
Wiley Sapp — Rhoda Sikes. 
Rev. John Jones — Miss Harriet Clifton. 
And. J. Collins — Mary Ann Holland. 
Wm. H. Dinkins — Elez James (or) 

Dire C. Sikes— Martha Powell. 
James P. Lewis — Sarah Holland. 
And. S. Collons — Susan Holland. 

1845 Nov. 20 Stephen Holloway— Mary Collins. 

1848 Jan. 5 Bennie Collins — Cath. Ann Rogers- 

1849 Feb. 5 Perry Collins— Sarah Everett. 
1822 Jan. 15 John E. Elliot— Harriet Duke. 
1827 July 8 John Holland— Rachel Collins. 
1827 James Bishop — Mary Lewis- 
1827 Oct. 8 Wm. A. Causey— Sarah Collins. 


The first Isaac Kingsland came from London in 1673 ; 
settled on the Passaic River, opposite North Belleville, 
N. J., and died in 1698, leaving Edward, John, Mary, 
Hester, Elizabeth, Francis and Isaac. 

Isaac, the son, married, in 1727, Hannah Crane, whose 
father Jasper was one of the original settlers of New 
Haven, Conn-, coming to settle in Newark in 1666. The 
son Joseph married Mary Outwater in 1771. Their chil- 
dren were : John, born 1773, died 1806 ; Henry, born 
1778, died 1826 ; Hannah, born 1780, died 1848, married 
John Stevenson ; Catherine, born 1782, died 1842, mar- 
ried Cornelius Kingsland; Mary, born 1785, died 1853, 
married John Mclntyre; Rachel, born 1789, died 1878, 
married Thomas Oakes; Joseph, born 1792, died 1878, 
married Martha Aekerman; Sarah, born 1794, died 1848, 
married Peter Morris; Benjamin, born 1800, died 1829. 


William Woodberry and wife Elizabeth Patch, "came 
to this country about the year 1628." He died Jan. 
26, 1676, aged 88 years- His widow was living in June, 
1677. They had: Nicholas, baptized at South Pether- 
ton, Eng., April 18, 1618, married at Charlestown, Mass., 
Anna, daughter of Richard and Joan (Harris) Pals- 
grave, 1653. She was baptized at North Yarmouth, 
Eng., Oct. 29, 1626. He died May 16, 1686, aged 69 
years. His widow died June 10, 1701. They had: Isaac, 
baptized Nov. 20, 1665 ; married Elizabeth Herrick, be- 
fore 1688. He died October, 1733. They had : Josiah, 
born about 1711, married Elizabeth Trask, April 26, 
1739. He died December 22, 1789. His widow was 
buried June 7, 1790, aged 73 years. 



Sneal, Agnes, and Christopher Martin, 8 June, 1770, 

Snale, Ann, and Nathaniel Newton Mason, 1 June, 1758, 
Norfolk Co., Va. 

Snell, Deliverance, and Nathaniel Chamberlain, 19 
March, 1767, E. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Snell, Ebenezer S., and Sabra C. Clark, 8 Sept., 1828, 
Conway, Mass. 

Snale, Elizabeth, and James Langley, 1 Oct., 1771, Nor- 
folk Co., Va. 

Snaile, Frances, and James Woodhouse, 20 Nov., 1762, 
Princess Anne Co., Va. 

Snell, Hannah, and Benjamin Chamberlane, 23 Sept., 
1756, E. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Snell, James, and Mary Gordon, 8 Sept., 1804, Philadel- 
phia, Perm. 

Schnall, John, and Margaret Hastings, 27 March, 1791, 
Nazareth, Penn. 

Snell, John, and Sarah Singleton, 24 March, 1778, Phil- 
adelphia, Penn. 

Snell, Lucy, and Whitcomb Stetson, 3 March, 1796, East 
Bridgewater, Mass. 

Snell, Martha, and Samuel Hensley, 3 March, 1727, Spot- 
sylvania Co., Va. 

Snell, Martha, and Samuel Bisbe, 2 May, 1751, E. 
Bridgewater, Mass. 

Snell, Mary, and Nathan Atwood, 8 May, 1814, Fair- 
field, Maine- 

Snell, Mrs. Mary and James Gibbs, 7 March, 1824, Wis- 
casset, Maine. 

Snell, Milly, and William Cafran, 1 April, 1801, Car- 
oline Co., Md. 

Snell, Polycarpus, and Susanna Shaw, 27 Nov., 1776, 
E. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Snell, Samuel, and Elizabeth Fletcher, 6 Nov., 1799, 
Philadelphia, Penn. 

Snell, Sarah, and Robert Carlisle, 10 Feb., 1764, Chowan 
Co., N. Car. 

Snell, Silence, and Elijah Hayward, 14 Feb., 1751, E. 
Bridgewater, Mass. 


Snell, Stephen, and Patty Cole, 9 Feb., 1796, E. Bridge- 
water, Mass. 

Snell, Susanna and William Windsor, 10 March, 1802, 
Alexandria Co., Va. Then D. C. 

Snell, Thomas, and Abigail Kingsley, 3 Sept., 1702, Mil- 
ton, Mass. 

Snell, Thomas, Jr., and Bithiah Allen, 30 Oct., 1755, 
E. Bridgewater, Mass. 

Snell, Thomas, and Susanna Allen, 3 May, 1792, E. 
Bridgewater, Mass. 

Snail, Capt. Thomas, and Elizabeth W. Haynes, 26 July, 
1762, Lancaster Co., Va. 

Snale, Capt. Thomas, and Elizabeth, daughter of Wil- 
liam Ivy, Sr., 14 Sept., 1763, Norfolk Co., Va. 


Samuel Hotchkiss came from Essex, England. He 
was in New Haven in 1641. He married, 1642, Eliza- 
beth Claverly. They had, with other children, two sons : 

1. Samuel Hotchkiss, who married, 18 March, 1679, 
Sarah Talmadge, daughter of Robert Talmadge of New 
Haven, by wife, Sarah Nash. Sarah was baptized 19 
September, 1652. Their children were 

Mary, Born 1 January, 1680. 
Sarah, Born 7 April, 1681. 
Samuel, Born 6 March, 1683. 
James, Born 8 December, 1684. 
Abigail, Born 12 February, 1687. 
The other son of Samuel and Elizabeth Claverley was 

2. John Hotchkiss, born 1643; married Elizabeth 
Peck, daughter of Henry Peck, 5 December, 1672, first 
of the name in New Haven, ancestor of the late Bishop 
Jesse T. Peck of the M. E. Church. He died 1689. 
Their son 

3. Joseph Hotchkiss, born 3 June, 1678; mjarried 
Hannah Crutterton April, 1699, by whom he had 

4. Joseph Hotchkiss, who married Hannah . 

He died at Woodbridge, near New Haven, 13 May, 1799, 
leaving a will recorded in New Haven in Vol. 21, Page 
174, in which he names wife Hanna, beloved son Silas, 
bequeathing to beloved son David-Elisha the "one half 
of my land on the above named Lebanon Rock," also a 


pair of steers three years old; other sons were Joseph 
and Lyman, and daughter Hannah. Their son 

5. David-Elisha (orElisha?) Hotchkiss married Lydia 
Lee, whose son 

6. Elisha Hotchkiss, Jr., married Lodema Upson, 
daughter of Bazil Upson and Sybil Wright, whose 

7. Lodema Hotchkiss married Dr. Edward Fields. 


William Roscow, or Roscoe, of Blunt Point, Warwick 
County, Va., died in 1700. On his tomb at Blunt Point 
are the following arms and epitaph: (Arms, a lion ram- 
pant and a ragged staff; crest, a hand holding a dagger). 
" Under this stone lyeth the body of William Roscow, 
Gentleman, who was born at Charley, in the County of 
Lancaster, the 30th day of November, Anno Dom. 1664, 
and departed this life at Blunt Point, in ye County of 
Warwick, the 2d day of November, Anno Dom. 1700, 
and in the thirty-sixth year of his age. Also here lyes 
the body of Mary, wife of the above William Roscoe, 
and daughter of Colonel William Wilson, of Elizabeth 
City County, who was born in October, 1675, and dyed 
January the 11th, 1741, in the sixty-seventh year of 
her age." 


Col. Hamilton Gamble, of St. Louis, Missouri, born 
Nov. 11, 1858; died April 11, 1877, in Salt Lake City, 
was the son of Hamilton Rowan Gamble, born 1798, died 
1864, who was the son of Joseph Gamble, a native of 
Ireland, who came to Virginia in 1789, with wife Anne, 
daughter of John Hamilton "of the Strath": (Vir- 
ginia Cousins, Page 401). 

Col- Robert Gamble, born in Augusta County, Vir- 
ginia, September 3, 1754, married Catherine Grafton. 
He died April 12, 1810. He was the son of James Gam- 
ble, born 1729 ; who was the son of Robert Gamble of 
Londonderry, Ireland: (Cabells and Their Kin, Pages 
250, 257-8). 



Britt, Ann, and Absolom Wilder, 8 July, 1779, Bertie 

Co., North Carolina. 
Britt, Betsy, and Seth Lawrence, 8 Feb., 1796, Bertie 

Co., North Carolina. 
Britt, Jesse, and Sarah Cook, 30 July, 1793, Bertie Co., 

North Carolina. 
Britt, Josiah, and Priscilla Floyd, 1 Feb., 1797, Bertie 

Co., North Carolina. 
Britt, Loving, and James Morris, 7 Nov-, 1791, Bertie 

Co., North Carolina. 
Britt, Martha, and King White, 22 Jan., 1788, Bertie 

Co., North Carolina. 
Britt, Patience, and Stephen White, 13 Feb., 1795, Bertie 

Co., North Carolina. 
Britt, Sally, and Ambrose Powell, 8 Sept., 1783, Orange 

Co., Va. 
Britt, Sarah, and John Thomas, 26 Nov., 1800, Bertie 

Co., North Carolina. 
Britt, Sarah, and Presly Gill, 4 May, 1798, Rockbridge 

Co., Va. 
Britt, Sarah, and George Dewitt, 2 Sept., 1828, Har- 
rison Co-, Ohio. 
Britt, Thomas, and Martha King, 2 March, 1793, Bertie 

Co., North Carolina. 



Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 8, 1757. 

s. in law John Potts. 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed Oct. 2, 1775. 

s. John Thomas. 

s- Norborn Thomas. 

s. Thomas Thomas. 

Three daughters. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed Feb. 5, 1781. 

wife Eleanor. 

sister Nancy Thomas. 

sister Betty Latheram. 



(Now first published,) 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Oct. 9, 1764. 

wife Ann. 

s. Edward Nandiver. 

d. Sarah Nandiver, 

d. Tabitha Nandiver. 

d. Amenthia Nandiver. 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed March 5, 1781. 

wife Susannah. 

s. Enoch Nash. 

d. Elizabeth Nash. 

d. Mary Nash. 

d. Ann Nash. 

d. Louisa Dixon, wife of William. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Feb. 5, 1782. 

wife Hannah. 

d. Elizabeth Neily. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed Dec. 2, 1794. 

wife Margaret. 

s. William Nesbett. 

s. John Nesbett. 

s. Andrew Nesbett. 

d. Mary Nesbett- 

d. Margaret Nesbett. 

d. Jean Nesbett. 

d. Elizabeth Nesbett. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 27, 1742. 

wife Lydia. 

bro. Daniel Noals. 

bro. Christopher Noals. 

sister Frances Spence. 

Campbell Co., Va. Will filed Jan. 4, 1787. 

wife Lucy. 

s. Richard Oglesby. 

s. Thomas Oglesby. 

g. s. Thomas Oglesby. 



(genealogical J&oofcs 

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Hopkins. 52 pages. 1916. Price $3.00. 

(Sentalogp jWagajitu 

Vol. X APRIL, 1922 No. 7 


Eaton, Abigail and Samuel Merrill, 25 Oct., 1759, Plais- 
tow, N. H. 

Eaton, Abigail and Francis Moore, 7 Sept., 1750, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Eaton, Abigail and Timothy Robinson, 4 Jan., 1809, 
Dover, N. H. 

Eaton, Abram and Aseneth Page, 15 May, 1830, King- 
ston, N. H. 

Eaton, Anna and Thomas Abbot, 14 April, 1801, Con- 
cord, N. H. 

Eaton, Benjamin and Hanna Bradley, Oct. 23, 1794, 
Rockbridge Co., Va. 

Eaton, Benoni, alias Long, and Hannah Watson, 28 Nov., 
1754, Kingston, N. H. 

Eaton, Daniel and Mary Warner, 8 Nov. 1804. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Eaton, David M. and Abigail Brintnall, May 1803, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Eaton, David P. and Eliza Jane Marshall, 28 Feb., 1839, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Eaton, Edw. and Dolly Valliant, 2 Feb., 1782, Dor- 
chester Co., Md. 

Eaton, Effie M. and John Christy, 28 Oct., 1840, Har- 
rison Co., Ohio. 

Eaton, Eleanor and John Reynolds, 9 Nov., 1756, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. 

Eaton, Eliz. and James Davis, Dec. 1, 1648, Haverhill, 

Eaton, Esther and Asa Bannen, Sept. 25, 1796, Rock- 
bridge Co., Va. 

Eaton, Ezekial and Mary Campbell, 11 Dec, 1752, King- 
ston, N. H. 

Eaton, Fanny and Job Hubbard, 28 Oct., 1785, Dor- 
chester Co., Md. 


Eaton, Fidelia and Asaph Boutelle, 8 Oct., 1831, Fitch- 
burg, Mass. 

Eaton, Grace, widow, and Henry Sillisby, 18 Nov., 1680, 
Lynn, Mass. 

Eaton, Hannah and William Shepardson, 14 Jan., 1829, 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

Eaton, Hannah and Moses Woodman, 8 July, 1777, 
Kingston, N. H. 

Eaton, Hannah and David Blanchard, 4 Oct., 1796, Con- 
cord, N. H. 

Eaton, Harriet I. and James E. Tower, 30 March, 1862, 
Groton, Mass. 

Eaton, Israel and Diadema Hay ward, 1726, Salem, Mass. 

Eaton, Isaac and Phebe Chandler, 10 Oct., 1816, Mont- 
pelier, Vermont. 

Eaton, Johiel E. and Sarah Coleman, 26 March, 1840, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Eaton, Jonathan and Eliz. Burnapp, 1683, Reading, 

Eaton, John and Eliz. Michell, 30 April, 1702, New 

Eaton, John and Eliz. Kendall, 8 March, 1658, Water- 
town, Mass. 

Eaton, John and Dorcas Green, 26 Nov., 1674, Reading, 

Eaton, Joseph E. and Peggy Ann Ankrim, 16 Feb., 
1832, Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Eaton, Lilley and Sarah Emerson, 1762, Reading, Mass. 

Eaton, Lilley, Jr., and Eunice Evans, 1797, Reading, 

Eaton, Maria and Tappan Sargent, 22 Oct., 1818, King- 
ston, N. H. 

Eaton, Martha and Thomas Brown, 7 Oct., 1656, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Eaton, Mary and Cornelius Wood, 18 May, 1738, Sud- 
bury, Mass. 

Eaton, Mary and George Taylor, June 25, 1801, Alex- 
andria Co., Va. (Then D. C.) 

Eaton, Mary and John Gilbert, 1653, Boston, Mass. 

Eaton, Mary and John Burril, 12 Jan., 1767, Thomp- 
son, Conn. 

Eaton, Mary and Roger Fountain, 21 June, 1780, Caro- 
line Co., Md. 


Eaton, Mary and John Scripture, 30 Dec, 1728, Coven- 
try, Conn. 

Eaton, Mary and Richard Dodge, 23 Feb., 1668, Water- 
town, Mass. 

Eaton, Mary and John Pope, 22 April, 1736, Danvers, 

Eaton, Mary and Josiah Nurse, 1716, Reading, Mass. 

Eaton, Mary and Neheiniah Heath, 6 Feb., 1744, King- 
ston, N. H. 

Eaton, Mary and William Dail, 28 April, 1791, Caro- 
line Co., Md. 

Eaton, Mary A. and Ira Case, 15 Nov., 1849, Prince- 
ton, 111. 

Eaton, Moses and Lucy Hazeltine, 24 Nov., 1794, Con- 
cord, N. H. 

Eaton, Moses and Betsey Jones, 23 Jan., 1821, King- 
ston, N. H. 

Eaton, Nancy and Caleb Hitchcock, March 3, 1802, 
Hinsdale, N. H. 

Eaton, Nathan and Phebe Brooks, 16 Dec, 1779, Ash- 
ford, Conn. 

Eaton, Nathaniel and Betsey Mclntire, July, 1803, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Eaton, Osgood and Bethiah Virgin, 10 Sept., 1793, Con- 
cord, N. H. 

Eaton, Patience and Meshack Gurdy, 31 July, 1751, 
Kingston, N. H. 

Eaton, Philander and Sarah Pearl, 1833, Farmington, 
N. H. 

Eaton, Rachel A. J. and Albert Boyd, 20 Dec, 1836, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Eaton, Relief and Daniel M. Prescott, March, 1789, 
Chester, N. H. 

Eaton, Ruth and Amos Webster, 8 May, 1804, Concord, 
N. H. 

Eaton, Sally and Isaac Sheppard, Oct., 1803, Boston, 

Eaton, Sally and Samuel Eaton, 18 Dec, 1797, Con- 
cord, N. H. 

Eaton, Samuel and Sally Eaton, 18 Dec, 1797, Con- 
cord, N. H. 

Eaton, Samuel, Jr., and Susanna Barden, 11 June, 
1776, Middleborough, Mass. 


Eaton, Sarah and Wesley Beffling, 17 Nov., 1831, Harri- 
son Co., Ohio. 

Eaton, Sarah and Ebenezer Pope, Oct., 1754, Danvers, 

Eaton, Silas and Polly Nichols, Feb., 1782, Framing- 
ham, Mass. 

Eaton, Silas and Nancy Stone, 5 March, 1812, Framing- 
ham, Mass. 

Eaton, Susannah and Jeremiah Wardwell, 1 March, 
1803, Concord, N. H. 

Eaton, Weltha and Elijah Hackett, 24 Jan., 1776, Mid- 
dleborough, Mass. 

Eaton, Tamsey and David Richards, 10 Jan., 1780, 
Caroline Co., Md. 

Eaton, William and Mary Burnett, 1692, Lynn, Mass. 


John Carter was a native of Virginia and lived in 
Richmond. He moved to Georgia about the year 1792 
and settled in Wilkes County within a mile of Wash- 
ington, southeast from the town on one of the Augusta 
roads. His first wife was Lucy Doran. His second was 
Rebecca Richardson. By her he had only child Charles 
Richardson Carter. Rebecca died and he married a 
widow Terrell. Her maiden name was Anthony. By 
her he had five sons, Joseph, Robert, John, James and 
George Carter. 

Charles Richardson Carter married Jane Harrison 
Moore. Robert Carter died young, without marrying. 
Joseph Carter married Sarah Hillard. Had one son by 
her and he died. Second wife was a widow. Had no 
children by her. John Carter married Sarah H. Willis. 
He died without children. James Carter married • Ra- 
chel Chappel of Warren County. By her he had nine 
children, to wit: Elizabeth, Mary, etc. George Carter 
married Margaret Borum of Wilkes County. Second 
wife was Sarah Geary. By her he had three daughters, 
Winnie, Laura and Georgia. 

John Carter had two brothers, William and Robin 
Carter. William Carter married Elizabeth Grimes. By 
her he had Mary Carter (who married William Moore 
Booker), Sterling Grimes Carter, Elizabeth, Martha and 


Thomas C. Carter. Robin Carter married and had 
three children. Thomas A., Francis Scott and John 
Cornelison Carter. 

Sterling Grimes Carter married, but left no children. 
Elizabeth Carter married a Mr. March and he died, and 
she married William S. Taylor, or "Black Taylor" as he 
was called. 

When Elizabeth Taylor died her husband married 
Anne Booker, who was his wife's niece. She was a 
widow Beal at the time. They moved to Mississippi, 
and their oldest daughter Georgia Taylor is now Mrs. 
Jno. M. Allen, of Tupelo, Miss. He was called "Pi- 
rate" John Allen when he was in Congress. Martha 
Carter married John Murphy. Thomas Carter mar- 
ried in Coweta County. 

James Carter, a nephew of John Williams and Robin 
Carter, moved from Virginia at the same time his uncle 
did and settled in Elbert County. He had several 
children, Sarah, Martha and Ann. Sarah married Dr. 
Stephen A. Heard of Elbert County. They had six 
or seven children. Stephen G. Heard was one. Mar- 
tha Carter married Samuel Cockage of Columbus, Ga. 
Ann Carter never married. 

William Carter's wife was Elizabeth Grimes Carter 
who was a sister of William A. and Thomas Grimes of 
Greensboro, Ga. William A. Grimes married Julia 
Lassiter. They had one son, Henry. Alsa Holt's wife 
was own first cousin of Thomas Grimes of Greensboro. 

(This record of the Carter family was found among the 
papers of John Alexander Stephens, who was a son of John 
Lindsay and Mary Elizabeth (Booker) Stephens.) 

One of the early settlers of Ryegate, Vt., was John 
Cameron. He was an ardent admirer of Thomas Jef- 
ferson, and declared that the next child born to him 
should bear the name of the Virginian statesman. Con- 
trary to his hopes, the next child was a girl; but with 
true Scotch persistency, he had her christened Thomas 
Jefferson. The second name was familiarly abbreviated 
into " Jeffie," and made a tolerable Christian name for 
a girl. 



(Newly discovered records, now first published.) 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 5, 1768. 

s. William Ray. 

s. Moses Ray. 

s. Thomas Ray. 

other sons and daughters. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed July 13, 1762. 

wife Barbary. 

s. Joseph Read. 

s. William Read. 

s. Reuben Read. 

s. Andrew Read. 

s. John Read. 

d. Elizabth Read. 

d. Frances Read. 

d. Lettice Read. 

d. Ann Read. 

mother Ruth Read. 
Thaddeus Read, 
s. of former wife. 

Bedford Co., Va. Will filed May 24, 1773. 

s. William Read. 

s. Daniel Read. 

s. Jonadab Read. 

s. Thomas Read. 

d. Eliz. Simmons. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed May 8, 1764. 

wife Mary. 

s. John Redmond. 

s. Andrew Redmond. 

d. Elizabeth Redmond. 

d. Ann Redmond. 

d. Margaret Redmond. 

d. Sarah Redmond. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Oct. 8, 1770. 

wife Elizabeth. 

s. William Reeder. 


s. Joseph Reeder. 

s. Daniel Reeder. 

s. David Reeder. 

s. Elijah Reeder. 

s. Jacob Reeder. 

s. Stephen Reeder. 

d. Margaret Reeder. 

d. Elennor Reeder. 

d. Elizabeth Lake. 

Rockbridge Co., Va., Will filed Dec. 2, 1788. 

wife Hannah. 

s. Henry Sailing. 

s. George Sailing. 

s. John Sailing. 

d. Agnes Sailing. 

Five other daughters. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Oct. 10, 1767. 

wife Elizabeth. 

s. William Sanders. 

s. Benjamin Sanders. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 27, 1739. 

d. Elinor Vilott. 

s. in 1. Edward Vilott. 

d. Margaret Hyde. 

d. Elizabeth Hairs. 

d. Mary Sandors. 

d. Jamining Eldor. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 11, 1764. 

s. John Santclare 

d. Elizabeth Hampton. 

d. Mary Richardson. 

g.d. Rachel Morris. 

g.s. Benj. Morris. 

g.s. Samuel Morris. 

g.d. Margaret Santclare. 

g.s. John Hawling. 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed July 6, 1790. 

wife Elizabeth. 


s. William Sare. 

d. Mary Baxter. 

d. Priscilla Gove. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 14, 1768. 

wife Esther. 

s. John Scatterday. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed Oct. 7, 1782. 

wife Sarah. 

s. John Scott. 

s. Gustavus Scott. 

s. William Scott. 

g.s. Alex, s. of Robert Scott. 

g.d. Sarah Scott. 

d. Christiana Scott. 

d. Catherine Scott. 

d. Helen Bullitt. 

s. in 1. Cuthbert Bullitt. 

d. Christina Blackburn. 

s. in 1. Thomas Blackburn. 

d. Catherine Brown. 

s. in 1. Df. William Brown. 

Bishop Mead, of Virginia, occasionally allowed him- 
self to say a witty thing, though habitually very grave. 
He was once lamenting the neglect of education in the 
State, and remarked with a significant expression "Our 
girls are poorly educated, but our boys will never find 
it out." 

Baron Frederick William Steuben, major-general of 
the American Army, who died 1794, aged 61, was a 
guest at the house of Mrs. Livingston, mother of the 
chancellor of New York, and was introduced to a Miss 
Sheaff. "I am happy," he said, "to be presented 
to you, though at a great risk; from my youth I have 
been cautioned against mischief; but I had no idea, that 
her attractions were so powerful." 



(Records in the office of the Recorder of Deeds.) 

Alphonso Boon and Nancy Boon, Feb. 21, 1822. 

Banton G. Boone and Elizabeth Copher Boone, June 
26, 1828. 

James Madison Boone and Mary McMurtry, April 7, 

Alonzo Boon and Mary Jane Jackson, Jan. 2, 1834. 

Albert G. Boone and Ann Read Hamelton, July 9, 

Joseph P. Callaway and Miss Nancy Coats, Dec. 12, 

Thomson Crump and Luizea Hase, Dec. 22, 1825. 

Win. Callaway and Tabitha Coats, April 9, 1829. 

Samuel Crump and Elizabeth Baker, Jan. 7, 1830. 

Ballinger Crump and Susan May, Feb. 2, 1830. 

James Crump and Sarah Ratekin, Nov. 1, 1832. 

D. W. S. Crump and Mary Love, Dec. 5, 1831. 

Francis Chick and Elenor Hays, Dec. 16, 1835. 

Joseph Hays and Nancy Hlays, March 13, 1825. 

Harman Hays and Manervia Scholl, April 29, 1832. 

Joseph Schull and Eliza Braughton, Feb. 24, 1831. 

Glover Smart and Elvira Day, Feb. 5, 1834. 

John Dearing and Louisa Crump, March 7, 1841. 

Archibald N. Williams and Miss Maria Broughton, 
June 7, 1841. 

James S. Tuttle and Martha L. Boone, May 21, 1840. 

James Galbreath and Miss Louisa Broughton, Oct. 
22, 1846. 

Samuel Tucker Boone and Miss Eliza Ann Simpson, 
Jan. 6, 1852. 

Richard Hays and Miss Elizabeth Scholl, April 5, 

James Smart and Rachel C. Ewing, Feb. 15, 1838. 

William Dudley and Manerva Callaway, Feb. 15, 1838. 

James Crump and Miss Polly Ann Martin, Sept. 22, 

Henry Veers and Miss Lydia Ann Crump, Dec. 14, 

James Mure and Miss Rebecca Scholl, March 25, 1847. 

Amason Hays and Agnes McMurtry, Oct. 21, 1841. 

Samuel Hays and Rebecca Berry, Sept. 23, 1845. 

John T. Smart and Virginia L. Smart, March 5, 1837. 


James Sheley and Mary Ann Smart, Nov. 8, 1837. 

Wm. Arnold and Louisa Scholl, Feb. 27, 1840. 

James A. Smart and Mary T. Glover, Dec. 24, 1845. 

David H. Smart and Mary E. Sharlotte Wells, Sept. 
3, 1846. 

Milton Scholl and Sally Hughs, March 16, 1848. 

Cyrus R. Scholl and Mary Jane Maughas, Oct. 3, 

Mr. T. B. Scholl and Miss D. A. Boone, April 9, 1863. 


The first of the Hoover family to come to Atmerica 
was Andrew Huber, who was born in Baden, Germany, 
and who settled in Maryland in 1740. His wife was 
Margaret Foutz. They were the parents of eight chil- 

Jonas, who married Rachel Briles. 

Andrew, who married Elizabeth Waymire. 

Jacob, who removed to North Carolina. 

Daniel, who died in Stillwater, Ohio. 

David, who died in Stillwater, Ohio. 

John, of North Carolina. 

Peter, of North Carolina. 

Henry, of North Carolina. 

The direct ancestor of Herbert Clark Hoover was 
John Hoover, born in North Carolina, the son of the 
original Andrew Huber* of Maryland. He married Sarah 
Burkett, and removing to Ohio, in his later years, he 
died in West Milton, in the Buckeye State. His fourth 
son was Jesse Hoover, born in 1799, in Hugh Wara 
River, North Carolina, and who died in West Branch, 
Iowa, in November, 1856. In 1819, he married Rebecca 
Yount, at West Milton, Miami Co., Ohio, and removed 
to Iowa in 1854. He was the great grandfather of 
Herbert. Eli Hoover, the first son of Jesse, and grand- 
father of Herbert, was born October 6, 1820, in Miami 
Co., Ohio, and died July 24, 1892, at Hubbard, Iowa. 
He married, first, Mary Davis, who died 1852, in Ohio, 
and married, second, August 17, 1854, in Iowa, Han- 
nah Leonnard, who was born in Ireland in 1832. 

The father of Herbert Clark Hoover was Jesse, the 
third child of Eli and his first wife, Mary Davis. Jesse 


was born September 2, 1847, and was baptized Jesse 
Clark Hoover. He died December 13, 1880, at West 
Branch, Iowa. He married March 12, 1870, Huldah 
Hannah Minthorn, a minister in the Society of Friends. 
She died in February, 1883. The issue of this marriage 
were the two Hoover brothers of the present day and 
one daughter. 

Theodore Jesse Hoover, born January 28, 1871. 

Herbert Clark Hoover, born August 10, 1874. 

Mary, born 1876. 

Theodore was educated at the Pacific Academy, Ore- 
gon; Penn College, Iowa; and at the Leland Stanford 
University. In June, 1899, he married in San Fran- 
cisco, Mildred Crew Brooke, daughter of Thomas Snow- 
den Brooke, of Maryland. They have three children, 
Mildred, Hulda and Louise, the latter having been born 
in London, in 1908, where Mr. Hoover makes his home 
at 65 Addison Road, West London. He is a member of 
the Royal Automobile Club of London, and is a Fellow 
in the Royal Geographic Society, and the Royal Zoologi- 
cal Society. 

Herbert C. Hoover is a geologist by profession, and 
like his brother is a graduate of the Leland Stanford, 
Jr., University, and soon after leaving college he made 
extensive explorations in the interior of China, and was 
in Tiensin during the Boxer disturbances. In 1917, he 
was General Manager of the Chinese Engineering and 
Mining Company, and a managing director of the Zinc 
Corporation, Ltd., of London. Mr. Hoover married, 
February 10, 1899, Lou Henry of Monterey, Cal. In 
1917 he gave his home address, or rather his residence, 
as Red House, Hornton Street, London, England. Mr. 
Hoover has two sons, Herbert Charles and Allen Henry. 

An English sculptor was ordered to engrave upon a 
tombstone the following words: "She was a crown to 
her husband." The stone, being small, he engraved 
upon it: "She was 5s to her husband." 



(From the Riverview Cemetery, Charlottesville, Virginia, 
old burying ground.) 

1. Here lies the body of Nicholas Lewis, Born Jan- 

uary 19th, 1734, And Departed this Life De- 
cember 8th, 1808. 

2. In Sacred memory of Thomas Walker Lewis, Born 

June the 24th, 1763, And Departed this Life 
June the 7th, 1807, Aged 44 years. 

3. Sacred to the memory of John Gorman, who de- 

parted this Life August 23, 1821, aged 41 years. 
A native of Ireland. 

4. Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann Gorman, who 

departed this life June 24th, 1828, in the 8th 
year of her age. She rest in God. 

5. Sacred to the memory of Hugh Gorman who Died 

September 3d, 1820, aged 8 months and Ten 

6. Here Lies the Body of Rebecca Leitch, consort 

of Samuel Leitch, A native of Ireland Who de- 
parted This Life 22d May, 1820, Aged 37. 
(Riverview Cemetery, Charlottesville, Virginia. New part.) 

7. John Henry Cheape, Son of Genl. Sir John Cheape 

G. C. B. (Royal Engineers) of "Old Park" 
Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Eng. Entered into 
rest Aug. 3, 1892, aged 44 years. 

8. In loving memory of Capt. Charles Edward Mc- 

Murdo, late of the 79th Cameron Highlanders 
and Royal Canadian Rifles. He served with 
the former through the Crimean War and 
Indian Mutiny. Died April 1, 1903, aged 67. 

9. Thomas Towfcon Norman, 1842-1911, Co. A, 9th 

Virginia Cavalry, C. S. A. Son of Capt. 
Thomas Norman, U. S. Navy and Mildred Fick- 
lin Hill, of Stafford Co., Va. 

10. Sacred to the memory of Flora Georgiana, wife 

of Lambert B. Disney and youngest daughter 
of the late Capt. T. J. B. O'Flahertie, Kil- 
kenny Fusiliers, Galway Co., Ireland. Died 
Sept. 9, 1895, aged 51 years. 

11. Sacred to the memory of Lambert Disuey, Born in 

London 1839, Died May 12, 1911, second son 


of Edgar Disney of the Hyde Ingatestons, Es- 
sex Co., Eng. 

12. Julia Stockton, wife of Thomas M. Farish and 

daughter of J. T. & A. M. Randolph, Born 
May 8, 1860, Died May 20, 1893. 

13. Rev. J. T. Randolph, March 13, 1825, Nov. 26, 1905. 

Ann. M. Randolph, April 1829— Feb. 20, 1904. 

14. Elizabeth Wash, Died May 4, 1886, Aged 86. 

15. Polly Goodman, Born Aug. 30, 1778, Died April 

29, 1858, One of the excellent of the earth. 

16. Jeremiah A. Goodman, Born Sept. 15, 1780, Died 

April 2, 1854. A kind neighbor. A good mas- 
ter. A Christian. 

17. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Kitty Ann Leathers, 

who departed this life June 14th, 1851, aged 40. 

18. In memory of Wm. E. Farish, who departed this 

life Jany. 6th, 1854, aged 32 Years. 

19. Carrie S., Wife of John Randolph, Born Oct. 21, 

1856, Died Oct 21, 1879. 

20. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. J. P. Farish, who 

departed this life April 25, 1854, Aged 79. 

21. Sacred to the memory of Sally Coleman, consort 

of F. D. Brockman (last part obliterated). 

22. Millicent W. Farish, Died March 20, 1870, aged 71 

23. William P. Farish, Born Feb. 8, 1797, Died Oct. 

29, 1869. 

24. Mary W. Randolph, Daughter of John T. and 

Annie M. Randolph, Born February 9, 1849. 
Died May 29, 1883. 

25. William J. Duke, Born May 6, 1807, Died March 

4, 1878. 

26. Jacob Van Doren, Born Feb. 23, 1819, Died Nov. 

27, 1878. 

27. Mary B. Van Doren, Born Dec. 3, 1825, Died June 

10, 1877. 

28. Katherine Ellen, Eldest daughter of A. T. and M. 

Williamson of Ringos, N. J. Born Feb. 21, 
1852, Died April 12, 1878. 

29. John Vannosdoll, Born Jan. 1, 1836, Died April 

24 1899. 

30. Robert S. Adams, Died Sep. 19, 1898, Aged 31 Y. 

5 M. 15 D. 


31. Parker C, son of M. H. and M. E. Cason, Born 

Oct. 28, 1885, Died May 20, 1912. Member 
of 58th Co., Fort Monroe. Drowned in Hamp- 
ton Roads. 

32. Peter A. Woods, Born June 24, 1816, Died Oct. 

16, 1869. 

33. In memory of Twymovia Lee Woods. The devoted 

wife of P. A. Woods. Born the 20th day of 
April, 1815, and died the 16th day of May, 1850. 

34. In memory of Mary Wayt, Born June 18th, 1778. 

Died March 22d, 1844. 

35. In memory of Wm. Fenton Wayt. 

36. In memory of Cynthia Kelly Wayt, Wife of John 

G. Wayt, Born in Charlottesville, August 7th, 
1815, Died in Richmond, December 9th, 1848, 
and of 
William Twyman Wayt (remainder obliterated) 

37. James W. Winn, Born June 20, 1842. Died Aug. 

6, 1860. 

38. John Rice Winn, Born July 15, 1844, Died Sep. 18, 

1860 , 


Elizabeth Coy of Boston, who died in the year 1700, 
was married five times. 'Twas a case of "Coy and hard 
to please." 

Elbridge Gerry, in a newspaper dated June 8, 1775, 
advertises the loss of "an outside garment commonly 
called a French great coat, with a crimson velvet cape;" 
and in the same paper for June 3, 1779, another person 
advertises the loss of "a chocolate coloured French 
great coat, with a crimson velvet cape but little the worse 
for wear." 

A birth is found recorded in an old family Bible at 
West Haven, Conn., as follows: "Elizabeth Jones, born 
on the 20th of November, 1786, according to the best 
of her recollection." 



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(Smealogg JWaga?ttu 

Vol. X JULY, 1922 No. 8 


Jan. 4, 1774, William Hill to Martha Dludgeon. 
March 19, 1769, Joseph Holt to Judith Hill. 
March 18, 1772, Nicholas Hobson to Jane Hobson. 
June 28, 1796, Bernard Harris to Mary Smallwood. 
March 18, 1774, John Hughs to Lucy Irby. 
March 30, 1779, Thomas Harris to Anne Phillips. 
1789— Bond 1790— John Harper to Elizabeth Mickle- 

Jan. 6, 1787, Bernard Harris to Ann Askew. 
Dec. 27, 1796, Edmond Hoskins to Sarah Fountain. 
Dec. 22, 1785, George Howerton to Frances Jones. 
Feb. 1, 1789, James Howerton to Nancy Foster. 
Sept. 27, 1787, Thomas Hicks to Elizabeth Taylor. 
Nov. 27, 1798, Moses Hicks to Susannah Childress. 
March 29, 1798, David Hicks to Nancy Childress. 
March 13, 1798, Wyatt Hewell to Sally Atkinson. 
Dec. 18, 1792, Wyatt Howell to Frances Davenport. 
Oct. 3, 1799, Joseph Hewell to Susannah Ragland. 
Dec. 10, 1790, John Hewell to Eliza Collins. 
Oct. 27, 1786, Thomas Harrison to Mary Dudley. 
April 18, 1782, Moza Hurt to Phebe Mann. 
Dec. 19, 1781, Gilbert Hunt to Susannah Martin. 
Dec. 20, 1787, James Hunt to Rhoda Nunnally. 
Nov. 20, 1786, Alex. Hitts to Rhoda Dodson. 
March 13, 1789, Ambrose Hart to Mary Owen. 
March 15, 1787, David Hunter to Dorcas Shelton. 
Dec. 8, 1785, Thomas Hunt to Mollie Bruis. 
Dec. 7, 1786, James Hurt to Elizabeth Morris. 
June 31, 1788, Zachariah Hill to Sally Mason. 
Jan. 13, 1783, Richard Hooper to Elizabeth Word. 
Jan. 20, 1782, James Hurt to Agnes Harrison. 
Aug. 11, 1788, Richard Haily (also Haley) in Bond — 

to Millicent Hunt. 


Sept. 22, 1787, Thomas Hix to E. Taylor. 

Dec. 23, 1784, Daniel Hughs to Nancy Brigs. 

Dec. 4, 1785, James Harper to Agnes Burchfield. 

Nov. 24, 1783, H'enry Hobson to Polly Pate. 

June 2, 1786, Daniel Hutcherson to Eliza Johnson. 

Jan. 2, 1788, Stephen Hughes to Tabitha Finch. 

June 23, 1788, John Hancock to E. Turner. 

June 24, 1796, Archibald Haley to Polly Medley. 

Nov. 17, 1798, Charles Harris to Tabitha Lovelace. 

Sept. 20, 1791, Wyatt Haley to Alice Coles Bennett. 

Aug. 8, 1783, Issham Hall to Juriah Layne. 

Dec. 20, 1798, Thomas Hall to Polly Yates. 

Jan. 24, 1794, Elijah Harris to Nancy Lee. 

Sept. 17, 1778, John Hobson to S. Boyd. 

Oct. 22, 1792, James Hitt, to Polly Grant. 

April 7, 1786, Benjamine Hubbard to Susanna Gil- 

July 6, 1787, Robert Harper to Lucy Groce. 
Nov. 16, 1795, Peter Holt to P. Estes. 
April 25, 1799, Ephriam Hill lo E. Stevens, 
Oct. 18, 1780, James Hoskins to Mary Sanford. 
July 1, 1799, John Hill to Juda Scurlock. 
Sept. 13, 1781, John Hundley to Keziah Sims. 
August 4, 1773, Samuel Hoskins to Susannah Watkins. 
March 16, 1775, James Hill to S. Williams. 
May 15, 1753, Nathaniel Hunt to E. Wade. 
March 19, 1754, Memican Hunt to Mary Wade. 
April 15, 1799, Robert Hubbard to Polly Winfrey. 
Feb. 9, 1788, David Hamrick to Lettice Wyatt. 
July 22, 1793, Lewis Hancock to N. Worthy. 
March 14, 1796, Thomas Hankley to Delphy West. 
Dec. 25, 1790, Stith Harrison to Betsy Haskins. 
April 5, 1787, William Hardwick to Sarah Easley. 
Jan. 15, 1788, John Hardwick to Drucilla Hamblett. 
Dec. 13, 1792, John Harmer (Harmah) to Sally Finch. 
March 19, 1797, Stith Harrison to Lettice Crutchfield. 
April 21, 1791, Lea Harrelson to Mary Stanfield. 
April 30, 1789, Walker Harris to Sarah Durrett. 
Jan. 26, 1789, Richard Harris to Susannah Irby. 
1792, Armistead Haning to Elizabeth Huddleston. * 
Dec. 10, 1782, Terry W. Haney to Sarah Luke. 
May 28, 1786, William Hanes to Sally McGrigger. 


Dec. 16, 1785, Joseph Hancock to Mary Birchfield. 

May 11, 1792, Barnett Hancock to Mary Seats. 

Nov. 3, 1791, Anderson Hancock to Jerusha Brumfield. 

Jan. 5, 1792, Job Hampton to Ajgnes Lawson. (Bond 
Dec. 31, 1791.) 

Feb. 4, 1786, Joseph Hampton to Rachel Dodson. 

Feb. 3, 1796, John Hamblin to Sarah Harrison. 

Dec. 1785, Boiling Hamlett to Polly Combs. (Bond 
Jan. 3, 1786.) 

Feb. 22, 1786, William Hamblett to Henrietta Baker. 

Oct. 28, 1789, William Hamblett to Mary Brooks. 

Feb. 28, 1793, William Hall to Anne Miller. 

Jan. 25, 1798, Loris Hardwick to Sally Walker. 

Aug. 26, 1794, Anderson Hurst to M. Medley. 

Feb. 6, 1795, Benjamine Hancock to Mary Mclntire. 

Dec. 22, 1794, Hill Hudson to Polly Owen. 

Dec. 30, 1794, Edward Hall to N. Roberts. 

Mar. 28, 1791, Ahab Hampton to N. Cheatham. 

Jan. 28, 1790, John Hawkins to Jane Ferguson. 

Feb. 16, 1796, Burwell Haygood (also Hagood) to Sally 

Dec. 21, 1795, Ambrose Hart to Judy Barnes. 

Jan. 5, 1798, John Hart to Polly Douglas. 

Oct. 11, 1792, Anthony Haydon (also Haden) to Pat- 
sy Vaughan. 

1799, Stakely Hayden to Nancy Dodson. 

April 5, 1798, William Haynes to Elizabeth Vaughan. 

Jan. 28, 1790, Danill Henderson to Ann Clardy. 

March 3, 1797, John Hazelwood to Mary Owen. 

Feb. 16, 1786, William Herring to Mary Powell. 

Sept. 5, 1793, Martin Hemperly to Rachel Powell. 

Dec. 23, 1793, Stephen Huddleston to Sarah Coats. 

Jan 19, 1798, Daniel Hudson to Frances Camp. 

Dec. 28, 1796, Joseph Hughes to Ann Munday. 

Jan. 25, 1798, Benjamine Hun, to Susannah Roberts. 

Dec. 1, 1791, Elijah Hundley to Lucretia Edy Mackey. 

Feb. 5, 1795, Moses Hubbard to Sarah Word. 

Oct. 13, 1791, Benjamine Hubbard to Mary Wossham. 

Sept. 18, 1798, James Hill to Delphy Pentacost. 

April 28, 1791, Robert Hill to Patsy (Polly) Jones. 

May 17, 1792, Fleming Hodge to Betsey Powell. 

Nov. 16, 1792, John Holt to Elizabeth Blackwell. 


Jan. 5, 1797, William Holt to Sally Dillard. 

Jan. 14, 1792, Larkin Higgason to Betty Cothean. 

Jan. 27, 1792, Thomas Hope to Lucy Pankey. 

Sept. 21, 1798, Thomas Hodges to Keziah Hawkings. 

Oct. 31, 1791, Samuel Hubbard to Patience Hurt. 

June 22, 1791, Armistead Herring to E. Huddleston. 

June 27, 1796, Joseph Hill to Milly Boyd. 

May 9, 1796, Robert Hughes to Sally Brent. 

July 23, 1798, Anderson J. Hurst to Elizabeth Pointer. 

May 30, 1796, James Hatfield to Betsey Parker. 

Dec. 26, 1797, John Haskins to Edna Jones. 

Oct. 6, 1798, Thomas Hlenshaw to Saley Taylor. 

March 23, 1800, Whitfield Holloway to Henrile Mitchell. 

July 25, 1817, Charles F. Bates to Suz. Bates. 

1807, Isaac Bates to Fanny Donohoe. 

Feb. 8, 1816, William W. Bates to Barbary Romar. 

April 24, 1814, Cornelius Beasley to Rebeckek Abbott. 

Oct. 6, 1804, Gabriel Beasley to Lucy Lipscomb. 

Dec. 26, 1821, Samuel Bates to Martha Cage. 

April 13, 1820, Nathaniel Bates to E. Whitmore. 

Jan. 12, 1828, Beverly Borum, Jr. to Martha C. Tucker. 

Oct. 28, 1829, George R. Borum to Pamelia A. Jennett. 

1805, Thomas Watkins to Susannah Powell. 

Aug. 12, 1802, Robert Wilbourn to Patsy Ligon. (By 

John Ligon.) 
Sept. 30, 1829, Samuel Watkins to Eliza Stamps. 
Jan. 20, 1830, Alexander Watkins to Sarah Pate. 


From one of our readers we have the following mem- 
orandum concerning the kinsmen of John Keats, the 
poet, in this country. George Keats, as is known, was 
John 's nearest brother, about a year and a half younger. 
He emigrated to America in 1818, and died in Louis- 
ville, Ky., in 1842. 

"George Keats had but one son, John. He was 
living a farmer and surveyor in the distant Middle 
West in the early '90 's — a long time ago. I believe 
I have heard that he died soon after he wrote me then : 
my only communication from him, a very perfunctory 
one. I am not sure — he did not say so in that sole 


letter — but I believe he was not married ; I am almost 
sure of it. George also had several daughters — one, 
Emma, I (believe, married a Speed. John Gjilmore 
Speed, their son, died a number of years ago in Phila- 
delphia. Whether he had children I don't know; just 
at this moment I am unable to put my hands on many 
of my Keats things, among them the genealogical tables 
I made up five and twenty years ago. 

" There were, some dozen or eighteen years ago, sev- 
eral intelligent females — school teachers, I believej — 
who were either granddaughters or great-granddaugh- 
ters of George Keats. Two, I remember, came to see 
me, one from the far South and the other from the 


John Olin, the founder of the family line in Ameri- 
ca, was an involuntary emigrant to the new world in 
1678. He was a native of Wales, who at the age of 
fourteen years was "pressed" by a recruiting gang for 
service in the royal navy. When the man-of-war to 
which he had been consigned entered Boston harbor, 
young Olin improved an early opportunity to desert, 
and fled for refuge to Rhode Island. Here, in due time, 
he married and reared a large family. After the In- 
dian wars, he removed to Vermont, locating at Shafts- 
bury and, later, at Bennington. The descendants of 
John Olin in America have borne an honorable and 
frequently a prominent part in the life of many states 
and communities. The Vermont Olins took an active 
and creditable part in the Revolution and in the civil 
life of the state. Gideon Olin, of Shaftsbury, was a 
major in the Revolutionary army, Chief Justice of Ver- 
mont from 1793 to 1796, and a member of Congress for 
several years. Henry Olin was supreme judge for 
twenty-three years, and his son, Stephen Olin, served 
as president of Middletown University, Conn. Some of 
the Whittemore, Edmunds and Dyer families of Ver- 
mont, married Olins. Charles Dyer, who settled in 
Chicago in 1837, bore a prominent part in the develop- 
ment of the inland metropolis, and was given a diploma- 
tic appointment abroad by President Lincoln. 



(Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County, in the Year 1812.) 

Apple, Ajndrew 

Ache, Ludwig 

Anglemier, Henry 

Adamy, Henry 

Aliens, Jacob 

Bachman, George 

Bachman, Christian 

Berger, Christian 

Bachman, John 

Butz, Peter 

Bosh, John 

Bader, Frederick 

Baehm, Philip 

Boihm, Philip Junr. 

Barns, John 

Boehm, Anthony 

Braun, Henry 

Bitelman, John 

Bivery John 

Beiver, Jacob 

Beidelman, Daniel 

Beidelman, Valentine 

Bitch, Adam 

Bader, D(aniel 

Brach, John Esq. 

Beil, John 

Bitz, Jacob, and for land 

J. Grin Mill 
Beil, Abraham 
Beil, Philip 
Bachman, Jacob 
Bosh, Widow 
Beiver, Peter 
Beiver, John 
Benner r Ludwig 
Borger, Henry 
Bergstraser, Jacob 
Bremer, H. Deiterich 
Baehm, John 
Bleiler, Lazerous 

Berry, Thomas 
Baker, Joseph 
Canley, John 
Cauley, Jesse 
Christman, John. 
Derr, Daniel 
Derr, William 
Derr, John 
Dill, Joseph 
Derr, George estate 
Derr, Jacob 
Eshbach, David 
Eichelberger, John 
Ellick, John 
Ehrhard, Henry 
Eackel, Henry 
Engelman, George 
Fink, Jacob 
Fochl, John 
Fenner, John 
Fink, Philip 
Freeman, Edward 
Freeman, Isaac 
Fehr, Jacob 
Fehr, Michael estate 
Fehr, Frederick 
Frey, Henry 
Frey, Philip 
Frutchman, Jacob 
Frederick, George 
Frank, George 
Geissinger, Daniel 
Geissinger, Henry 
Gross, John 
Gauff, Philip 
Gongaware, Andrew 
Groman, Samuel 
Gauff, Joseph 
Huber, Bartholomow 
Hess, Peter 


Heller, Michael Junr. 
Heller, Michael Oilon 
Harres, Peter 
Heller, Michael Potts 
Hillman, John 
Hess, George 
Hoffert, John 
Hess, George Junr. 
Heller, Margaret Widow 
Herter, Elias 
Herter, George 
Heller, Jost 
Junling, Andrew 
Jacoby, Jacob 
Jotter, John 
Koch, Ludwig 
Keek, Frederick 
Kaufman, Jacob 
Kaufman, John 
Kaufman, Samuel 
Kram, Peter 
Kunsman, Philip 
Koch, John 
Kunsman, Daniel 
Knauss, Ludwig 
Knight, John 
Kope, Philip 
Laubach, John 
Lein, John 
Lynn, Geo. Felix 
Lutz, Benedict 
Lutz, Michael 
Lee, David 
Lynn, Peter 
Lynn, Jonathan 
Lynn, John 
Lynn, William 
Laudenberger, Anthony 
Leidie, John 
Lerch, Peter 
Laubach, Rudolph 
Lerch, Margaret Widow 

Lynn, Philip 
Lerch, Jacob Esq. 
Leitch, Peter Senr. 
Leitch, Martin 
Leitch, Peter Junr. 
Lukenbach, Adam 
Lee, Richard 
Landenberger, Leonard 
Leidie, Samuel 
Lerch, Henry 
Lynn, Elizabeth W. 
Lerch, Jacob, Junr. 
Laubach, Jacob 
Lechner, Joseph 
Mann, John 
Muhr, Jacob 
Miller, Adam 
Mertz, Hanry 
Miller, Gotfrey 
Meyer, Samuel 
Masser, Peter 
M. Mollen, Thomas 
Miller, John 
Mohr, Jacob 
McHoes, John 
McHoes, Isaac 
Mast, Frederick 
M'Hower, Isaac 
Nehr, Henry 
Oberly, Anthony 
Oberly, Rudolph 
Oberly, Jacob 
Ohl, William 
Ohl, Mary, Widow 
Ox, Jacob 
Ott, Henry 
Roth, Abraham 
Rose, Peter 
Rothrock, Samuel 
Rothrock, Isaac 
Redenauer, Henry 
Roth, Jacob 


Reich, Abraham 
Reiss, Simon 
Rentzheimer, Charles 
Ruch, Jonas 
Remmel, Nicholas 
Roth, Christian 
Reiss, Michael 
Ruth, Michael 
Reichard, Jacob 
Reichard, George 
Reichard, John 
Rinker, George 
Reich, Jacob 
Ruch, Christian 
Rinker, Solomon 
Riegel, John 
Roth, Peter 
Riegel, Mathias 
Roth, Philip 
Roth, Jacob Junr. 
Roth, Daniel 
Reichert, Peter 
Richert, Jacob 
Rau, Ehrhard 
Raudenbach, Jacob 
Reich, David 
Reiss, Jacob 
Rath, Andrew 
Reichard, Henry 
Rinker, George 
Rothrock, Joseph 
Stahl, Henry 
Sigily, Frederick 
Stam, John 
Shymer, Isaac 
Shymer, Peter 
Shymer, Edward 
Shick, Lawrence 
Stuber, Michael 
Stuber, George 
Spangler, Peter 
Shroyer, Abraham 

Shloyer, Henry 
Seifert, John 
Shloyer, Michael 
Shaffer, Jacob 
Shaffer, George 
Saladay, Jacob 
Stump, John 
Shaffer, David 
Shaffer, John 
Shaffer, Solomon 
Shroyer, Philip 
Shloyer, Jacob 
Seifert, Thomas 
Staufer or Slaufer, Chas. 
Santee, George 
Stump, Jacob 
Schrantz, George 
Strauss, John 
Sheaffer, Christian 
Santee, Christopher 
Transua, Henry 
Unkle, George 
Weitknight, Daniel 
Wagoner, Jacob 
Weaver, Conrad 
Weaver, Michael 
Wagener, John 
Wagener, Abraham 
Weaver, Henry 
Wolbach, Jacob 
Worrigh, George 
Weaver, Martin 
Weiss, John 
Weaver, Jacob 
Wasser, John 
Wagoner, Jacob 
Wolbach, Peter 
Woelving, Jacob 
Wagoner, Susannah 
Zeiner, George 
Weaver, Jacob 
Weisgerber, Nicholas 


Waser, Peter 
Werst, Philip 
Waser, Jacob 


Peter, Christian 
Beier, Isaac 
Shaffer, Henry 
Tobias Weaver 
Wagoner, John 
Weaver, George 
Shaffer, John 
Geissinger, Jacob and for 
Peter Hostmans L. 


Apple, Martin 
Andrew, Frederick 
Parshing, Henry 
Eshelman, John 
Frankenfield, Leonard 
Frey, Joseph 
Funk, Henry 
Funk, Jacob 
Hess, Conrad 
Kross, George 
Klauss, Philip 
Krauss, Gotleib 
Meyer, Jacob 
Cauley, Thomas 
OverCeek, Andrew 
Opp, Valentine 
Raudenbush, Abraham 
Shymer, Jacob 
Stadiger, I. Frederick 
Staub or Staut, John 
Shnyder, Mathias 
Seifert, William 
Shoemaker, Conrad 
Verner, Frederick 

Weiss, George 
Mohr, Frederick 
Sefrit, George 
Hinkel, Michael 


Bader, John 

Bachman, J. George 

Bachman, Jacob 

Bachman, Henry 

Bachman, Peter 

Crow, Jacob 

Derr, Jacob 

Emerich, Andrew 

Freeman, Richard 

Freeman, Peter 

Fehr, Abraham 

Frey, Abraham 

Geissinger, Abraham 

Hess, Jacob 

Heller, Paul 

Heller, Christopher 

Heller, Tobias 

Junglin, John 

Junglin, Abraham 

Jeager, John 

Oberly, John 

Ruch, George 

Reigle, Jacob 

Reigle, John 

Rentzheimer, Jacob 

Rentzheimer, John 

Shlover, Michael 

Shloyer, Daniel 

Unkle, George 

Adam, John 

Lerch, David 

Reich, Abraham 

Sheaffer, William and for 

Radenbach, William 



(From the Records of the Old Dutch Church, in Kingston, 
New York.) 

Benjamin De Pue, born in Rochester, married Eliza- 
beth Schoonmaker, also born there September 3, 1719. 
Benjamin De Pue married Eyke de Witte December 
13, 1735. Both of Ulster. 

Cornelius De Pue married Catrina Van Aaken May 
6, 1713. both of Rochester. 

Jacobus De Pue married Zara Schoonmaker August 
20, 1725, both of Rochester. 

Jacobus de Pue, Junior, married Sara Van Wagenen, 
April 22, 1752. 

Joannes de Pue married Zara Van Steenbergen De- 
cember 26, 1725. 

Moses De Pue married Grietjen Schoonmaker Feb- 
ruary 14, 1716. 

Moses De Pue, Junior, married Magdalena Robinson 
June 8, 1748. 

Elios de Puy married Rachel Robinson June 6, 1753, 
both of Rochester. 

Ephraim De Puy, married Cornelia Snyder Decem- 
ber 21, 1726, both in jurisdiction of Kingston. 

Jacob Depuy married Catherine Contyne May 20, 
1711, of Marbletown, New York. 

Moses Depuy married Maria Dewitt March 7, 1819, 
both of Marbletown. 

Nicolaus De Puy, son of Moses de Puy and Maria 
Wyncoop, born December 3, 1682. Witnesses of Bap- 
tism Nicolaus de Puy and his wife. 

Benjamin, son of Moses de Puy and Marretje Wyn- 
koop born October 13, 1695. 

Catarina, daughter of Moses de Puis and Marrett 
Wynkoop born May 25, 1690. 

Moses du Puis, son of Moses du Puis and Maria Wyn- 
koop born September 27, 1691. 

Moses Du Puy and Meritie Wynkoop had a daughter, 
Magdalene, born March 14, 1686. 

Jacobus du Puy, son of Moses du Puy and Maria 
Wyncoop was born September 19, 1703. 

Cornells, son of Moses du Puits and Maria Wyncoop 
born January 1, 1688. 


Benjamin de Pue born July 3, 1720, son of Benja- 
min de Pue and Elizabeth Schoonmaker. 

John, son of same born March 26, 1727. 

Benjamin, son of same, born June 27, 1729. 

Moses, son of Cornelis de Pue and Catherine Van 
Akin, born May 16, 1714. 

Moses, son of the same, born February 2, 1719. 

Abraham, son of the same, born June 30, 1723. 

Daniel, son of Moses de Pue, Junior, and Gretgen 
Schoonmaker, was born December 25, 1721. 

Benjamin, son of same, born March 3, 1728. 

Moses, son of the same, born February 6, 1732. 


James Smith, the emigrant ancestor, lived in the 
Dutch House on the river bank, between the Seminary 
and Stone Bridge. He had a son James, who, with 
Abigail, his wife, lived in the ancient Waite house, on 
the river bank on the opposite side of the Bridge. James 
and Abigail were married December 17, 1781. She 
died in 1825, aged sixty. He died July 11, 1825. Their 
son, James, married Elisabeth Hobson in 1813. They 
lived in Brook street, now called Spring street, and 
had six children: 

John, born January 22, 1816. 

Charles L., born December 10, 1817. 

Elisabeth B., born July 19, 1819. (Mrs. Jewett) 

James Tristram, born August 20, 1821 ; married 
Eunice Jones Henderson, two children, Mary Elma, 
James C. 

Ebenezer, born 1825, died June, 1828. 

Lucy A., born June 25, 1827. 

The bun called the Sally Lunn, originated with a 
young woman of that name at Bath, about (the end of 
the last century). She cried them in a basket, with a 
white cloth over it, morning and evening. Dalmer, a 
respectable baker and musician, noticed her, bought her 
business, and made a song and set it to music in behalf 
of Sally Lunn. This composition became the street fav- 
orite; barrows were made to distribute the nice cakes. 
Dalmer profited thereby, and retired; and to this day, 
the Sally-Lunn cake claims preeminence in all cities of 



Robert Dunlap was born in Scotland and came to 
America in 1769. He settled in West Virginia. Robert 
Dunlap, Sr., served in the Revolutionary War as fol- 
lows: Associator and Militia, County of Lancaster, 
State of Pennsylvania. The list of men between the 
age. of 18 and 53 years appears the name of Robert 
Dunlap. He served in Captain John Caldwell's Com- 
pany, 6th battalion, from Lancaster County, May, 1780. 
Associator of Militia County of Lancaster, Pennsyl- 
vania. Class roll of the 1st Company of the 6th Bat- 
talion Lancaster County Militia, 1781, 5th class, Robert 
Dunlap, Pennsylvania. 

Robert Dunlap died in 1817. He was married in Lan- 
caster County, Penn., in 1784 to Mary Elizabeth Dun- 
lap. She was born in 1765 and died in 1827. The chil- 
dren were: 

1. Elizabeth Dunlap married Robert Lang. 

2. James Dunlap lived in Chillicothe, Ohio. Children 
John, Robert, and Thomas. 

3. Samuel Dunlap married Nellie, and lived in Ur- 
banna, Illinois. 

4. Presley Dunlap married Margarete McKinley, cou- 
sin of the President. She died and he later married 
Sarah Wordworth. 

5. William Dunlap lived in Illinois. 

Robert Dunlap, Jr., was born in West Virginia in 
1799, and died in 1843. He married Zenah Mitchell 
in 1821. They had one child, James, who was born 
9 October, 1822, and died in 1859, married to Lucinda 
Chamberlin, July, 1846. 

Melindia Dunlap born August 5, 1833, died June 20, 
1885, married Willis Northcutt, December 20, 1848. 
He died September 20, 1875. 

Eliza Dunlap was born in 1826, died on August 7, 
1876, married to Constant Pruggles in 1845. 

Harriet Dunlap was born in 1827, died on April 1, 
1906, and married to Levi Northcutt, 1846. 

Melvina Dunlap was born April 4, 1823, married to 
Gustavia Serverson December 17, 1856, and died 1914. 

Robert Dunlap, Jr., born 1840, died 1841. 

Sarah Jane Dunlap born in 1829, and died in 1847. 




Amherst Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 7, 1767. 

s. Benjamin Wright. 

s. Thomas Wright. 

s. Moses Wright. 

s. John Wright. 

s. Isaac Wright. 

d. Anner Waters. 

d. Elizabeth Morris. 

d. Mary Shelton. 


Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 23, 1772. 

wife Margret. 

s. Edmund Wyatt. 

s. Abram Wyatt. 

s. Thomas Wyatt. 

s. Rueben Wyatt. 

d. Ruth Wyatt. 

d. Mary Lynn. 

d. Elizabeth Hanks. 

d. Sarah Cooper. 


Campbell Co., Va. Will filed Oct, 1, 1789. 
s. John Wynn. 
s. Joshua Wynn. 
d. Martha Wynn 
s.-in-law. Robert Andrews. 


Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 10, 1761. 

wife Alice. 

s. William Yates. 

s. Robert Yates. 

s. Benjamin Yates. 

s. Issac Yates. 

bro. Benjamin Yates. 

d. Alice Yates. 

d. Jane Yates. 

d. Prudence Yates. 

d. Hannah Yates. 



(Taken from Monuments in the Old Cemetery, Greeneville, Tenn.) 

Sallie E. Price, born May 9, 1856, died June 11, 1899. 
Harriett Marsh, born April 1, 1813, died Sept. 7, 1863, 

aged 49 years. 
Sarah P. Delaney, born June 9, 1822, died July 9, 1844. 
George McDowell, aged 1 yr., 8 months and 15 days. 
Richard M. Woods, died June 26, 1845, aged 58 years. 
Rev. Samuel McCorkle, born May 8, 1840, died Dec. 1, 

Mary Stone, born June 1, 1810, died August 15, 1841. 
Tobitha Dry don, died March 19, 1844, aged 70 years. 
Joseph Brown, born Aug. 9, 1767, died Nov. 1, 1845. 
Sarah Whitesides, died April 27, 1854, aged 60 years. 
Josiah Clowson, born August 11, 1776, died Dec. 27, 

Margaret Ann, wife of F. M. Brannan, born May 13, 

1844, died Sept. 6, 1882, 38 years, 3 months and 

23 days. 
Nancy Ann Wilson, daughter of A. J. & Malinda Wil- 
son, born April 18, 1833, died Dec. 26, 1845, aged 

12 years, 7 months and 10 days. 
Catherine, consort of Dr. William Cavaner, born June 

9, 1820, died March 2, 1850. 
Eliza Alexander, born Sept. 25, 1818, died August 24, 

D. C. Crawford, Dec. 27, 1810, died Sept. 26, 1838. 
Peggy R., consort of David Alexander, died May 13, 

1833, age 30 years. 
Anne Elizabeth Alexander, born Sept. 25, 1839, died 

August 17, 1844. 
T. H. Brinkman, born in Germany, Westphalia, May 

8, 1792, died in Nov. 7, 1886, aged 94 years and 

6 months. Battle of Waterloo. 
John J. Mitchell, born in Knoxville, Tenn., April 21, 

1809, died April 3, 1878. 

What things there are, my dears, in the wills men 
make. One Thomas Brigham of England, 1542, be- 
queathed to his son Ralph, "my chamlett gowne, my 
long night gowne, both my chamlett jackets and a paire 
of virginals. " 



Letters remaining in the Post Office, Hopkinton, N. 
H., 1 January, 1812. 

Bradbury Bailey, Weare; Sally Ferrin, Hopkinton; 
Moses Hale, Hopkinton; Silas Hardy, Warner; James 
Harvey, Sutton ; Benjamin Holmes, Hopkinton ; Moses 
Kezer, Hopkinton ; Joseph Kimball, Weare ; John Mont- 
gomery, Hopkinton; Hannah Morgan, Warner; Samuel 
Robie, New London ; Squire Streeter, Hopkinton, Moses 
Tyler, Hopkinton; David Young jun, Hopkinton. 


Letters remaining in the Post Office, Amherst, 1 
January, 1812. 

John Bailey, Moses Brewer, Josiah Convers, Susan 
Clagett, Capt. Nathaniel Emerson, Sarah Finch, Allen 
Fisk, William Gordon, Jacob Kimball 2. Joseph Marsh, 
Ebenezer Weston 2, James M. K. Wilkins 2, John 

Mont- Vernon — Susanna Dodge, William Kimball, 
Augustus Luud, Eliza Moore, Thomas Nickerson, Ben- 
jamin Pike, Rogers Smith 2, William Stinson. 

New-Boston — Mary G. Dodge, William C. Dodge, 
Deac. Peter Clark, John Cochran, 1st, James Crombie, 
Eliza Clark, Robert Forsaith 2, Samuel Fisher, Isaac 
Peabody, David Stevens, Alexander Wilson. 

Lyndeborough — Josiah Abbot, John Haggat, Benja- 
min Jones, John L. Perry. 

Hollen — Thomas Jaquith, Samuel Rideout. 

Bedford — Aaron Beard 2, Matthew Briant, John M. 
Farson, Thomas Gardner, James Lyon, Jonathan Rand, 
Oliver Townsend. 

Merrimac — Benjamin Abrahams, Betsey Gould, Mar- 
tha M'Gaw, Benjamin Hartshorn, Asa How, Isaac 
Patch, James Thornton. 

Weare — John Hodgdon. 

Manchester — William Blodget. 

Wilton — Jonathan Parkhurst. 

Brookline — Samuel T. Boynton 2, Abel Gilson, Jonas 
Lesley, Robert Sever. 

Mason — Benjamin Kendall, Mary Kemp, James 
Scripture. eli brown, p. m. 




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Pompton Lakes, New Jersey 

Vol. X OCTOBER, 1922 No. 9 


(Copyright, 1922, By William M. Clemens. All Rights Reserved.) 


IN ONE of numerous and inconsequential newspaper 
skits, Mark Twain called upon his fellow citizens 
to honor the memory of Adam, the first man and 
our common ancestor. In truth he purposed inaugura- 
ting a fund for the erection of a monument to the mem- 
ory of Adam. Subsequently this project was carried 
forward by a resident of New Jersey and such a monu- 
ment now exists. What is more, the journalistic jest of 
Mark Tw r ain becomes a solemn fact, inasmuch as we 
have been enabled to trace our ancestry hence to Adam 
without a break in the succeeding generations. Gen- 
ealogy has surmounted this most difficult of problems. 

In common with every other Clemens family in the 
new world, Mark Twain proverbially harked back to 
Geoffrey Clemens as his probable ancestor; this same 
Goeffrey who as a member of Cromwell's Army, was 
duly beheaded by Charles I. In like manner every 
Clemens who survives in this day, claims at least a 
cousinship to the great American humorist. Alas, no 
Clemens male can call Mark Twain his kin. His 
younger brother, Orion of Keokuk, Iowa, who died a 
few years ago ,was the last of the race. 

Ambitious and ever pleased to make periodical pil- 
grimages to Southwestern Virgina to visit his kinfolks, 
Samuel L. Clemens found there among the hills of 
Bedford and Campbell counties, his favorite aunt, a 
Lampton, or a beloved cousin, a Goggin, or a Johnson; 
or in Kentucky, a Montgomery or Casey connection, but 
never a Clemens. Mark Twain was never a Clemens, 
mentally, physically or spiritually. He received no 


hereditary prestige, no hand-down attributes, no throw- 
back from a Clemens ancestor. His wit, his humor, 
his ambition, his intellect, all that he possessed in char- 
acter, mind and body, came from the women of his 
descent, much from his mother, more from his grand- 
mother; still more from the wives and mothers of ear- 
lier generations, not only in this country but in Eng- 
land. He was the sole heir to his women and his 
womenkind and the influence on his life, character and 
work was ever the influence of the feminine. He him- 
self has said, only a brief while before the passing of 
his immortal soul, that two women had been the two 
dams that blocked his current. First, his mother who 
tried to make him good, and second, his wife who tried 
to make him a gentleman. 

When Mark Twain embarked upon the Great Ad- 
venture, as the late Charles Frohman so aptly said, 
he was in ignorance as to his ancestry beyond the mar- 
riage of his grandfather Samuel Clemens to Pamela 
Goggin, in Campbell county, Virginia, 23 October, 
1797. Whether he had in his pedigree a Clemens who 
fought in the War of the Revolution, he knew not. Be- 
yond the poor, hardscrabble farmer who was his grand 
pere, Mark Twain lived and died dismally in the dark- 
ness of his past. In jest he wrote and spoke of Pope 
Clemens and the regicide of Cromwell's time, but this 
was mere fancy. 

Years of research have at last given us the facts as 
obtained from various and many obscure, but authori- 
tative sources. Musty Court and Chancery records, 
rural graveyards in the backwoods of Virginia, old 
wills, documents and memoranda of fragmentary his- 
tory, aided in the work, which we might designate the 
Mark Twain Book of Genesis, if not, the Book of Rev- 
elation as well. 

In the preparation of the chronicles, to follow this 
apparently incongruous introduction, we have necessar- 
ily divided the subject in hand into two parts. The first 
will deal wholly with the maternal ancestry of Saimiel 
L. Clemens, which will be the story of his great and 
good mother, whose line of descent comes from a noble 
castle in County Durham owned by the Lambtons, a 
name which in recent generations became the Lamptons 


of Virginia. In Jane Lampton we have one of the 
early pioneers of the republic who followed the intiner- 
ant fortunes of an erratic husband through various 
emigrations that led from Virginia to Tennessee, thence 
to Kentucky and to Missouri, where Mark Twain was 
born. We will find, too, in our work of research, that 
this American mother named her son Samuel Lampton 
Clemens, and not Langhorne, as history and biography 
has led us to believe. We will find, too, in Uncle James 
Lampton the original prototype of the immortal Col- 
onel Sellers, and how Uncle Judge Quarles, with little 
Sam on his knee in the mountain home in Tennessee, 
told the youthful Mark Twain the first and original 
story of the ever celebrated Jumping Frog. 

In the second part of this human document, entitled 
''The Paternal Clemens Ancestry," will be told the 
romantic story of a young and dashing British widow, 
encumbered with four small children, arriving here, 
in the troopship George, with only soldiers and ser- 
vants as companions, on a slow and perilous voyage of 
two months, and how this gentlewoman, the first on 
American soil, stepped ashore at Jamestown, in the 
Old Dominion, in the year 1610, to take possession of 
her shares in the Virginia Company, bequeathed by her 
uncle, Sir Nicholas Fuller, this being her only patri- 
mony, and how she later married one of the most emi- 
nent men of the new colony of Virginia. How the 
daughter and three sons of this first gentlewoman grew 
to their full stature in the wilds of the new world, de- 
generating slowly one generation after another, as they 
penetrated further and further into the wilderness, 
into tribes of low, ignorant and poverty-stricken moun- 
taineers; only after several generations to rise again 
through the female influence of their families, into a 
race that finally found once more the high-water mark 
of intelligence in the mind and work of Mark Twain 

The editor of these chronicles, while aware of the 
sombreness of genealogical material, has endeavored to 
detour long and frequently from the dusty road of 
ancestral history, in the hope of adding at least some 
touch of human nature in the narrative, and giving the 
ensemble the lights and shadows that properly aie the 
colors which we wish to place upon the canvas. 


The Maternal Ancestry of Samuel L. Clemens 

JANE LAMPTON, the mother of Mark Twain, a 
great and good woman, was a Lampton of the 
Lamptons, and all the Lampton women were both 
great and good in their womanhood. From a British 
ancestry the Lamptons inherited frugality, character, 
honesty and virtue. Turn where we will, delve where 
we must, we find the Lampton women the highest types 
the world has ever known, not in the social hall, nor 
the promenade, nor in the glass of fashion, but in the 
home, by the fireside and the cradle of the infant, 
through generation after generation of wives of strong 
men of the forest and field, and the mothers of still 
stronger men who made their names known in the 
higher walks of life. Mark Twain has said that his 
mother tried to make him good. This was the message 
the Lampton women brought to this world, to make her 
man folk good. We know of no exceptions, and to bet- 
ter illustrate the Lampton women, we quote this poetic 
tribute to a Susan of the family, and all the Lampton 
women were like Susan. 

''Busy at her work all day, 
Never asks a cent of pay, 
Thinks it ought to be that way — 
Thank the Lord for Susan. 

Singin' when she wants to sing, 
Like the robins in the Spring, 
Scoldin' some like everything — 
Thank the Lord for Susan. 

Always ready, day or night, 
Always willin' — she's a sight 
When it comes to doin' right — 
Thank the Lord for Susan. 

Me and seven children's, what 
She looks after, sick or not, 
And she's Mother to the lot — 
Thank the Lord for Susan. 

Goes to church on Sundays, too, 
'Long with all she's got to do, 
It's her that's goin' to pull us through — 
Thank the Lord for Susan. 


In her hair are streaks of gray, 
And the crow's feet come to stay, 
But I like her best that way — 
Thank the Lord for Susan. 

Made of consecrated clay, 
She gets better every day — 
Thank the Lord for Susan. 

The Larabtons of England, a house of ancient line- 
age, dating back to the Twelfth Century, were exam- 
ples of courage and honor, loyalty and benevolence. 
In County Durham, in a quaint old town named Ches- 
terlee-street, is the Lampton Castle of today, the home 
of the Earl of Durham. The castle is not a baronial 
one, being comparatively new — only four hundred years 
old. The present Earl of Durham, John H. Lampton, 
was made Knight of the Garter by Edward the Sev- 
enth, and is a special favorite of George the Fifth. The 
reigning English Lamptons are enormously wealthly, 
being owners of the famous Lampton collieries. 

And from this same County Durham come the Amer- 
ican Lamptons, Samuel and William, who arrived 
in Virginia in the year 1740. 

SAMUEL L. Clemens was a debtor to the female 
side of his ancestry. From the Lamptons he in- 
herited more than he knew. His father, John 
Marshall Clemens, a poor backwoods justice and school 
teacher, had small talent to bestow upon his son, but 
from Jane Lampton, his mother, Mark Twain was be- 
holden for the qualities that make for the foundation 
of manhood. 

Lord Brougham was one of the first public men in 
England to recognize the value of female ancestry. His 
father had been engaged to be married to a Miss Mary 
Whelpdale, "the last of a purely Saxon race," who 
died shortly before the day fixed for the wedding. Her 
affianced bridegroom consoled himself a little later by 
marrying the neice of Robertson, the historian. Lord 
Brougham declared his belief that if his mother had 
been Miss Whelpdale he would have remained in the 
state of respectable mediocrity in which his forefathers 
had lived and died. He traced the power of achieve- 
ment which had raised him from an obscure Scottish 


advocate to be a great tribune of the English people to 
the energy hereditary to the Scottish clans from his 

The brothers Lampton, William and Samuel, who 
left England for Virginia in the year 1740, were the 
sons of Joshua Lampton, of County Durham. There 
were other sons and daughters of Joshua who remained 
in England. All spelled the name with the "b" and 
not the "p." As Mark Twain once said, his forefathers 
turned the "b" upside down, and anyway he consid- 
ered them mighty poor spellers on this account. The 
Joshua of Durham was a son of John Lambton, whose 
sister Margaret became the wife of Sir Robert Eden. 

In the new world of Virginia, the brothers Samuel 
and William became small farmers. Shortly after their 
arrival the Earl of Durham died at the family estate 
in Chesterlee Street, and the Samuel of Virginia, had 
he remained in England or returned to County Dur- 
ham, would have succeeded to the Earldom. With the 
fortunes of Samuel, this chronicle has little in com- 
mon, but with William Lampton, the maternal an- 
cestor of Mark Twain, as well as the ancestor of Henri 
Watterson, the eminent journalist of Kentucky, and of 
Jefferson Davis, the president ' of the Confederacy, we 
have much to consider and to dwell upon. 

Quite evident the early Lamptons of Virginia, were 
not of the landholding class. William was not a man 
of property. Few deeds are of record as to estates and 
plantations. Henry and Joshua, the sons of the first 
Samuel, owned considerable acreage in Culpeper Coun- 
ty, evidently accumulated after the death of their father. 
From all we can glean, William Lampton was a poor 
farmer, renting on shares or employed as overseer. 

In 1763, while residing temporarily in Page County, 
Virginia, William married Miss Patsy Schooler, of 
which we can learn but little, save that she was the 
daughter of a worthy planter. Two years after his 
marriage, William Lampton, with other hardy and ad- 
venturesome spirits, made the long and tedious over- 
land journey, in a caravan of oxen and covered wagons, 
to the wild and unsettled West, into Clark County, 
Kentucky, where a home was established in the hamlet 
of Winchester. And here he passed to his fathers, for 


in the family Bible we find this record: " William 
Lampton, died in 1790, aged 66 years." 

Eleven were the number of the children born to 
William Lampton and his wife, Patsy Schooler, eight 
sons and three daughters. The first five were sons: 
William, 1764; John, 1766; Lewis, 1768; Benjamin, 
1770; and Samuel, 1772. The others following were: 
Sally, 1775; Mary, 1777; Joshua, 1779; Susan, 1781; 
Wharton, 1784; and James, 1787. 

The descendants of William Lampton, not unlike 
the twelve tribes of Israel, spread over the great West 
and Southwest, chiefly in Kentucky, Mississippi,, Mis- 
souri, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Arkansas and California. 
The daughters of William married into the families of 
Trowbridge, Crosswhite and McKenzie. 

Benjamin Lampton, fourth son of William, and the 
grandfather of Mark Twain, born in Page County, Vir- 
ginia, in 1770, removed first from Virginia to Ken- 
tucky, thence to Tennessee and later to Missouri, where 
he died 18, March, 1837, and is buried at Florida, Mon- 
roe County. He was married in Kentucky to Miss 
Sallie Hays. Their first child Jane, became the wife of 
John Marshall Clemens and the mother of Mark Twain. 
A sister Patsy, married Judge John A. Quarles of Mon- 
roe County, Missouri. The detailed record of the fam- 
ily as found in the traditional Bible, reads thus: 
Record of Deaths. 

1. William Lampton, died 25, February, 1790, aged 

66 years. 

2. William Lampton, oldest son of the above, died 2 

November, 1803. 

3. Patsy Schooler Lampton, mother, died 26 January, 


4. Sallie Lampton Trowbridge, died 1821, in Indiana. 

5. Lewis Lampton, died 12 April, 1824. 

6. Benjamin Lampton, died 18 March, 1837. 

7. Wharton Lampton, died September, 1853. 

The mother of Miss Hays was a Casey, a relative, 
possibly a sister, of General William Casey of Adair 
County, Kentucky, and was closely related to the Mont- 
gomeries, the Logans, the Adairs and other prominent 
Colonial families of Kentucky. William Montgomery 


who had been of Pennsylvania and Virginia, went to 
Kentucky in the autumn of 1779, following the fortunes 
of his son-in-law, General Benjamin Logan, the intrep- 
id pioneer and soldier, who was one of the leaders in 
the military operations against the Indians. In 1781, 
William Montgomery at his home in Green River, 
was killed by the Indians. At the same time his son, 
John Montgomery, who lived in a nearby cabin, was 
also killed. His son, William, and his daugheters, Jane 
and Betsey escaped. Jane Montgomery afterward mar- 
reid General William Casey, of Adair County, Ken- 
tucky. Her elder sister, Anne, married General Benja- 
min Logan, and after his death she married General 
James Knox, of Scotch-Irish descent, one of the earliest 
explorers of the Kentucky wilderness. 

Thus through his maternal grandmother, Mark 
Twain inherited, to no small degree, the blood and char- 
acter of these intrepid pioneers of Kentucky. 

SALLIE HAYS, wife of Benjamin Lampton, and 
the maternal grandmother of Mark Twain, was 
near kin of Captain John Hays, who served in 
the War of the Revolution from Rockbridge County, 
Virginia, enlisting in September, 1777, and participat- 
ing in the battles of Valley Forge, Monmouth and 
Trenton. When later he applied for a pension, as> stip- 
ulated in his affidavit on file in Washington, his sole 
possessions consisted of two cows and three hogs valued 
at thirty dollars. Such was the poverty of an ancestor. 
We remember how Mark Twain in his early impover- 
ished condition in San Francisco, met a lady of his 
acquaintance. Mr. Clemens had a cigar box under his 
arm and the inquisitive female asked whither he was 
going. Mark replied that he was moving, and opening 
the box, displayed a celluloid collar and a clay pipe. 
A trifle less than the two cows and the three hogs of 
Ancestor Hays. 

The Hays and Lampton families migrated from Vir- 
ginia to Kentucky at about the same period, and when 
Benjamin Lampton married Miss Hays in 1800, they 
were residing in Clark County. Uncle Ben, as he was 
called by his relatives and familiars, like his grandson 
Sam, was a rover and adventurer. In 1827, he made 


a trip of exploration into the almost unknown regions 
West of the Mississippi River. Upon his return he 
said to his son-in-law : "I have seen the finest timber 
in the world. The tall timber along the Missouri River 
is worked into boards and posts and rails with very 
little labor." He declared it different from Kentucky 
and Tennessee timber, that it was " straight grained," 
and that the drinking water was excellent and the 
springs abundant. A few years later, with another son- 
in-law, John A. Quarles, ad their families, they were 
on their way to Missouri, and settled in the hamlet of 
Florida, in Monroe County. It was here that Uncle 
Ben spent his declining years as a small country mer- 
chant, and died 12 March, 1837, when his grandson 
Samuel Clemens, was an infant of two yeors. 

"I was born in 1835, the same year my cousin, Sam, 
Clemens, was born," writes Elder Eugene J. Lampton, 
"and we grew up as boys together. When Sam's 
grandfather, Uncle Ben Lampton, was thought to be 
dying, our mothers lifted us up to kiss the dying man 
farewell. ' ' 

The town of Florida today is a place of two hun- 
dred population, and has remained the same, going 
neither forward nor backward in a hundred years. In 
the village cemetery, marked by a plain slab of marble, 
is still found the grave of Benjamin Lampton, and 
nestled by its side in a little grave covered with wild 
roses and brambles, sleeps little Margaret Clemens, 
oldest sister of Mark Twain, who died in 1835, at the 
age of twelve years. 

Jennie Lampton, or Jane, the mother of Mark Twain 
and daughter of Benjamin Lampton, was born in Ken- 
tucky in 1803, and was married there 28 May, 1823, to 
John Marshall Clemens. For a few years they lived in 
Tennessee, in Adair County, where for a brief time 
the father of Twain was postmaster at a settlement 
called Pall Mall. The tales brought by Ben Lampton 
of the rich country of Missouri encouraged them to 
move on to Florida, Missouri, whither they made the 
three days' journey by ox-cart. And here in Florida, 
in a small room of a log cabin in the rear of Ben 
Lampton 's store, Samuel Clemens was born, 30 Novem- 
ber, 1835. 


In his autobiography, Mr. Clemens says: "My 
mother was a Lamp ton, spelled it with a "p." The 
Lambtons in those days were poor spellers, hence the 
mistake. My mother's favorite cousin was James 
Lampton, who was the original of Colonel Sellers in 
The Gilded Age." This Uncle James Lampton lived at 
Marsolf Hill, near Louisiana, Missouri. He was a law- 
yer by profession but late in life became a travelling 
salesman. He was erect and tall and had a military 

According to a time honored custom, a mother gives 
name to her offspring. In the month of March, 1870, 
on the occasion of Jane Lampton Clemens paying a 
visit to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Permelia Mof- 
f ett, in St. Louis, the mother of Mark Twain made the 
following statement to several of her relatives: "My 
son Sam was named Samuel Lampton Clemens, after 
my uncle in Kentucky, one of the best men I ever knew. 
I named Sam after him to perpetuate the memory of 
a good man. ' ' 

Why Mark Twain discarded the Lampton from his 
name and substituted Langhorne, was never explained. 
As a boy he was plain Sam Clemens. As a youth he 
was Sam Clemens. As a miner and newspaper man 
in California he was likewise simply Sam Clemens. 
His first book, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Cal- 
averas County, published in 1867, bears simply the 
name of Mark Twain as the author. On the title page 
of his second book, The Innocents Abroad, published in 
Hartford, Conn., in 1869, appears Samuel L. Clemens, 
the initial "L." being used for the first time. 

(To be Continued) 


(Prom the Walpole, N. H., Gazette, 15 November, 1803.) 

Colonel John Fay at New York City. 
Richard Lawson, Esq., Baltimore, Md., aged 54. 
Elnathian Tuber, New Bedford, Mass. 
Miss Priscilla Watson, Cambridge, Mass., aged 25. 
Capt. Benjamin Wilkinson, Gloucester, R. I., aged 90. 
Thomas Bayley, Boston, Mass., aged 25. 
Jonathan Dwight, Canayoharie, N. Y., aged 44. 
Mrs. Catherine Adams, Boston, Mass., aged 40. Wife 
of Samuel Adams. 




Loudoun Co., Va., Will filed Aug. 12, 1766. 

wife Sarah Bottes. 

mother Sarah Wigginton. 

ra.-in-l. Iibucah Bottes. 

bro.-in-l. Aaron Bottes. 

bro. John Wigginton. 

s. Benjamin Wigginton. 

and other children. 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed May 6, 1782. 

wife Barbary. 

s. John Wilche. 

d. Sarah Wilche. 

Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed June 11, 1765. 

wife Mary. 

mother Agnes Wilcoxson. 

d. Elizabeth Wilcoxson. 

wife's son John Howling. 

Amherst Co., Va. Will filed June 5, 1769. 

wife . 

Charity C. Willabee, witness. 

Sarah J. Willabee, witness. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed April 23, 1744. 

wife Ann. 

s. David Williams. 

s. Jonas Williams. 

s. James Williams. 

Campbell Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 4, 1784. 

s. Robert Williamson. 

s. Deboricks Williamson. 

s. David Williamson. 

s. Archibald Williamson. 

d. Patty Williamson. 

d. Elizabeth Williamson. 

g. d. Nancy Tweedy. 

si-in-law John Tweedy. 


Bedford Co., Va. Will filed May 5, 1771. 

wife Mary. 

s. Robert Wilson. 

s. Thomas Wilson. 

s. Matthew Wilson. 

s. James Wilson. 

s. John Wilson. 

d. Martha Wilson. 

d. Elizabeth Wilson. 

d. Mary Wilson. 

d. Margaret Litfox. 

d. Jane Mescher. 

d. Sarah Mescher. 


Amherst Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 7, 1767. 

s. Benjamin Wright. 

s. Thomas Wright. 

s. Moses Wright. 

s. John Wright. 

s. Isaac Wright. 

d. Anner Waters. 

d. Elizabeth Morris. 

d. Mary Shelton. 


Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 23, 1772. 

wife Margret. 

s. Edmund Wyatt. 

s. Abram Wyatt. 

s. Thomas Wyatt. 

s. Rueben Wyatt. 

d. Ruth Wyatt. 

d. Mary Lynn. 

d. Elizabeth Hanks. 

d. Sarah Cooper. 


Campbell Co., Va. Will filed Oct. 1, 1789. 
s. John Wynn. 
s. Joshua Wynn. 
d. Martha Wynn. 
s.-in-law Robert Andrews. 


Loudoun Co., Va. Will filed Nov. 10, 1761. 

wife Alice. 

s. William Yates. 

s. Robert Yates. 
, s. Benjamin Yates. 

s. Isaac Yates. 

bro. Benjamin Yates. 

d. Alice Yates. 

d. Jane Yates. 

d. Proudence Yates. 

d. Hannah Yates. 

Prince William Co., Va. Will filed March 24, 1739. 

wife Mary. 

8. Daniel Young. 

Campbell Co., Va. Will filed May 6, 1790. 

wife Mary. 

bro. Thomas. 

children not named. 


John Chambers was born in Derry County, Ireland, 
came to America about 1707, settled in Pennsylvania, 
moved to South Carolina, and settled in the fork of 
Lynch Creek, near Camden, Cheraw County. During 
the Revolution the Tories drove the settlers from 
Lynch 's Creek. They took refuge in York County and 
along the Catawba. Capt. John Chambers and family 
settled in York County. He had six children, one of 
whom, John Chambers, married Elizabeth Rutter. John 
Chambers was a captain in the Revolutionary war, 
served, in Sumter's army. He was born in 1742 and died 
in 1802, aged 60. His death was due to disease brought 
on from exposure when taken prisoner at the battle of 
Camden. Elizabeth, his wife, died in 1830 in her 88th 
year, was born in 1741. 

ZWEYER : — Marriage records from Berks Co., Penn. : 
John Zweyer and Eva Becker, 23 April, 1770 ; Anthony 
Zweyer and Maria Dreis, 6 May, 1777; Joseph Zweyer 
and Catherine Scharg, 11 April, 1779; Adam Zweyer 
and Barbara Sigfried, 10 Jan., 1785. 



(Contributed to GENEALOGY Magazine.) 

Records from the Court House of Effingham County 
and from the Ebenezer Church Register. 

Arnsdorf , Solomon and Sarah Weightman, 1 April, 1815. 
Arnsdorf, Solomon and Ann Eve Weightman, 23 
March, 1831. 

Arnsdorf, Gotlieb and Ann Margaret Freyermouth, 13 

Jan. 1829. 
Arnsdorf, William and Sarah Metzer, 12 Sept., 1849. 
Arnsdorf, John and Sarah Morgan, 25 Jan., 1819. 

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Busby, Jesse and Molly Pierce, (of Carolina), 26 Jan., 

Bevil, Robert and Sarah Hudson, 2E7 Dec, 1774. 
Bilbo, John and Jane Hudson, 12 Feb., 1778. (He was 

a Capt. of horse in the Rev.) 
Buntz, John Christian and Hannah Elizabeth Hang- 

leiter, 18 March, 1778. 
Bechtly, Jonathan, (son of George Bechtly), and , 

3 Jan., 1793. 
Bechtly, Jonathan and Mary Reiser, 21 Feb., 1795. 
Bechtly, Christian and Elizabeth Reiser, 16 Oct., 1799. 
Bechtly, Mathias and widow Hannah, 1801. 
Burt6n, Benjamin and Elinor Rowell, 9 Feb., 1808. 


Burton, Robert and Elizabeth Denmark, (of Bulloch 

County), 7 Oct., 1811. 
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Belford, Gunning C, and Mrs. Ann Eliza Busch, 15 

March, 1805. 
Bealls, Joshua and Ann Wilder, 15 Dec, 1809. 
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July, 1836. 
Cunningham, Archibald and Rachel Robert, 27 April, 

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Campbell, Thomas and Sarah Cox, 29 Dec, 1770. 
Colson, Mathew and Chloe Woods, 6 Feb., 1773. 
Cook, Rev. Joseph and Ann Boullineau, 11 May, 1778. 
Clifton, Daniel and Lucy (or Liney) Warren, 26 Mar., 

Crawford, Alexander and widow Mary, 1793. 
Canty, Mathew and Mrs. Lydia Ford, 11 Dec, 1793. 
Colson, Abraham and Elizabeth Mott, 13 Dec, 1793. 
Cramer, Christopher and widow Ann Catherine, 1793. 
Crawford, William and Patsey Bailey (widow) 26 

July, 1794. 
Cox, Spencer and Mary Ryall. (Mary Heckman, late 

husband Spencer Cox.) 25 Feb., 1795. 
Cook, Edward, (of Bulloch Co.), and Sarah Bird, 3 

Dec, 1803. 


Carleton, William and Sarah McRory, (from the up- 
country), 27 June, 1814. (He was "one of the 
U. S. troops stationed at or near the Court House.") 

Curry, John and Rhoda Tyner, 18 Dec., 1815. 

Coopers, William and Lavinia Powers, 25 Jan., 1848. 

Charlton, William Oscar and Mary Teresa Fulton, 29 
March, 1848. 

(To be Continued) 


(Halifax County Records) 

The will of John Carter, Halifax County, Virginia, 
Book (1), page 370, June 18, 1781:— I, John Carter, of 
Halifax County, Virginia, "My beloved wife Mary Car- 
ter; My daughters Ann Waddill, Elizabeth Carter, 
Mary Carter, Sally Carter; My three oldest sons, Rich- 
ard, Theoderick and Robert Carter. 

"To my son James Carter, the land whereon I now 

Son Francis Carter, wife Mary, Exectrx. — Mr. Wil- 
liam Boyd, and my brothers Richard and Theo. Carter, 
my Executors. — Signed, John Carter. 

Test: Benjamine Hobson, David Bates, Charles Car- 
ter, Noel Waddill, Theo. Carter. June 18, 1781. 

William Carter — Deed of Trust, Book 34, page 161. 
July 28, 1826. This Indenture between George and 
William Carter, of Halifax County, State of Virginia, 
of the first part, and James Adkins, of the 2nd part, 
and Richard Camp, of the 3rd part, — For the sum of 
five hundred and eighty-six dollars and sixty cents, Wil- 
liam and George Carter make a Deed of Trust to the 
above mentioned parties, on the following sale of their 
estate, & & Viz: One negro woman, named Anis, aged 
about 38, and her six children, namely Betsy, aged 16 ; 
Towerhill, aged 12; Chloe, nine; Rachel, six; Clory, 5; 
Daphne, 3; and one other negro named Cella, and her 
child, Moses, about 3 months old. One yoke of oxen, 
one cart, 6 head of cattle, 16 hogs, together with all 
of my household and kitchen furniture and plantation 
utensils. Signed, William Carter, George Carter. 

Book 44, page 599. 1738. William Carter buys from 
Doswell Warren and his wife Sarah Warren, a certain 
tract of land in Halifax Count. Signed, Doswell War- 
ren, Sarah Warren. 1738. 






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